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  1. eBay version 4.0

    Always meet at an asian Starbucks.
  2. Mostly Leafs sale

    help a leafs brother out bump.
  3. It arrived today v.

    Gonna see this on the sales thread soon.
  4. gosh they're so beautiful, but I'll settle for a starter authentic for 1/4 the price.
  5. It arrived today v.

    Hand cut 3 layer numbers and round letters? Why go through all the trouble? Looks good from here.
  6. It arrived today v.

    Boo. You should do my jerseys. I have 3 or 4 kits kicking around but too unmotivated.
  7. It is good or not?

    looks stitched.
  8. Mostly Leafs sale

    Go sens go
  9. It arrived today v.

    nice d'amigo pick up. too lazy to hit up real sports today
  10. It arrived today v.

    ^ your laptop keyboard is weird. nice pick up!
  11. Jersey_baron's customization?

    maybe the thread title should be changed to jb can only do tml right and no one else.
  12. It arrived today v.

    Beautiful ramsey. Love that old school buffalo. Your 8 is upside down and backwards.
  13. 2015 SS at Levi's Stadium

  14. 2015 Winter Classic

    yay airknit
  15. 2015 Winter Classic

    Grade 6...