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  1. chadarini


    I wonder where that computer is now, and if some expert can extract the file. They did that to some computer Warhol drew some doodles on and experts uncovered thought to be lost files.
  2. chadarini

    eBay version 3.0

    Then someone at Reebok thought, "what if we made the jersey completely out of stretch material".. And boom! EDGE is born.. Great bit of info chow hound, it makes sense why replicas feels so rigid at times now
  3. chadarini


    Haha went for the jerseys, stayed for the underground drug scene
  4. Have I been on this message or board or did that just all make sense?
  5. everyones been bringing the fire lately! nice variety, too. Heres a 95-96 away Avs Size 52 (El Salvador model) second starter avs ive got my hands on. Its one of the heaviest jerseys ive owned. Im looking to move this jersey as soon as tonight, so pm me if it interests you.
  6. Team issued does not mean issued by the team; it means the jersey was issued to the team for use and was never used. The misinterpretation of those two letters get people confused from the get go
  7. Just completed a deal with DMadole. Solid guy and solid transaction. Enjoy the jerseys! And I've dealt with Selanne8 a lot and we've never had a problem. he's one of the most stand up guys on here. Buy his jerseys so he can enjoy the hobby like the rest of us
  8. chadarini

    eBay version 3.0

    Monarchs organization: do we have any kits of quicks? Perfect! Slap them on some blanks and sell them for $500!
  9. Got this jersey in. Awesome little size 48 air-knit bruins early 90's away. I also have had quite the luck with baseball jerseys lately. My faves are the Jason Werth rookie jersey and a 1994 team issued braves jersey. So many great players can go on the braves jersey. Everything's condensed down to prevent clutter
  10. chadarini

    eBay version 3.0

    He changed the picture he had on before. It was a better customized jersey that had had a paper that said "property of BurnabyJoeSakic" Haha what a tool
  11. Forsure that's I thought. Thanks for affirmation. This one made me take a second look, though
  12. chadarini

    Ebay 2.0

    Not surprising at all. I saw them interviewing people in the streets. Heres a quote. Reporter: what do you think the deciding factor in the game was? '"fan": ummm.. Ummm.. In the first round, when they scored 3 goals really fast, the game was over from then. Apparently games consist of rounds instead of periods
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