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  1. You wear and collect hockey jerseys? What are you, 12? I mean I'm not into Pokemon but a forum where we all spend thousands of dollars on pretty coloured shirts (sometimes that fellow adults wore and sweat in) to hang in our closets is not the best place to be ridiculing people's dorky interests.
  2. I'm trying really hard right now to find a replica Canada Cup white jersey size M like this: As well as a Canadiens CCM/Rbk Vintage line wool sweater like this: Obviously replicas aren't too popular around here but with outdoor hockey season around the corner they'd both be cool for that. I can barely even find any info on that Habs jersey, although I've seen them a few times in stores.
  3. Not as impressive, but I do have Dany Sabourin's stick from the 2008 Winter Classic.
  4. I'm sorry, but that might be the most condescending thing I've heard in a long time... he's an idiot for wearing a Rangers hoodie and a Yankees hat? They're both from the same city, different sports, and the seasons are both going on right now. If it was a Rangers hat with an Islanders hoodie you'd have an argument, but you're just looking for petty things to criticize about people. And he's a student, he might not have an extensive collection of sports wear. If you're really that judgmental in real life, with all due respect please go yourself.
  5. JackFr

    It is good or not?

    This seller is advertising this as a gameworn 2002 Olympic jersey from when Canada faced Sweden. Is it legit though? If it is that price is a steal... http://halifax.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-sporting-goods-exercise-hockey-Curtis-Joseph-Autographed-Olympic-Jersey-W0QQAdIdZ435452911
  6. Are those 2.0s or Indo-edges?
  7. In which case my photo would be the jersey.
  8. Here's a picture from April 2010. I can't see any marks but this could be it.
  9. Oh man I disagree with you a LOT. How can Montreal's home be on the worst list but the Duck's third monstrosity be on the best? And I personally love the new Predators jerseys. The gold shade is beautiful.
  10. JackFr

    It is good or not?

    Or at least just make it the Chandler Bing show.
  11. Just wondering what your "weirdest" customized jerseys are, ie. jerseys that not many people would have. Non-gamers of course. Mine would definitely be my Paul Kariya Avalanche and Chris Osgood Islanders. Two possible HoF players with teams that they only played with for an unspectacular year. When I get my Flames done as Oleg Saprykin I'll have a better one though. I'm sure plenty of people here can go more obscure than that. Keep in mind that this isn't about the team, it's about the player on the back.
  12. JackFr

    New arrivals v5.0

    Some new premiers and a Swift replica. Not impressive next to most of the stuff on here, but I don't have authentic money My opinion of these Florida jerseys changed the second I saw one in person. Beautiful sweater, and the Panther logo looks amazing stitched.
  13. JackFr

    SVP Sports Sale

    Any Penguins? And are the Wilds green?
  14. JackFr

    New arrivals v5.0

    Beautiful jersey, I just got one of those yesterday. I was never really keen on them when the Panthers used them, but in person it's amazing. I saw it discounted at Sportchek for 50 and I had to get it.
  15. JackFr

    New arrivals v5.0

    Sidney Crosby 2011 WInter Classic Premier... ie. the concussion jersey. Found on Kijiji really cheap, so I couldn't pass up.
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