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  1. Thread has been hi-jacked by baseless assumptions and slander. Feel free to delete it!
  2. Hello. This might seem strange, but I will try anyway: I am looking for the following shorts in size Small. http://www.adidas.ca/Men%27s-Epic-Fight-Shorts/Z21535_420,en_CA,pd.html I have searched globally and the only place that sells them are in Edmonton, Canada. They will not ship them to me, so I am looking for someone in Edmonton purchase them directly from the store and ship them to me! I will pay for the goods + shipping and pay maybe 30$ for the service and help. Information about the shop that has the shorts in stock. Sport Chek South Park Centre Unit 130, 3803 Calgary Trail S. Nevada Bob's Golf,Hockey Experts & Pro Ski & Board Shop Edmonton, AB T6J 5M8 (780) 435-8488 Anyone living in Edmonton or nearby willing to help out? I have matching t-shirts and sweaters and I am only missing the shorts, so I would really like to get them. Thanks in advance. Contact me via PM or send email to lesky67@hotmail.com Thanks for reading! All the best Lesky
  3. The players jerseys surely have the tags on them before they become GAME WORN, eh? But agreed, we know its not a Game Worn anyway!
  4. According to my understanding the Penguins had Pro Player jerseys in 1999-2000. Lemieux retired after the 1996-1997 season. Lemieux came back in 2000-2001, in December. That year the Penguins did not wear Pro Players jerseys. How did a seller then on ebay just sold a GAME WORN jersey for 686$ claiming Lemieux scored a goal in a game wearing it? Is this even possible? http://www.ebay.com/itm/270886020338?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 A similar jersey was sold for 840$ btw - http://www.ebay.com/itm/300644646141?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  5. Thanks for all the input. For the UV problem. How much will the jersey fade if you display it an a room where the sole window will always be fully "closed" by blinds? I have only done one jersey and thats the Jagr one in the picture. And since its not UV protected I begin to feel I did it the wrong way etc. And it cost alot since it was a company that did it. A further problem is that I am in Europe, so ordering any frames or stuff from the USA would be very expensive. The only framed piece I bought from the USA came with the glass shattered. Hm...I will have to start by asking the company I used how they attach the jerseys and what the cost is for UV protected glass etc.
  6. What do you mean by sewing a jersey in the frame? Do you mean attaching the jersey to the frame by sewing?
  7. Hi. The patches are not sewn, just laying there for the photo. I plan on getting a new jersey for the framing because the consol energy patch on the arm ruins the placing of the jersey. I will keep the one in the picture as a collectible or start wearing it. I appreciate the honesty about the patches, some people think they ruin the jersey and some really like the idea. What I like about is that I get a chance to display the patches, and to me its no loss to lose some white hem of the jersey.
  8. Hi folks. I am going to frame a Sidney Crosby jersey customized by House O Hockey. Which of the following positions should I frame it with? A note for the patch decorations, the Pittsburgh 250th anniversary patches are fake - I will get an authentic one for the framed jersey. Also its going to be 1 x Consol Energy Patch and 1 x Pittsburgh 250th Anniversary, not 2 x Pittsburgh 250th Anniversary as in the picture. But I did not have any loose Consol Energy patch at the moment. 1. - Arms folded Full size: With this one both arms should be like the left arm is set up. But because of the Consol Energy patch on the jersey in the picture I could not set the right arm in the same position as the left. 2 - arms on the side. Full size: I could not set up the right arm properly because of the consol energy patch in this picture too. Full size: Ideally I would like to have the jersey set up like this Jagr one I already framed - but the reebok sleeves is so different so its impossible to put it like this without the arms covering parts of the backnumbers & nameplate. [/url] Full size: Which of the 2 setups do you prefer? I am really torn between them, so I figured I would ask for your expertise before deciding! I am leaning towards setup 2 although that will require a bigger frame. Obviously you are welcome to comment on the patches decoration as well, if I could better it somehow Thanks L
  9. Minx

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Wow. Terrific deals I suppose they did not have any of the 3rd Orange jerseys? That was the Flyers alternate jersey last season wasn´t it?
  10. Minx

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Is it really too late to stock up the 1.0? Or did you mean get it for 99$ or 10$?
  11. Minx

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Terrific replys! I feel like I am up to date now with the Reebok Edges - thanks alot! JohnnyOnTheSpot: Btw, did you seriously buy Reebok 1.0 Edge jerseys for 10$ apiece? Sounds too good to be true.
  12. Minx

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    On ebay several sellers have this in their description: # Reebok 7231 Edge Authentic NHL jerseys. # Rbk 7187 EDGE Authentic jerseys. What are these 7231 Vs 7187 about?
  13. Minx

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Thanks for the reply. So basicly, the only Edge version EVER available in retail shops is the 1.0, correct? There is no difference between the first ones with the EA2008 tag and the ones of last season? I thought there had been a 1.0 and then the rest were 2.0 but I understand I was totally wrong now. I recently bought 8 x Pittsburgh Penguins Reebok Edge from last season when they sold them out for 149 USD apiece. In hindsight, that was a good buy considering they now have switched to the Indigo Edge? But why all the talk about 2.0 if they are not available to the public?
  14. Minx

    The EDGE 2.0 thread

    Well, I have read this thread and I am still not sure about how many different Edge jerseys there is. I would really appreciate if someone could answer the questions below: Edge 1.0 - produced between which years? Edge 2.0 - produced between which years? Edge jersey made in Indonesia? Edge 1.0 or 2.0? Edge jerseys with NHL EA08 Tag - are they always Reebok 1.0? Why were there a NHL EA08 tags and why was it removed? With the new Indonesia jerseys, are there 3 different Reebok Edges or are there more? --- At last, quality wise, should one always prefer to have a 1.0 instead of the 2.0? Or is the opposite?
  15. I have to disagree with this. On all older Penguins jerseys there are no vegas gold panels on the sides to worry about - which was that caused the slight tightness between the nameplate and numbers. That enables more space to work with for the nameplate and backnumbers. So while some might argue smaller jerseys look weird with authentic font - they are still correctly customized with proper spaces just like what the players wear on the ice. The difference is that there is less jersey below the nameplate and number.
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