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  1. tb426 is great to deal with, bought a jersey and it was awesome and overall it was a nice experience
  2. Minx


    Malkin is WAY overrated they way he has been played since the Stanley Cup. He has been playing like a 3rd liner for since then. I can not disagree more with Crosby. I have seen every game he has played and the first year when he was 17-18 year he complained alot on a team that finished last in the NHL. The last 2-3 years I do not see that Crosby complains more than any other captain, let alone any other player. Every player whines from time to time, Sid is no different. But his immaturity as a 17 year old rookie still haunts him to this day when he is a great role model for everybody - an
  3. Minx


    Crosby would have surpassed Jagr at least if his career had not been ruined by his own stupidity and the Penguins medical stabs ineptitude. Crosby was on pace for 60 goals and 140 points in the year 2011 - that says it all about his potential. Too bad he will never be the same player again, if he ever comes back. Crosbys reputaation as whiner and diver are just laughable - it just shows how jealousy & prejudice ruins peoples minds!
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