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  1. Messaged you regarding 86 Habs Authentic ...

  2. Nice classic black hawks jersey. If it has a red sandow SK screened on the back hem then its a 82/83 season jersey. Does it also have gunzos screened on the back tail of the jersey? What about a nameplate on back? If the name sewn directly onto the jersey then its an authentic pro jersey sold only by gunzos. If nameplate is sewn on or moved could be a recycled team jersey. Also what size is it? Let me know if you're ever interested in moving it. Thanks.
  3. Looking for the following ... Vintage Purple (Forum Blue) LA Kings Edge 2.0 Jersey in a Size 58G Goalie Cut - Blank or Properly Customized with #32 QUICK Chicago Blackhawks Red or White Edge 2.0 Jersey with Reebok Workmark (already have Vectors) in a Size 58G Goalie Cut
  4. Just completed a smooth sales transaction with Flyers845 for a 2010 Flyers Edge 2.0 away jersey. Thanks again!
  5. Looking for GUNZO'S issued durene authentic Chicago Blackhawks jersey (1960's or 70's era) in sz 48 or larger either blank or properly customized with Bobby Hulls single color number 9 with NO Name on Back.
  6. Another smooth transaction from flyhighguys94 for an Isles 2.0 Tavares jersey. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks as well to flyhighguys94 !!! Great transaction for an classic Yzerman ultrafil Wings jersey.
  8. Here's what's on my Wantlist ... Authentic Gunzo's issued durene Blackhawks red or white Jersey (1960s or 1970s era) sz 48 or larger, blank or properly customized with Bobby Hull's single color #9 - No Name on Back Authentic GUNZO'S stamped Sandow SK or CCM Blackhawks jerseys red or white sz 50 or larger Authentic Reebok Edge 2.0 (7287 Made in Canada) Blackhawks jersey red or white sz 58G Goalie Cut - Reebok wordmark only Authentic Reebok Edge 2.0 (7287 Made in Canada) Los Angeles Kings Vintage Purple jersey sz 58G Goalie Cut - Vector or Reebok wordmark - Blank or properly customized with #32 QUICK
  9. Recently competed a deal for a classic Wendel Clark Leafs jersey with TMLFAN. Professional and smooth transaction throughout. Thanks again.
  10. Yes, I purchased one of these. They're authentic Indo-Edge 2.0 jerseys but what's unique about them are the sleeve stripes. Not sure if they were factory seconds or if they were intended to be that way but the sleeve stripes are similar to those on the Hawks game worn goalie cut jerseys with the 2 wide black stripes and the narrow red stripe in between. Very cool if you want to customize as a Crawford, Emery, Carter Hutton or if the Hawks happen to try and upgrade in the near future. I picked up a sz 56 for a pretty decent price. I think it might be a foul if you customized as a forward or D-man. Hope that helps.
  11. Well I got part of it right. I posted the image of the front of the Hull jersey a bit small. Sorry about that. Let me try again ... Some other nice additions ... Dr. DOM Unique Barborpole authentic that I plan on customizing as a Doug Bentley with Red Diamond Assistant Captains "A" Pelle CCM Ultrafil There are a few other nice additions as well. Please check out my updated Webshots page ... http://community.webshots.com/user/blackhawks27?vhost=community
  12. A few nice additions and pickups to my collection since the beginning of the year that I thought I'd share. Hopefully I'm remembering how to post images here correctly ... I'll start with #9 the Golden Jet ... Bobby Hull. I'd love to get a true 60's or 70's Gunzo's authentic with the number 9 but until such time. This Gunzo's replica will have to do.
  13. It's been awhile since I've updated my Webshots page. Since the beginning of the year I've had some nice customization work done by Cutting Edge Sports, been fortunate enough to pick up some really nice Hawks authentics and landed some other hard to find NHL authentics as well. http://community.webshots.com/user/blackhawks27?vhost=community I'll be in town to attend my very first Blackhawks Convention in a couple weeks. I should be there on Sunday. Others here planning to attend ... GO - U - BLACKHAAAAAWKS !!!
  14. Thanks for the compliment. Sorry that it's taken me several months to respond. Work keeps me pretty busy so I don't get to sign on very often. Yes, Hawks 2.0's are pretty hard to find. I landed the red 58+ off of ebay a few years ago and the white 58 I got from a fellow collector on this board. Both were new and blank without customization. I'd like to get another 2.0 to make into a Kane SCF jersey but would likely have to go the route of a team issued player jersey that I'd have to strip or heaven forbid a lessor like gamer that would need to be stripped.
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