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  1. Who F U C K ING cares about past S h I T , A member was posting a pick up in memory of a guy that just passed and you come with your BS comments . I do not see you Comment on a Kane Jersey when that guy has done a ton of S hit in buffalo . So yes I stand buy my comment .
  2. I know why josh got the jersey the comments were from another so called member and yes players or people are not perfect .
  3. Yea , those two comments were so f ing stupid but again that’s we’re i see were this site is going to . I myself was at the event Emery was and the generosity he showed towards the kids and families were great and it was to see a post of a collector showing how he liked his playing days . If it was me that idiot would be banned . Just my thought
  4. I think I may I will look
  5. That was my shanny did you but it from Adam
  6. Thanks sir yea I was told maybe shipping may take longer due to our leaders not playing well in the sand box . And the same great transaction. Enjoy
  7. cowboys

    Meigray Expo 2018

    I might be I will have a look at the site
  8. Same enjoy post the finished product when complete
  9. no sir you are all good
  10. Some great pick ups , on another note I have added another idiot to my blocked list #VACATION
  11. Any 96 or 97 authentic shoulder all star patchs
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