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  1. Does anyone know if this white Russia jersey from the World Championship was ever released anywhere?
  2. Kicking myself for not grabbing a white USA from the World Cup. Anyone with a size 52 or bigger disgusted enough with the performance to want to rid themselves of it?
  3. Anyone willing to help a brother out on one of those Adidas Canada white USA size 52s? ?
  4. twi

    Sabres 9/11 jersey

    Just pm him.
  5. It is really strange. I got extremely lucky to get a team issued white Adam Hall a while back. Already have a Palat nameplate just haven't got around to putting it on yet.
  6. Any of these pop up anywhere?
  7. Asking $50 for each of the hockey jerseys, plus exact shipping (priority, signature) sent as gift through paypal. Miami Manatees WHA2 - Replica size XL. It does have a fight strap, all WHA2 jerseys that I've seen or own have them, even though they are replica sized. Rangers Winter Classic Replica XL Flyers Winter Classic Replica XL Tampa Bay Rays authentic throwback, size 48. I also have a game used in this style, and this jersey is exactly the same as that one, excepting the ZIM patch and the name/number. Asking $150 for this guy, plus exact shipping (priority, signature) as gift through paypal.
  8. Absolutely. Was going from memory so I got the sleeve striping a little off. I work in a hockey shop and have all the necessary materials and equipment so it wasn't really that hard. Coming up with the proportions for the stripes and then removing the cutouts from the vinyl were the most time consuming parts. Definitely wearing it to game one! Lol
  9. Something a little bit different...slow day at work so I made this.
  10. Got this guy in today...been looking for one for a long time. Interesting thing on these WHA2 jerseys, they are sized as replicas but have the double elbows and fight strap. I have the red version as well and that one is game worn. Besides the name and number there are no other differences between the jerseys in construction.
  11. Cool well if you ever feel like selling or trading one, keep me in mind.
  12. Well if the source reads this forum, he just got offered double for one.
  13. With the recent Lightning storm alternate discussion I just want to throw out there again that if someone wants to turn an authentic into more than a little cash, I'm your guy... Currently working on a "project" jersey that I hope to have done in a week or two...nothing huge but something I definitely haven't seen on here before.
  14. twi

    Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Anyone think the WC Caps will make a return, or has the ship sailed on that one?
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