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  1. Amazing transactions with Brandon and Mnwildfan7000, thanks to you both. Great communication and shipping time. And these sellers are amazing in the fact that they honor their part of the sales agreement!
  2. All your jerseys are belong to us.
  3. Got this just in time for game 7 - 2010-11 Set 2 - From the Sharks 20th Anniversary Season Nice sleeve team repairs and a TON of threads everywhere
  4. Amazing concept, that search feature.
  5. That wins the internet.
  6. Let me repeat this to the members of ICEJERSEYS BULL-en-TIN BOARD WEBSITE Bullentin is name but beware of many people looking for freebies on there and make low ball offers. Lot of ex ebayers hanging out looking to get stuff for nothing. I am not taking any bids from people on that site. Not a great place to go. Had to block several people from that site who wanted jersey for there price and followed me over to here. Had to report them to ebay for harassment.
  7. When my next batch arrives I'm gonna drop a LOAD on the West Side up in here!
  8. Same thing happened to me with the same seller a few yrs back. Never got my item and they harassed me to leave good feedback... Which I also did not.... This seller is a crook.
  9. More Preds Love Anyone? Here is the Away Set 1 from this season. Decent transfer and a couple solid repairs on the sleeves. I have not found a photomatch as of yet. These are just quick cell pix, will take better ones later. I know why you Preds fans are so passionate about these jerseys now. The detail is incredible.
  10. Bought it blank from a forum member I believe... RMC in Edmonton Alberta was my customizer.
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