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  1. Several American Hockey League teams of the 1960s had great logos. Here are four gamers.
  2. I got a kick out re-reading after several years the many morose responses (mine included) to this thread, started about 6 1/2 years ago by Hockey Bob. Me, I'm still in the business of collecting game worn AHL/IHL circa 1960s sweaters. I'm a little more selective now, still looking for my 3-4 Grails. As a result, I haven't added to the collection in about 5 years. Haven 't sold anything either. And, I still pull some of my favorites out of storage (sealed in plastic bags, stored in plastic bins) to wear when I attend Penguins and Robert Morris University games. My adult daughter advises that a
  3. If the current owner of the 1961-62 Gene Ubriaco Pittsburgh Hornets blue, No. 24, jersey sold in Frozen Pond's April, 2014, auction is interested in dealing, I'm willing to offer double what the jersey originally sold for.
  4. If the current owner is interested in moving the 1961 Pittsburgh Hornets road gamer that was sold by Frozen Pond auctions in April please get in touch with me. I'm prepared to make a more than fair offer.
  5. I got a letter today from the Office of the New York Attorney General (OAG), updating its civil complaint against George Kuhn, aka James Heim, and Vintage Hockey Classics. I’ll summarize by saying don’t hold your breath waiting for a refund check. Karen Davis, OAG senior consumer frauds representative, Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, writes: "As I think you are aware, the OAG sued George Kuhn … and obtained a judgment against him requiring that he provide consumers with the jerseys he owes them or refunds. Mr. Kuhn did not do so and the OAG returned to court and obtained a money j
  6. Jeff, I enjoy reading your blog. I always find good/interesting reading/pictures in there. In hindsight, I wish you had put a VHC alert in there. It probably would have helped grease the skids and gotten George out of business a little quicker. I had the same problems with the first two jerseys I bought from George. Both had a couple of errors (missing shoulder number, wrong font in the crest, missing captain's C, etc.) that indicated a definite lack of attention to detail. But, after waiting 16 months, there was no way I was going to return them to George to get the errors fixed. I paid a
  7. I think the Attorney General's primary goal was to put George Kuhn out of business so he couldn't rip off any future customers. And that's pretty much what happened when the judge ordering VHC to post a $30,000 before it could accept any more advance payments for jerseys. Anything else, such as full or partial restitution for suckers like me who are still waiting for their jersey from VHC I suspect would be viewed by the AG's office as unexpected gravy in this case. And, really I have no problem with that. Getting a refund for the $203 jersey I ordered from George 14 months ago would be nic
  8. Your points are well taken. And, really your last paragraph says it all. Which is basically that George Kuhn, and how ever many people he scammed out of two, three or four hundred dollars each, are small potatoes in the overall scheme of things. I spent five years as a young newspaper reporter covering the U.S. District Court in Western Pennsylvania. And, I learned that the authorities pick and choose who they go after and who they want to use the full extent of their resources (make that read money) to nail. So, not every skunk is brought to justice. And, while there may be many out there wh
  9. Wrangler: I appreciate your legal assessment of this mess. When I said "apparently failed," I realize that the legal process is not over. However, I've pretty much given up any hope of getting a refund. I say that for a couple of reason: * Since Kuhn has little, if anything" in his piggy bank, I don't think he's into any shell games in an attempt to hide assets. Hence, the "execution" phase of the complaint shouldn't take too long to determine whether George has anything worth grabbing on behalf of the complainants. * I received the above response from the NY AG's Office two months ago. A
  10. It's appears that the state Attorney General's Office of New York has successfully put George Kuhn and his Vintage Hockey Classics out of business. However, a lawsuit by the Attorney General asking a judge to force Kuhn to make restitution to the many hockey jersey collectors who paid VHC but never received their jerseys has apparetnly failed. In short, it looks like George is going to get away with the scam. I recently received the following update from Ms. Karen Davis of the New York Attorney General's Office: "On June 27, 2012, the OAG filed a lawsuit against George Kuhn and was awarde
  11. Not sure what this means or whether it's permanent or temporary, but the Vintage Hockey Classics Web site is no longer operational. It went down late last week. I sent an e-mail to the NY state Attorney General's office over the weekend, asking for an update on its pending lawsuit against VHC. It would appear, that will be the only way anyone will get a refund from owner George Kuhn. I'm hoping that the Web site being down is a good sign that the AG legal proceedings are moving forward. It's good news for consumers, also, since I doubt that anyone would give George his/her money if they knew
  12. Does anyone have an update on what's going on with the New York state Attorney General's pending legal action against Vintage Hockey Classics? It would be nice to know when/if I will ever see a refund check.
  13. This is all very informative. Thanks for the updates guys. I purchased two jerseys from George Kuhn (at least that's the name I know him by) and it took 16 months from the time of payment to delivery. The two Pittsburgh Hornets jerseys on his Web site are mine. Both had some inaccuracies, but nothing I couldn't fix myself. During the wait, I had 3 or 4 long talks with George mostly about our shared love of the game of hockey. To George's credit he never lied to me. He just never game me a straight answer to the key question about my order: When? I came away actually liking the guy, who I told
  14. You ask a very good question Bob. I too have wondered what in the world am I going to do with my collection should my number come up. While I don't plan on checking out any time soon, you never know if the next day's mail truck has your name on it. I've thought about selling, but I'm having too much fun collecting right now. So, that is not really a consideration at this point. What I'll probably do is make an inventory that will include the price I paid for each jersey, along with any customization costs, and leave it for my wife and/or daughter. That way they'll know these things have s
  15. What's on your mind?

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