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  1. I've been kinda MIA for a while, randomly lurking for the past year or so but not as involved as I used to be. Got a couple recent pickups in the past month or so plus a couple jerseys I had gotten back from EPS last summer but never got around to posting up. First 2 back from EPS: And these are recent pick ups including a local QMJHL game worn Remembrance Day jersey
  2. Another way to tell is I've never seen any laced up Reebok jerseys actually tied when they come new in the bag (the authentic laces are actually quite short and can be tied but would look different). As well the "5" in the size of the tag the vertical line in the upper part of the "5" has a lean to the right on a proper jersey, fakes are usually much more up and down
  3. There is another shot of Getzlaf where you clearly see the Reebok stamp on the arm, so modeling a replica however this article from the Ducks NHL page has me worried if they are talking about authentics http://ducks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=694168
  4. Hopefully some retail 2.0 of these pop up and they are done well with the edge style. Been on a bit of a hiatus from jersey collecting with getting married in a couple weeks but that would be a good start back
  5. Kind of a weird request, but I'm looking for an American to help me purchase something off ebay (they refuse to ship to Canada) and their last auction of the same item went for $30
  6. Canucks is good, not sure about the patch (if it's a repro or not) but reserve isn't met so who knows what you'd need to pay to get it
  7. Seeing it on my computer it looks like a fake, sorry for getting the hopes up was hard to see the pics on my phone
  8. I actually think that Dubinsky might be good, looking at pics on my cell
  9. Got this in a couple days ago just didn't have a chance to post pictures yet. Glad I went with 48, 44 would have been too small and 52 I probably would be swimming in.
  10. As a Ducks fan I'm happy to see the Ducks included as well, but am scared for the ice conditions. That being said, being on the east coast of Canada I never get to see any NHL games let alone Ducks, but I will be planning my honeymoon around the outdoor game
  11. Doubtful, they don't and never have sold 2.0's except the one off events (WC and All Star, even at that I don't know if they did handle those). They've never carried a regular team jersey in 2.0, just 1.0 and IndoEdge
  12. RageATheM


    EPS is having their spring sale for anything mailed in today through May 16th with the promo code FBspring13 good for 20% off. One of their prior posts had said they where quite busy and when they where thinking about doing the promo it would be 2-3 months turn around
  13. Sadly this could be taken the other way as well, given it being a half season they could have been low on stock of the Indo's of those teams so instead of putting in a big order and have inventory sit over the summer they just got a few extra Canadian ones made at the same time as team stock to get them through this season. I really hope you are right and I'm wrong tho
  14. You'd have to think (hope) so...there are a handful of teams that have retail 2.0 for some of the their style of jerseys (Toronto home for example) this year. The other way to look at that (sadly) is that because of the shortened season they didn't want to spend the $$ on a full production run in Indonesia and those are the top selling teams jerseys and stock was depleted so they just stocked up with 2.0's for the remainder of the year.
  15. Couple things to keep in mind, 7287 is what collectors refer to as 2.0, 7187 is 1.0 and 7231 is IndoEdge. Size 48 doesn't exist in the Edge world so you'd be looking for 46 - 54 or 50 - 54
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