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  1. seedmaya

    The Want List

    Anyone have a black Carolina Hurricanes third (Reebok style with the single flag on the logo) in a goalie size? Very specific, but I'm hoping!
  2. seedmaya

    customization laugher

    Am I imagining things or do they keep extending the bidding time too? I bid on one back at the beginning and I swear they ended August 24th, checked back the other day and thought I saw August 31stx now they end September 7th? What's up with that?
  3. seedmaya

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yes, we're hoping this fall there will be enough interest to have regular teams/games at our rink, and my team is going to wear those. Hoping we can find some matching gear as well!
  4. seedmaya

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Thanks to Mike for a Brilliant! job on some stitching for me... much appreciated! (Stole your pictures too, since I haven't moved my stuff from Photobucket yet.)
  5. I was told by both the Sabres Store and EPS that it was EPS who did the game jerseys and the felt kits they sold in the store.
  6. seedmaya

    The Want List

    White words on navy twill (or whatever it is). For a Buffalo jersey, if that helps.
  7. seedmaya

    The Want List

    Still looking for a couple navy Reebok wordmarks for the back of the collar, if anyone has one to part with. Also looking for a couple neck ties/strings.
  8. seedmaya

    The Want List

    Anyone have any extra neck laces around, or can point me to a decent substitute?
  9. seedmaya

    Meigray Expo 2017

    Good to meet you too, Mike! It was a good time, I had never been to an Expo before so I figured it was time. Now I need to get my Buffalo collection up to par to bring a table next time, to combat all the Flyers and Devils....
  10. seedmaya

    The Want List

    Anyone got a couple navy REEBOK wordmarks, or recommendations where to get some? EPS will only do a cover-up for me if I can find the wordmark part of the patch myself.
  11. seedmaya

    The Want List

    In need of a couple white 2.0 neck laces and navy Reebok wordmark patches to cover the vector logo. Anyone able to help me out with either one?
  12. seedmaya

    The Want List

    Anyone near the Panthers who could help me out looking for a gamer? Also still looking for a Sabres 40th or current white 2.0.
  13. seedmaya

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Where are they selling this season's Florida jerseys? I'm looking for one.
  14. seedmaya

    The Want List

    Anyone got a 2.0 Sabres alt from a few years ago, with the script Buffalo? Any size, customized or not, just looking for a 2.0.
  15. seedmaya

    What jersey did you wear today?

    Okay... which one of you was wearing the Sabres 9/11 jersey behind the bench at the Buffalo-Columbus game tonight?