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  1. cjerina

    eBay version 4.0

    Plus Paypal will take their fees from that tax $ too, so you're out a little extra.
  2. For one, that's my photo. For two, I take offense at the assumption that I added the patch. Why would an individual add a patch that was never worn in a game to a game-worn jersey? That would hurt the value of the jersey itself. Spudrock is 100% correct. The jersey above had light but visible wear from the playoffs that was able to be photomatched to a couple trading cards the next season. In addition to the playoff jerseys for returning players, there were also mint GI made up for new players who were not on the team during the previous year.
  3. Every time I've seen the back of that jersey in photos, I think the # is 912. Am I the only one?
  4. cjerina

    eBay version 4.0

    But its got a fight strap!
  5. cjerina

    eBay version 4.0

    Another option is to see if the seller has an "auto accept" set up for the listing. I'll make an offer ~10% off of the BIN to see if it gets auto-accepted before hitting the BIN.
  6. cjerina

    It is good or not?

    Per the 2011/12 Population Report, the tag # was sold as a #47 NOBR "Training Camp Only" jersey. In 2012/13, Patrik Nemeth wore #47.
  7. cjerina


    A better price than what JerseyBaron would have offered, so when evaluating in that framing, they're pretty fairly priced. I don't believe that I had previously seen an Adidas size 52 before.
  8. If "Cardinal Red" is what the color of Arizona Cardinals jerseys is, then no, it is not the same. I would say the color should be Maroon.
  9. For the Admirals, I've tried to do one of every home/road alternate per season and have done a good job of sticking to that. I have a few exceptions where another of the same color fell in my lap at a reasonable price. Since then though, I've started evaluating the few overlaps in years where they wore the same jersey (with no variations) and tried to pare that down to 1 of a given style rather than a specific year.
  10. I think it would depend how badly you want to move the jersey. That being said, I'm guessing they're going to ghost you anyways.
  11. The cosmic balet goes on. (But seriously, someone should just post the screen-caps from the discussion.)
  12. Post a jersey for sale. Get an offer on said jersey, I tell him that i can do that price plus postage. Get a response of "I might buy the jersey". How is that a useful response?!?
  13. cjerina

    Meigray Expo 2019

    Whoa, Ben was there? That's awesome, he used to be a huge Admirals collector and seemed kinda drop off the face of the earth. Seems like half of my 1997-2006 Admirals jerseys passed through his hands at one point.
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