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  1. LAK74

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    I am curious about what others think about the terminology used in describing patches. At least the way I see it, a patch could be “legit” and still be a “repro.” For example, I would consider National Emblem’s current 1992 SC100 patch to be “legit,” since it is made by the company which is officially licensed by the NHL to produce them. But it’s still a repro, since it was made 25 years after the originals were produced, and they have enough differences that one can easily tell them apart from originals. But there’s a bigger gray area when it comes to more recent patches. The 2007 SCF patch for example, was made by National Emblem back in the day and is still being made by them today. However, if you were to buy one of those in the new NE packaging from a company like Patch Collection, you’re almost certainly getting a patch that was manufactured very recently, maybe even less than a year ago. So you could say that the patch is legit but it’s a newer edition, certainly not an “original” from 2007. So when does a patch, after its original release date, stop being called an “original” and becomes a “repro?” Immediately after the first edition/batch? When it starts to look different? I don’t really know. In this case however, I couldn’t see any significant difference between the 2007 SCF patch in the Patch Collection’s listing, and the patch used on the gamers. So the version sold by Patch Collection is “legit,” but is it really a “repro” if it was made by the same company that did the gamer patches, and it still looks exactly the same as the gamer patches? What do you guys think about this? Even if the patches in all 3 posted listings look the same, I still recommended the one I posted (or the one posted by JJM4, even if the price is higher), because it is sealed in the older National Emblem packaging, which I believe was used back in the 2nd half of the decade of the 2000’s. I would think these are leftover stock from way back then, and are more likely to be an earlier (if not original) version of the patch.
  2. LAK74

    Small area of glue removal

    I’ve done it directly on the fabric and it turned out fine. (Just a quick pass or two) Note that I would only make this suggestion with the lightest of residue lines, not something potentially messier. I wouldn’t want your jersey to be ruined, and I’m assuming your residue situation is similar to mine, but of course I can’t be absolutely sure without seeing it myself.
  3. LAK74

    Small area of glue removal

    That looks like glue. What usually happens with me is that when the residue is that light, passing the iron over it with steam just vaporizes the residue and it comes out automatically with the ironing. If the residue is heavier, I won’t dare iron it because it might fuse into the fabric. But with light residue like that, it always seems to come out with the iron, at least for me.
  4. LAK74

    Small area of glue removal

    That residue is minimal and probably would have come off with acetone as well. For real thick residue, acetone doesn’t seem as effective to me because it evaporates so quickly, sometimes within a few seconds. Goof-off soaks into the material and softens the residue over a longer period of time, so I use that for the more messy residue jobs.
  5. LAK74

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    There’s a cheaper one here, which I would get if I needed one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NHL-Stanley-Cup-2007-Finals-Patch-National-Hockey-League-Collectibles-NIP-/401572502900 If the Patch Collection one is from National Emblem as they say it is, and it is sealed, then it’s probably legit, but I still have some distrust of them due to things they’ve done in the past. In any case the ones in the last 2 links are older patches and more likely to be just like the original 2007’s than the ones in the newer packaging, if there is any difference at all. Will try to explain that further if I can find the time today.
  6. This game worn example from the same season is ultrafil: https://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/2007_08_John_Tavares_Oshawa_Generals_Game_Worn_Jersey_70_Year_Team_Letter-2837-99.html Btw, as mfitz804 suggested above, the stripes are not sublimated. If you look inside the jersey, the stripes should look the same as they do from the outside. Sublimated stripes would have had the dye applied only to the outside of the jersey, and so the inside of the jersey would be white.
  7. LAK74

    Question about Gretzky Nike Oilers jerseys

    I would say that looks like one of Keener’s replicas. The holes in the mesh seem slightly large, the crest is too clean-looking, the Universiade patch is fake, and there’s no Nike/size tag in the neck. Very nice jersey, but I wouldn’t pay anywhere near what he’s asking for that.
  8. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    I have one of those precustomized Fedorov Nike Wings jerseys as well. What I don’t like about mine is that the letters and numbers are placed too low under the shoulder seam, and the back nine is vertically elongated a bit too much. I can’t tell if that’s the case with yours because the camera is tilted relative to the jersey.
  9. LAK74


    If you are referring to prelettered jerseys, the one thing I can say for sure is that the lettering jobs are brutal, in regards to both accuracy and quality of materials. The numbers are single layer printed, not multi-layer twill. I can’t imagine how anyone with your experience as a collector would want that. I believe the characters are stitched down (and not just heat-pressed), but I’m not 100% sure about that. Doesn’t really matter if they’re stitched or not though, they still look like crap.
  10. LAK74

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Interesting... Is the Calvert from an early set, or one towards the end of the season?
  11. LAK74

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Might that vary a bit depending on the team? This picture is not definitive proof, but it appears to me that on this Adidas CBJ gamer a couple of the “holes” on the #8 seem partially abraded away due to damage from game use, indicating that the holes might be sublimated and not perforated. What do you guys think?
  12. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    That Leafs one looks better than mine. Mine has a really thin looking crest, single row stitching on the double elbows, the leaf shoulder patches aren’t stitched down, and the jersey material is definitely lighter weight ultrafil. Btw, is there a letter size anywhere on the neck tag, or does it just say “54?”
  13. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    Spudrock is correct; that CCM hem logo is a patch that is typical of the retail “pseudo-authentic” CCM jerseys of the mid-80’s, which looks like this: I think every team’s semi-pro retail jerseys had features with slight differences from the on-ice ones, but those features varied from jersey to jersey. Like the double elbows on the Canucks one look like they have stitching with very thin double rows of thread, whereas the on-ice one had a single thicker-looking row of stitching. On the Leafs one I have the ultrafil is thinner than normal, and the crest is really thin and doesn’t look exactly like the on-ice one.
  14. LAK74

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    By chance is that the lettering you get when you buy an authentic jersey that was precustomized by Adidas? The numbers should be 2 layer kiss-cut with real full-thickness holes in the white layer, which actually looks quite nice on the game jerseys. I agree with you that the jersey quality itself is s***, so it might help a bit to buy a blank instead and then get a pro lettering job (by EPS in this case). I’ve only bought one Indo for myself so far, but regrettably, I may have to get another one soon when the ‘Canes Whalers retro comes out. I kind of feel dirty for doing so. ☹️ Damned nice ASG jersey, btw.
  15. LAK74

    The Want List

    I’m sorry, I screwed up again and made a comment about the wrong post. (Did that twice this week) HJO is legit; I’ve made several purchases from them and their customer service is excellent. No worries.