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  1. Alternate jersey ponderings

    One other thing I didn’t notice until now is that right where the CCM big block/NHL shield logos are, you can see a rectangular area where some of the black sublimated dye has come off the hem. This is almost certainly where a CCM replica logo used to be before someone pulled it off to replace it with the “authentic” logos. More evidence that this was an attempt to convert a replica into an authentic.
  2. Alternate jersey ponderings

    The Canucks Center Ice tag has an NHL shield with wonky letters; you can tell the tag is fake. The front crest doesn’t appear to be stitched down either. And maybe I’m wrong on this, but doesn’t the NHL shield on the back hem look like it’s been applied on top of the jersey rather than being embroidered into it?
  3. How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    I’ve stripped a few Kings 6100’s with the NHL Player tagging. They weren’t the easiest strips, as I recall, with some residue to remove, but nothing that I wasn’t able to successfully clean up. I’m not sure though, that all teams’ jerseys with the NHL Player tagging were necessarily lettered by the same customizer, so I don’t know if my experiences will mirror yours. I remember the kits for the Kings were pretty inaccurate, and they used nameplates where they shouldn’t have. This might actually have been better for me, as I didn’t have to strip individual letters off the back. I just remembered I also have a white Nike Red Wings as well. I thought about relettering it so I started to strip off the alt. capt. A, but after trying to peel off one corner I saw there was so much red color bleeding and residue underneath I said eff it, and decided not to strip it. This is the only jersey I own that I wanted to strip but gave up on.
  4. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yes, Norstrom missed almost the entire month of October, at the beginning of the 2003/04 season, and this is when Palffy wore the “C.”
  5. The Patch Thread 2.0

    I don’t know the dimensions of that patch, but just eyeballing it from photos of gamers, they look to me to be no smaller than the ones in the other ASG’s. You might try PMing IJ member Modano1973; he has an amazing Modano authentic jersey collection, and will certainly know more than I do about the subject.
  6. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    I’m probably not the best person to ask since I have never had any recent Rangers jerseys lettered by either customizer. But I have seen numerous references in this forum to differences in EPS’ home/road numbers vs. those of Arena Wear. Trouble is, I have no idea if these differences are enough to bother you personally. The only instance I remember where someone actually posted pics of the two would be around 5 years ago, when Akteon made this post: The comments in posts just before this one were relevant also. Sorry if this isn’t much help to you. If it were me, I’d just go with Arena Wear (if possible) for the newer ones, instead of taking a chance with any non-official team customizer. For really old stuff like the TBTC though, I wouldn’t assume AW would necessarily be any better than anyone else.
  7. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    Keener’s turnaround is about a month.
  8. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    I just got an order back from EPS a few days ago that took 2 1/2 months for production. They tend to get busy around August so even if you sent in an order now it’s rather doubtful you’d get them back before the beginning of the season. I read here that it was Arenawear that had stopped taking customer orders, but I have no idea if that was/is still true, as I do not use them.
  9. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I was surprised he didn't wear any heavy-duty gloves, especially after he made it a point about being real careful with the spray!
  10. It arrived today v. 8.0

    You’re the only one who would care, and you’ve already seen it!
  11. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I swore I wouldn’t buy an Indo, but I finally caved on this one, as there were obviously no better retail options. I don’t like the fit of these things, not to mention the cheap construction. I did try to ameliorate things a bit by replacing the POS Indo fight strap with a real CCM-style one, and I removed that stupid-looking Adidas button from the front. So while I’m not exactly thrilled with this pickup, the reason I’m posting this is that I was quite surprised to see that the diagonal stripes on the sleeve and back numbers are not sublimated like the rest of the number pattern. Each of the stripes is actually an elongated laser-cut hole, and the color of the stripe comes from the underlying jersey material showing through the hole. I wasn’t expecting that. EPS charged $85 for the kit, which I initially thought was a bit expensive considering it’s just a single layer twill kit, but now I understand the pricing level. Anyway, I just thought I’d share that piece of info in case others were not aware of it either. I also picked up another ASG jersey that I’m considerably more excited about:
  12. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Jeez Kurt, did you have to rob a bank to pay for those?
  13. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Yes, and it also says “Made in Indonesia” on the collar. However, the stitching and construction of the jersey look pretty bad, to the point where it almost looks like a fake. The overall jersey shape looks nothing like the MIC Adidas either.

    The seller has 3 jerseys, all with the same number 16 and blurred out last name. Maybe he put his own name on them and doesn’t want it to show in the pictures?
  15. It is good or not?

    There are many teams whose jerseys are represented in the Vintage Hockey throwback series, but only seven teams actually wore their Vintage jerseys in games during the 2003/04 season- Boston, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Montreal, NYR, St. Louis, and Vancouver.