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  1. I think he’s trying to say that they are supposed to be different shades of yellow, because they varied between seasons.
  2. LAK74


    I think the term refers to both, except that the retail version is made in Indonesia, of course. Retail Adizeros from last season and this season no longer have the button.
  3. I was going to say the same thing about the airknit, plus the details on the SCF patch assembly, and even the player name letters- for such a simple and common font, it’s extremely difficult to get any customizer to get it to look like that. Well done.
  4. It is obvious to anyone with even a little experience in jersey collecting that the jersey is counterfeit. The jersey materials are wrong, the fabric panels are put together incorrectly, all the patches are fake, and the lettering is the cheap type found on pretty much all Chinese-made fake jerseys. I’m not saying that someone was lying about the signature, but for sure that is no game jersey.
  5. I could be wrong about this. Funny, but in other game pics of Boeser, the Canucks patch looked bigger to me, haha.
  6. In general the National Emblem team patches are significantly smaller than the ones used in the ASG’s. I don’t know the dimensions of the Canucks on-ice one, but it looks pretty big on the game jerseys. I’d be willing to bet the NE patch is at least 1/2” smaller than the on-ice one.
  7. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    To be clear, he did wear this style jersey, the only difference being that the Starter hem logo was not the same one that’s on the jersey being auctioned.
  8. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    That’s what I was wondering, haha. I was just referring to the general time period, since the original question simply asked if the Kings wore that logo without the shield. And yes, they did wear white ones too!
  9. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    That set without the NHL shield was worn at the time that Gretzky broke Howe’s all-time points scoring record.
  10. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    Yes, 1989/90 Set 1.
  11. You’re definitely misreading the comments here. (Just trying to put it nicely.)
  12. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    Welcome to this group, and no, you’re not bothering anyone! 😊 If you were looking at a replica version of this Starter model jersey, it would have a hem logo with the S/star, with a small STARTER wordmark logo underneath it, plus an Eastern Conference logo next to that. Authentic versions of this black jersey had 2 different hem logos, depending on when they were used. For 1996/97, the Starter logo was the S/star with wordmark underneath it, just like the replica one. Like mdwsta4 said, in the last half of 1997/98, and also in 1998/99, the logo was the full wordmark one like the one in the auction you linked. If you want to get real particular about details (like many of us here are), Lemieux never wore the version in the auction, because he retired (for the first time) right after the 1996/97 season. Of course, whether that’s significant enough to bother you is up to you to decide. The price is still quite low, since the auction just started recently, but who knows what price the auction will end at, or whether it will be a good deal. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!
  13. Supposedly he wore one of the gold ones in the warmup before a game, but didn’t actually play in the game, if that helps. He was scratched a lot that season.
  14. Brown had gold jerseys issued for him, but he never actually played a game in them.
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