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  1. Since Illinois is now on lockdown, will EPS even be operating, I wonder.
  2. In addition, Carolina, Florida, Minnesota, Nashville, and possibly Buffalo.
  3. Look at the numeric code on the paper tag on the sleeve. If it starts with 6105, then it's a 6100. Montreal was one of the few teams with ultrafil 6100's during the 2000's.
  4. LMAO. Just to make you doubly sick, a pickup of mine a few weeks ago:
  5. If you have metallic threads on your patches, or even metallic twill on the jersey, I’d be careful about using Oxiclean or bleach products on them.
  6. OH MY GOD. Absolutely amazing. If I’m not mistaken, that looks like an original Oilers. I would love to find out how you got a hold of that one!
  7. So EPS actually manufactured the lettering for the game jerseys this year? In recent years, I had the impression they were using perforated numbers obtained elsewhere (i.e. not made by EPS) and just stitching them onto the jerseys.
  8. Beautiful jersey. However, I don’t recall anyone hating the on-ice Adidas; it’s the Indonesian-made retail “authentics” that are essentially replica quality that some people have issues with.
  9. As time passes, the more it seems to me that Adidas only bothered making significant quantities of both colors for Canadian teams only. For US teams, you were lucky to see just a gray jersey for your team, and many sold out pretty quickly. Very few US teams had both colors available, the Devils being one of them. The only time I’ve even seen a white jersey available for other US teams is if the team store or a local dealer happened to preorder them from Adidas. If no dealer orders them for your team, then apparently you’re SOL. I haven’t seen either color available anywhere for a team like Carolina, for example. Part of the problem, I imagine, is that there are 62 different designs possible. I figure Adidas didn’t want to risk getting stuck with a ton of unsold jerseys after the event, and so perhaps they did not bother to make significant quantities of most designs in a particular color (especially the white ones) unless they received an order from a team store or dealer in advance. I have not seen a single white Kings one yet, (not even from TeamLA Store, which usually carries stuff like this but is still trying to get rid of last year’s ASG jerseys) so I’m actually in the process of “making” my own. I ordered a white blank of a Canadian team, and will strip off the crest and apply a Kings crest from last year’s white ASG which I got for cheap on eBay. I can’t believe I actually have to do this.
  10. It looked pretty decent to me too; the “P” and perhaps the “S” were slightly off, but nothing major. I’m also wondering what I’m missing. 🙂
  11. Someone already ordered one from Shop NHL and got an Indo. I’m not holding out much hope of getting an MiC SS.
  12. LAK74


    You resurrected and replied to a ton of dead threads just to jack up your post total to 25 so you could “qualify” for a sale thread.
  13. LAK74

    It is good or not?

    The tag just indicates that it was manufactured later on, probably 1994 or later.
  14. For me, it’s just a question of authenticity. If after the game I find out that the player jerseys have them, along with the double elbows, then I’ll be disappointed that once again, we are given something that isn’t on-ice accurate. I can live without them if the player jerseys don’t have them either.
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