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  1. Reivax

    It is good or not?

    Thanks. Before the inside yellow collar tag was one of the easiest ways to notice an Indonesian made jersey. And in the case of the one Indo I did own, I know there wasnt that visible stitching around the outside elbow. As well I recall the twill that attached the strap was just white instead of the the colour of the jersey. And also it just not having that slight "edge" material sheen on the back. Interesting to hear they are still being made? I figured at this point any retail authentic jersey would be a 2.0 now. My main concern is if Indonesian jerseys are still being made but Aren't as easy to detect. I'm interested in a couple jerseys that end tonight on eBay, and from what I can tell seem like 2.0s, so if the time comes and the price is still right, I'll link them here. Thanks.
  2. Reivax

    It is good or not?

    Hey all. Been a while. I haven't collected in some time, so my eye isn't as strong as it was before. I'm seeing some decently priced jerseys recently on eBay that are obviously legit, but given the prices, I need to know if Indonesian made jerseys are still an issue? It used to be easy to spot them, but what I'm seeing seems like legit 2.0s. What's the story over the last couple years? Anything I should be looking for?
  3. Reivax


    This idea that in the world of sports the Toronto maple leafs have the toughest market to play in is ridiculous. There are more popular sports, bigger markets and tougher fans out there. Like an athlete can't thrive off of pressure and expectations. Especially now with the way the management has been sheltering their players from a lot of the crap they used to have to deal with, it should be a great time to be a maple leaf. Expectations for success were non-existent last year, so things are going to change now, but I think the media will continue to give the team a chance to grow and manage those expectations.
  4. Well this just got interesting. So the jersey was only worn 6 times and there's 3 game pics with the A in a different position and one without an A? Seems strange. I could believe that he's wearing a goalie cut (he was little, but those jerseys look huge on him), but the sleeves around the wrist in the pics just done seem like a goalie cut. They seem relatively tight. Kinda hard to tell I suppose.
  5. Which would be strange since it sure looks like a legit authentic goalie cut to me. :/ why would the strap be faked in that case.
  6. I'll give a top 10, but do it in somewhat of an order the top few are interchangeable, really. 10. Leafs 3rd (this would be bumped if the Kings wore their purples, but I'm not sure if they do this year) 9. Blues 3rd 8. Flyers 3rd 7. Jackets 3rd 6. Wild 3rd (still one of the best ever, but I'll give the love to their other jersey this time) 5. Preds home 4. Oilers away (I don't care how bad the team is, I still love the look of this jersey) 3. Stars home (Still don't entirely love the logo, but still love the rest of it) 2. Pens third 1. Wild away (never liked any jersey that had this logo all that much until this iteration) I also tallied everyone's votes as best I could, so here's a top 10 from the 25, or so, votes in this thread All with 3 votes each: Lightning home, Flyers 3rd, Flyers home, Wild away, Caps 3rd. Avalanche 3rd, canucks 3rd, blues 3rd 10. Wild 3rd (4 votes) 10. Hawks away (4 votes) 10. Hawks home (4 votes) 7. Rangers away (5 votes) 7. Columbus 3rd (5 votes) 7. Preds Home (5 votes) 4. Blues away (6 votes) 4. Islanders 3rd (6 votes) 4. Dallas Home (6 votes) 3. Leafs 3rd (7 votes) 2. Pens 3rd (8 votes) 1. Blues home (10 votes)
  7. Reivax


    I think ive bought from him before. Think he's the guy that had a bunch of white preds 1.0s that were found at svp. As well as the white oilers. I remember him willing to deal a little bit.
  8. Reivax

    eBay version 4.0

    He's a member. He could probably tell you. http://forums.icejerseys.com/index.php?showtopic=5962#entry154799
  9. Reivax

    eBay version 4.0

    Am I crazy. Didn't you just sell a bunch of things that ended a few days ago? Sorry to bring up bad memories, bud.
  10. Reivax

    eBay version 4.0

    I've sometimes wondered if rare is an acronym I'm unaware of. Dude literally puts "rare" on all his items. Even a Rodgers packers jersey. Who even searches that word? I'm too lazy, but if a dude like flyguy who actually puts up obviously legitimate jerseys at reasonable prices can have eBay issues, I'd hope someone like this guy gets shut down.
  11. Reivax

    eBay version 4.0

    Not exactly the worst fake out there. It's the price he wants that's disgusting.
  12. If you're interested in getting indos, fullmoonjerseys on eBay has a small handful of them for 119.99. Jets, blue jackets 3rd, leafs, panthers, flyers away, pens old 3rd and maybe a couple more. A little cheaper than the price you guys have been talking about. But not quite the variety. No reason to get into it anymore, but they're not that bad of a jersey. I had one at one point and was actually pleasantly surprised by it given how much people hate them. Although it sounded like quality tended to vary often. A huge issue in the end being that they were sold as what the players wear on ice and the price was that of an actual Canadian made 2.0. Which is gross.
  13. Jerseys are weird. preference plays a big part I guess. I could easily wear a 50 1.0 very comfortably. And did. Not snug. And I'm 6'2" Shy of 200 and have broad shoulders. But I can wear pretty much any size, honestly. Anything 56 and bigger gets stupid, but I've gone out in a 58 1.0 before.
  14. Are the leafs still selling jerseys through real sports for the next year? It was nice when they were selling all old players jerseys last year for just $200. Are they still doing that? And you could actually buy a Gardiner for $400 at the time. Doubt you'll be getting prices like that through meigray. I should really buy something from them before it's too late.
  15. Funny. I had to do my best to not to complain too much. Luckily my wife's cool about jerseys and asked why it was so obvious. Maybe it's just my age and I don't go to bars as much any more, because this is surprisingly the first really bad case of fakes just all throughout the joint that I've noticed.
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