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  1. IBleedUnionBlue

    Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale

    Blue Jackets: ( Colorado Avalanche ) Jan Hejda 2007-08 Edge 1. Includes team COA, and set tag in collar. Size 58+. $285 shipped. It is autographed. (Previous owner had this done). Blue Jackets: Steve Mason (Philadelphia Flyers ) 2012-13 Includes team COA. Size 58 G. $485 shipped. My email: ley@hometowncable.net * Would also consider trades for CBJ jerseys or CBJ players & always wanting to purchase CBJ jerseys.
  2. IBleedUnionBlue

    Help in Setting a Value for a Jersey

    I recently came into possession of an Adam Foote jersey. (not a popular player in Columbus) Columbus Blue Jackets, Alternate style. There was no set tag, nor COA. There is minimal wear. And the owner had it autographed. (not my preference) Any idea / suggestions on the value of this sweater?
  3. IBleedUnionBlue

    The Want List

    Always looking for Blue Jackets jerseys.
  4. IBleedUnionBlue

    Blue Jacket Jerseys (Authentic and Game Used)

    All sold.
  5. All Sold at this time.
  6. IBleedUnionBlue

    The Want List

    Always looking to add Blue Jacket jerseys to collection. Especially interested in JHM or inaugural patched jerseys! But I will entertain the thought of adding any CBJ jerseys to collection. You can PM me here or email me at ley@hometowncable.net
  7. IBleedUnionBlue

    How to Ice Skate

    First of all, thanks again everyone! Second, it was a real hassle trying to find skates. My foot is a 4E width. The rentals at the rinks were all too narrow. I went to several hockey places, and there was nothing that fit. But one store was good enough to size my foot for skates, made a few recommendations, then I started ordering online. I had to return a few skates, but I found a pair of Bauer's (Flexlite 3.0) that came in a wide, and they fit. Classes began this weekend. I was absolutely awful! Couldnt let go of the wall and to skate, I was pushing off on the wall with my hand and just shuffling feet. I was disappointed because the class size is maybe 10 people, and I am the only person in Adult 1, while the others had all been through Adult 2 class. So I am basically on my own as the instructor was working with the others in the center of the rink. Anyhow, I did go to a different rink today where they had open skating, and I practiced for 3 hours. About 90 minutes in, I began taking my hand off the wall for a few seconds. And on my final couple laps around the rink, I twice made it from the red goalie line on one side of the rink to the other side of the rink with only touching the wall once or twice for balance. Some of my lessons learned: I thought that skates would "bite" the ice for traction, but I quickly found out that was not the case. Go slow, it helps with balance. Concentrate - the harder I focused on doing things correctly, the more in control I was. Finally, I also was concentrated on slightly bending knees like the post said above. It did help. So while I was greatly discouraged in class, the 3 hour open skate today gave me a glimmer of hope that as long as I pratice alot, I might one day be able to skate a lap one day without holding onto the wall or falling.
  8. IBleedUnionBlue

    New arrivals v5.0

    I also picked up this Alexander Svitov from the Blue Jackets sale. I don't believe that it was worn. This CBJ KOHO alternate style was used in 2003-04. Svitov played 29 games for the CBJ in 03-04. I primarily picked it up though because I did not have any of the KOHO 3rds.
  9. IBleedUnionBlue

    New arrivals v5.0

    Derek MacKenzie 2011-12 Blue Jackets Alternate jersey.
  10. IBleedUnionBlue

    It is good or not?

    Is this good or fake? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Rick-Nash-Columbus-Blue-Jackets-Authentic-Jersey-Size-50-New-w-Fight-Strap-/180894772592?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item2a1e2b2d70&autorefresh=true
  11. IBleedUnionBlue

    How to Ice Skate

    Thanks y'all. I appreciate all the responses. I'll print page off and read a couple times before I get started!
  12. IBleedUnionBlue

    How to Ice Skate

    OK, I'm 46 and I have never ice skated. So, I've decided to sign up for classes. Any tips or pointers? Classes dont start until mid-July. If I went out and bought some in-line rollerskates, would that help to learn balance?
  13. IBleedUnionBlue

    When is it OK to wear your jerseys?

    Between Sept - April, I wear a jersey just about anywhere I go, including to church on Sundays. But I typically put them away in Summer. Today it will be 94, and thats just too darn hot to wear a hockey jersey.
  14. IBleedUnionBlue

    Torres Suspended 25 Games

    The inconsistency of suspensions is concerning.
  15. IBleedUnionBlue

    We need Reebok Wordmark patches

    Is it a foregone conclusion that Reebok will resume production of Indo-Edges next season? I thought they shut down production due to quality issues and did not communicate future plans.