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  1. Also looking for a 2017 Penguins White jersey in either size L or size 50. Blank or correctly customized with Crosby. Any help is appreciated.
  2. BUMP! New price, and also eBay link for it now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Koho-Sz-56-Atlanta-Thrashers-Alternate-3rd-Jersey-Kovalchuk-RARE-/262976217098?hash=item3d3a9aa00a:g:OawAAOSw-3FZDl-t
  3. Let me update it to add photos. Couldn't upload attachments earlier, probably need an image hosting site. Mine isn't on eBay, and I don't see another one on eBay when I search for it..I do however see a Heatley one. This is a Kovalchuk jersey.
  4. Authentic Alternate 3rd Kovalchuk Thrashers Jersey (baby blue one). Size 56 Koho, correctly customized and also features the RARE Dan Snyder 37 patch. Mint & Crisp letters + crests. NWOT never washed. Comes from a smoke free and pet free home. eBay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-Koho-Sz-56-Atlanta-Thrashers-Alternate-3rd-Jersey-Kovalchuk-RARE-/262976217098?hash=item3d3a9aa00a:g:OawAAOSw-3FZDl-t $375 USD + $25 shipping to USA/Canada (PayPal gift payment or extra charge for PayPal invoice). UPDATE: See photos http://imgur.com/a/pDjLz
  5. Looking for Authentic 91-92 TBTC jerseys. Must be size 52 or larger (but let me know if you have a 50 or 48). Need the following: Leafs TBTC (91-92) - Blank or Clark/Gilmour (Not sure if Gilmour actually wore this as he came in halfway, would need confirmation) Red Wings TBTC (91-92) - Blank or Yzerman/Fedorov Black Hawks TBTC (91-92) - Blank or Chelios/Roenick/Belfour/Other players may be considered Rangers TBTC (91-92) - Blank or Messier/Leetch/May consider other players Canadiens TBTC (91-92) - Blank or Roy
  6. BUMP! Final price drop. Get it before xmas Sold to good ol' Slim
  7. Hey guys I need some help. Does anybody have a nameplate or material for a nameplate for a 2003-04 Atlanta Thrashers Koho alternate jersey (the powder blue one)? I need a nameplate or material for a nameplate long enough to accommodate for KOVALCHUK. Check this image if you are unsure which jersey I am talking about. I believe the Koho jersey from 03-04 is the same material as the 05-06 and 06/07 RBK pre edge for the same jersey so the material can actually come from any of those jerseys from those 3 seasons I have listed.
  8. I don't own any edge jerseys but all my pre rbk edge jerseys have a smell to them, especially the ccm/koho pro jerseys (ultrafil, or airknit). The starter jerseys also had that smell but to me it was never as strong.
  9. Thanks for the reply Bobcat1988. Do you know if they ship out just the kits to Canada? I will give them a call later today when I get home.
  10. Can anyone tell me where I can send this particular NHLPA jersey for customization? Or does anybody know somebody who can sell me a proper kit for it? You all probably remember these from the 94 lockout. I was looking to get it customized with Gretzky. Have had it sitting in my closet for probably 15 years. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. ^ @HockeyMusic check your PM are they the authentic swift material or the nike replica material?
  12. I know the jets blue one had a "blue" patch but I think their white jersey still had the regular white SC 100 patch. I could be wrong. Do you think the French version will be ok and would you recommend getting it put on an a Pro Nords Sakic?
  13. ice_hockey_patches on eBay sells many patches. Does anybody recommend his reproductions and would it be wise to get the Stanley Cup "Centennial" (100 years) patch from him and stitched on to any authentics (I want to do a Selanne rookie Jets jersey and my Nordiques Sakic jersey with a French version). http://www.ebay.com/itm/NHL100th-CENTENNIAL-STANLEY-CUP-TROPHY-PATCH-FRENCH-VERSION-/221336925691?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3388b575fb
  14. Just an update. So I was in the GTA and before making my way back to Calgary I thought I would try a few places in search of a BK crest. Well to my amazement there was a small sports card collector store in Mississauga that I went in to who had a few crests of various teams, and guess what, he had one BK crest! It looked correct to me so I immediately purchased it for $40 off of him. Not sure if its a fair price but I kind of had no choice as I couldnt find any other ones that looked correct, plus the BK jerseys alone sell for a ridiculous amount on eBay. Anywho just thought I would share some photos (for others reference) of it before I send it in for customization. The one on my replica is only glued on, not stitched and glued. The new one will clearly cover the old one. Should I ask for it to be sewn/stitched after it is heat pressed on?
  15. Thanks for the help guys. I called Steichen and they said they are no longer able to help out with customization. I am leaning towards the fact that perhaps it was just a retail jersey hence the NHL shield likely from the 89-90 season during a transition period or perhaps it was a prototype altogether? Either way, I got a great deal on it and I have always wanted a Modano jersey from this era and I cannot find any pictures of any player wearing this hybrid style jersey so any suggestions on what name and number to get it customized with? Also, is the "TEAM CHOICE" stitched on those jerseys from the era or is it screen printed? Would somebody also be able to help out with possibly getting "TEAM CHOICE" put on to the hem as well?
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