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  1. Replica Screen Print Jersey Licensed By NHL

    I would turn it inside out to wash if it is screen printed. Post a picture and we can be more helpful if we see it.
  2. Certificates with authentic jerseys

    Game worn is the key of that jersey came with a Certificate
  3. Go to a frabic store and look for Heat and bond or another name. just cut a smal amount. then cover with a cloth (to protect) from the hot iron then just follow directions. email me if you want me to send a picture. I used to put a OHL patch on my sport coat in the 90's and its still holding.
  4. Screwed me...

    Call him out, bash him everyplace you can that has a fourm for hockey, find his address and make a road trip.......if he's close to me I will save you the travel.
  5. NHL Team Customizers

    who could do a Quebec Nordiques jersey? thanks
  6. CBC Hockey A People's History Sweaters

    Not the sweaters but has a buch of the tshirts.
  7. Shoulder patch material on Reebok Premier jerseys

    Also, many people do not look at the shoulder patch and see the capital dome under the eagle.
  8. What is NHL Shop Doing with their Jersey Offerings Now????

    It's simple. The NHL Shop is just like drugs, just say No
  9. NHL Team Customizers

    Who does th La Kings jerseys? Thanks
  10. Who does the best Detroit Red Wings lettering/numbering?

    Detroit Red Wings is done by Sports Haven in Wyandotte, Mi.
  11. Gettin' the stank out

    White Vineger.Wash has normal and put 1/4 Cup in the final rinse. Always works....I have done this many times.
  12. Pictures

    Why an I unable to view some pictures on this sight? when I click on a link it says I don't have permission. Thanks Bob
  13. Minnesota Wild Jerseys

    Did Minnesota wear Koho Jerseys in their earier days? thanks
  14. Does it even matter where the authentics are produced?

    Guys,I learned years agoo not to argue with a "know it all" he will learn how poor is.
  15. kings purple vintage

    anybody know where I can get a Kings vintage purple like they have worn for the past few years?, looking for a 56 or a decent replicia for my Son, thanks. Bob