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  1. Tazer19

    The Want List

    Good morning fellow collectors... I am searching for a Montreal Canadians jersey that was worn by the team in the 1985-'86 Stanley Cup winning season... I would love for it to be an AUTHENTIC...I would take a game worn.....or a game issued or any type of retail authentic... Size could be 50,52 or 54... color-either home or away...and I would love a blank but would take any player....if anyone has something like this available or if you could point me to one I would be so very grateful.... PLEASE message me or send me an email.... Any help would be APPRECIATED SO VERY MUCH...
  2. Tazer19

    The Want List

    Hello and Happy Stanley Cup Playoffs... I know this might be a very long shot but... I'm searching for an AUTHENTIC Habs jersey that was worn in the '85-'86 season that they won the Cup... a 100% PROPERLY customized #24 CHELIOS is what I'm after... it could be either home or away or BOTH...and blank would work too... size 50,52 or 54... I would even consider the jersey if it was another player... If anyone has one one I'd love to chat...or if anyone knows someone that has one that would sell... Thank you
  3. Tazer19

    Duncan Keith KELOWNA ROCKETS pic...

    Hello all, Looking for some help... I am trying to find some pics of Duncan Keith in a Kelowna Rockets jersey... As many as possible... You can send them to me via messages or I will give you my email... Thank you so much for any and all help...
  4. Tazer19

    1993 Denis Savard Cup Finals jersey help....

    Hey Guys, THANK YOU all so very much for the help, quick response and correct info.... I was able to snag a beautiful Montreal home white ultrafil from the '93 season that I made into a #18 SAVARD with the 100yr patch covered with ultrafil and then the Cup Finals patch... Yes, I know, the crazed Hawks collector with a Habs jersey but Savard is one of my ALL TIME favorites and to have the jersey he wore when he was able to win a Cup is pretty special in my eyes... Its my first ever Non Hawks jersey...
  5. Tazer19

    1993 Denis Savard Cup Finals jersey help....

    THANK YOU for the quick reply and confirmation.... WIKIPEDIA shows that he was one of the players to have an "A"... Can you confirm if he did wear the "A" on his sweater that game? I'm searching for Game One video as we speak... THANK YOU sir
  6. Hello fellow collectors.... Slim, I hope this is in the right topic place...if not, please place it where it should be-Thank you... Ok, I am in need of some help/confirmation.... I know that Denis Savard was hurt during the Cup Finals in '93 vs. Kings.... but he did play in one game.... Can someone confirm that the game he played in he was wearing the white Habs sweater.... or was it the red...?? and did he have an "A" on his sweater...? I have looked over the web via Google, Bing and Getty and have found pics of him wearing an "A" on his sweater but NO PICS of him in a sweater with the '93 Cup Finals patch.... Any and all help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED... Thank you all... if you want to just post a pic here if you find it or send it to me either would be great....
  7. Tazer19

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Greetings my fellow jersey collecting friends, I am in need/search of some of the following patches.... I would really really prefer AUTHENTIC... 1991 NHL All Star Game(Chicago Stadium)...1992 NHL 75th patch...1992 Stanley Cup Finals patch(Chicago vs. Pittsburgh)...1993 Stanley Cup 100 year patch (English version) I have a Belfour ultrafil that has no patch on it and I prefer a Hawks ultrafil with a patch on it and would put any of them on it... I would love the 1993 100 year Cup patch before the other but would take any of them... Thank you very much guys...
  8. Tazer19

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Greetings everyone, Looking for an AUTHENTIC 1991 NHL All Star patch from the game in Chicago Stadium... Any help would GREATLY APPRECIATED more than you know... Thanks everyone....
  9. Tazer19

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Oh man would that be ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC..... Thank you for the reply....
  10. Tazer19

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Looking for a 1991 All Star game patch... The one from the Chicago Stadium.... would LOVE to get my hands on an authentic... any help pointing me to one would be so GREATLY APPRECIATED...!!! Thanking all of you in advance...
  11. Tazer19

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Looking for a 1991 NHL All Star game patch....the one that was played in Chicago... Any help would be greatly appreciated if you have one or could direct me to one...Thank you....
  12. Tazer19

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Good evening fellow jersey gents, Has anyone found someone or a supplier that has the 100th year patch...?? I'd like to buy a dozen or so and I am sure the more you buy the better the price... Let me know...Thank you
  13. Tazer19

    Wendel Clark Hawks Pro Player...

    LAK74...Thank you so very very much for taking the time to research that and getting me to 100% sure...I am forever grateful...and for the other couple who had input as well...
  14. Tazer19

    Wendel Clark Hawks Pro Player...

    Hello and Happy New Year everyone, I am in need of some help...I have had a red Hawks Pro Player w/ NHL2000 patch for a while now that I want to get customized w/ #17 CLARK... As with any of my Hawks jerseys I want it to be spot on correct...problem is I can't find one picture of CLARK in the red Hawks Pro Player WITH the NHL2000 patch...Now I have found a handful of him in a red Hawks jersey BUT NO PATCH...so before I get it customized I want to be 110% sure it is correct... Can anyone help me out with a pic of CLARK in the red Pro Player with the patch...?? It would be greatly appreciated...THANK YOU (Mods if this is in the wrong place, my apologies)