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  1. Greetings fellow collectors.... I hope and pray that all of you and your family and friends are safe and healthy... I'm looking for a 2001 Colorado Avalanche authentic jersey...I'd love a white...size 50, 52 or 54....either blank or properly customized with 77 BOURQUE... Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Tazer19

    eBay version 4.0

    Hmmm....You are 100% correct...Hoarding would be if someone were to have, say, 24 of the exact same jersey...24 Belfour Hawks TBTC...or 24 Roenick... But, if you have just 24 from every player that wore that jersey from that season then it is NOT HOARDING 😂
  3. Would you be so kind to send me the link to a couple? It would be greatly appreciated...for this season....Thank you
  4. Looking for this year/season 2019-'20 MADE IN CANADA New York Ranger...Colorado Avalanche...size 54 or 56... I'd like them blank or with #24 KAKKO and then #8 MAKAR...proper team spec and cuts for the customization please... Any help pointing me to them or helping me get them would be GREATLY APPRECIATED... Happy Holidays to all...!!!!
  5. Thank you for your help sir....much appreciated....
  6. Can anyone help out...Looking for a pic of Duncan Keith in a Kelowna Rockets jersey... Does anyone know if it was a NIKE jersey? Any info would be greatly appreciated....
  7. Hmmmm.... Let me think that over...😎
  8. Tazer19

    Free Web Site...

    Greetings again my fellow collectors and friends... I am all for the contest that mfitz804 has placed in front of me and just last Saturday I was told my TBTC's were cut and pressed and in the "assembly" line to be sewn so it should be any time now that I get them back and as soon as I do I will post pics of me putting each one on in hopes o getting them all on for the St. Jude's Children's Hospital and I encourage all of you to PLEASE join in and give a dollar or two. With the upcoming NHL Season and the holidays not far behind it is the perfect time to chip in. Even if we can get all of us to PayPal $5. We can come up with a spread sheet to show everyone who made a donation and how much and then show the actual donation so everyone who donated can see that the money went right to St. Jude's...
  9. Tazer19

    Free Web Site...

    Good morning jsh139.... Thank you for the info... Is it easy to upload the pics to the account? I will take them with my phone...you say its a good App...is it better to upload them via phone or desktop...?
  10. Tazer19

    Free Web Site...

    Hello to all of my fellow collectors... I have a question and I am hoping to get some advice from all of you experts please... As you all know I have a massive collection of Chicago Blackhawk jerseys and Hawks related jerseys...over 650...and I would really like to take pictures of them all and be able to put them online and share for all of you to see... So.... Who offers the best FREE Web Site..or a great website that is a few dollars a month or paid annually...?? Just something to be able to list 2-3 pics of each jersey...then add a few pics of Hawks players and then maybe list some info on the jerseys...Like year, makers, style etc... Any help and information would be GREATLY APPRECIATED...Just put the website you like and some basic info of why it is good and why you went with it over the others that are out there... Mods if this is in the wrong place PLEASE place it in the correct heading or let me know...THANK YOU!!!
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Used-Authentic-Jeremy-Roenick-Chicago-Blackhawks-NHL-Hockey-Jersey-48-/153568332090?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=OrQbPMseTC%2FrX552lRFGiUmZ7zw%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc Look at what this went for... Hmmmm....I wonder who got it and added it to his collection...😂
  12. Tazer19


    Good morning... A handful of these are size 48...but the majority are size 52 or 54...there is one 50 in there... Now as far as steals...As a matter of fact there are 3 of them in there that I got at an ABSOLUTELY CRAZY CRAZY price... I go to the Black Hawks Convention EVERY SUMMER...this summer will be #12...they open up all the vendor booths at 3pm and my daughter and I go there 1st to check out what everyone has...get 1st choice... We stumble upon a booth with all kinds of older memorabilia and a few dozen jerseys...all folded neatly in big ziploc bags...I see the crests of two and they are the TBTC...I ask if I can open them and take a look...the guy says Sure...I open it up...Chelios size 54 autographed...He says "its been hanging in my bar forever along with the Roenick but my kids tell me to "get with the times" and get rid of these old guys and put up a Kane and Toews... I open the other...Roenick size 54...and then one other Hawks...white ultrafil size 52(blank)... He says he owns a sports bar/restaurant and is just getting rid of this stuff because his kids want him to put up the newer guys...he proceeds to tell me that they are just really dusty, some hanger marks... He says, if you want all 3 Hawks I can work something out because I do not want to have to pack up this stuff and take it back to my office. I got the booth to get rid of all this and I've had it so long whatever I get will be pocket money...He says "gimme $125"...I was like a dear in headlights...I say "No problem, for each?" He says "Nope, all 3"...he tells me "$50 for these special ones and $25 for the blank one"...he says "I won't charge extra for Chris' autograph because he signed it for me on our opening night and it didn't cost me anything"... Yes, $100 for the Chelios and Roenick...I'm sorry but....you asked....I turned the blank white ultrafil into a #16 GOULET with an authentic '91 All Star patch-the game from Chicago Stadium(got TWO authentic '91 All Star patches from a wonderful member here on the forum)...
  13. Tazer19


    I'm sorry for such a delayed response gents...Been fighting horrific migraines... Okay, so you want to see how many I can get on?? and donate $2 for every jersey worn at once to St. Jude's Children's Hospital....Absolutely...I'll do it...I'm still waiting on the ones I have at the customizer but I will put each one on, in numeric order and post pics...
  14. Tazer19


    Hey hey Hockey Bob :-) Yes, absolutely... You know my goal is to have every player from that season that wore the TBTC and I am getting closer as we speak... How about Kucera? Kravchuk? Vincelette?Konroyd?Creighton? Hudson? Matteau? I have those being done right now...Not the greatest of Hawks but they wore that sweater so I'm stuck :-)
  15. Tazer19


    Now that's FUNNY !!!!! :-)
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