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  1. Got a cheap thrifted jersey with some weird sleeve stains almost like grease. Oxiclean soak & wash didn't help. What worked for me was mixing some Oxiclean with dish soap and hand scrubbing the spots with a toothbrush, followed by another wash. There's still a couple small puck/stick marks left that it didn't touch, any tips for those?
  2. dwillms

    It is good or not?

    These all popped up on Kijiji today from the same seller. Some seem like they could be legit, but the obviously fake Malkin/Ruchinsky(!!!) makes me question all of them?
  3. dwillms

    It arrived today v3.0

    Isles looks good, I bought the same one in 52. Hope it shows up soon
  4. dwillms

    It is good or not?

    Check out this one being passed off as a Game-Worn Malkin from the Winter Classic. Too bad the serial number matches to a GI Alan Nasreddine http://alberta.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-clothing-mens-2008-WINTER-CLASSIC-AUTHENTIC-ON-ICE-GAME-WORN-MALKIN-JERSEY-W0QQAdIdZ303757070#
  5. dwillms

    It is good or not?

    Hey, I've got a couple I'd appreciate an opinion on. http://edmonton.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-sports-bikes-ATTN-Ales-Hemsky-Fans-Home-and-3rd-Jersey-W0QQAdIdZ302173332# Judging by price & bubbly numbers/crest I'd assume both are fakes. But they seem better than most of the other obvious fakes out there (for example, http://edmonton.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-art-collectibles-SIGNED-ALES-HEMSKY-JERSEY-EDMONTON-OILERS-SIZE-52-W0QQAdIdZ299997351# ) Let me know, thanks!