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  1. FLASH! Ah-ahhhh!!!... When I saw the pic of St.Louis, I thought of Cornholio, too.
  2. DesertRat

    2011 NHL ASG Jersey

    My sentiments, exactly.
  3. DesertRat

    It arrived today

    Matthew hasn't even worn the third jersey yet, so I could be the first ever with one. 3rd jerseys are worn during Saturday home games; this Saturday will be the first time it will be on the ice. We share last names and birthdays, so it had to be done.
  4. I believe these were released in 1993 and 1994. I have seen ones of the old Sabres, Flames, Blues, Canucks, Jets and Nords at games. The ones I've seen were made of the old snaggy, lightweight polyester fabric of the time.
  5. DesertRat

    It arrived today

    Received this Premier yesterday... Customized by IceJerseys. I don't know why whoever put the nameplate on it didn't line it up correctly. The 18 on back actually is on straight, my hanging and photography skills are distorting that; I should have laid it down flat.
  6. DesertRat

    It arrived today

    I like the drop shadow lettering. I wonder why they didn't use that on the number font. Still looks good!
  7. Just couldn't help yourself to bring the Coyotes into a thread that had nothing to do with them.
  8. Waldos, perfect! The Habs look like a chain gang in those '11-'12 jerseys. The only barberpole jerseys I've liked were Ottawa's (carried over to the Ottawa 67s) - thick stripes.
  9. I pulled up pictures from the game, it looks like their usual home jersey unless they cranked the lights up in the Staples Center that night.
  10. I usually ignore it. Most people aren't too picky about that stuff. I saw a guy wearing a Detroit jersey with FEDROV 91 that looked like he ironed the kit on himself. There's no excuse for having a misspelled name on a jersey. If someone wants to look like an fool, they have the right to, I guess. I could care less if someone is wearing a real or fake jersey, I do appreciate seeing a correct one, however.
  11. Welcome aboard. I'll take a stab, too. 1. I try to acquire jerseys that fit me, because I like to wear them. If selling them, you can sell jerseys of bigger sizes way easier than jerseys of smaller sizes. I wish the companies would quit wasting their time with size Small. 2. A 'serious collector' of jerseys can be defined in different ways. Just open my closets and see the various ones crammed in there, on first look, you'd say I'm a serious collector, especially if you don't collect, at all. Some people don't collect replicas, but if I show off my collection of defunct minor league teams, that wouldn't make me less of a collector. The 'serious collector' label is subjective. 3. Can't recommend other sites for jerseys, buy as you probably know, ebay is a good place to start when shopping for just about anything and everyone knows that most of us here do use it, especially for rare or discontinued stuff. 4. Why do I like collecting? Since I was nary a child, I always liked sports jerseys, but in the 70s, they were hard to find, not produced or marketed en masse like they are today and there was no internet back then, so if the local store didn't carry it, I had to find a mail-order retailer that did. The advent of online commerce has made it possible to collect in ways I never dreamed of. I love the sport, the colors and designs of the shirts, the look and the nostalgia. I love to shop (my wife reminds me of that frequently) and bargain-hunting is fun; bargain-finding is even better. I like to discover jerseys that I have never seen before and can't readily purchase like a 1977 Cleveland Barons jersey, for example. Everyone has their own way of enjoying the hobby (trust me, you'll be accused of have an obsession and addiction, which are such harsh terms!). If you're going to get into it, make sure you have plenty of money, storage and support from your significant other. It's more pleasant in all those situations if you have those. As you explore the forum, don't get trapped in the "mine is better than yours" mindset, it's not a competition. I mean, you can if you want. JeffB said it best, "Get what you like, but only what you can afford. It's supposed to be fun!".
  12. The Wranglers come up with some hilarious promotions. I can't imagine what it would be like to play in these prison uniforms. Can't ya just see the starting players lined up for the national anthem looking like that? The Nevada Penal League, heh.
  13. I don't know why they were so afraid of me having it, but everyone's content. They did say I could have kept it, but I wanted to see how much it meant to them and they exceeded my expectation. I matched up the sigs with the roster and the goalies did not sign my jersey. I'm not surprised. Each year, STH's get to spend an after-game 'reception'/cattle call waiting for players for autographs when they are all dressed up and leaving the arena. The staff always ends the function before the goalies ever come out. Someone told me they do a lot of post-game P.T. and that takes a long time, so they close shop, so I'm not surprised if the secret society of goaltenders was unavailable. That's my guess. I won't go to them and complain about that. I think I will eventually get it numbered with "09", no name, since the back of it looks naked to me and number font they use looks very bold against black for some reason. I'm afraid to wash it, I don't want the metallic sharpie ink to wear off. I like the 3rd jersey a lot, but it took me a period of play to get used to it. It looks better from close up than from the upper level of the arena. I saw the rejected designs from here: http://coyotes.nhl.com/team/app/?service=p...rticleid=395699 My favorite part of the jersey is that there are no laces on it, I'm one of the few who finds those annoying. There was one design I wouldn't have minded - the Coyote running with the moon, mountain and cacti in the background. It would have lessened the 'roadkill' effect.
  14. DesertRat


    One thing you can do is put a watermark on your photos. Find an image editor that has that capability. I don't know of a free one to recommend that allows you to do that.
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