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    Hockey, soccer, music, reading, moaning about how hockey was about 1000000x better before the lockout, obsessing over hockey history and memorabilia.

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    Anything made before the year 2000, particularly Toronto's sweaters from 1997-2000 and ANY Quebec Nordiques sweater.
  1. Nice one!! Did you get a number on it? I crave a Quagliarella and an El Shaarawy shirt...And you really have to watch out when looking at older shirts, there have been some very close repros of rare ones. The seller got all indignant on me and I referred him to a plethora of evidence showing that his shirt was a fake, never got a reply naturally.
  2. It's not soccer, it's football!!!11zomg But there's a picture here that fortunately proves my point, the edge of the yellow on the badge doesn't have a bevel like on the recent remake, and the thread on 'udinese calcio' goes between the letters, not down to the stripe.http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-l5fjQlJO158/T0JbpKWQ4UI/AAAAAAAAk6c/wpy2BIkjtvQ/s1600/Zico+Udinese+Cmp.1992.1993.Anc.+-----169.jpg Meanwhile it's up to 470 euros, I sent the seller a message, not that it will probably make any difference.
  3. So, this isn't actually a hockey jersey, but related to eBay ripoffs and people not doing research. A quick background, Zico was a Brazilian soccer player who many would rank in the top 5 of all time. In 1982 he moved to then-small Italian team Udinese and had a sensational 1982-83 season. The shirt Udinese wore that year was made by a tiny South American company called Americanino, who definitely never made shirts for any other European teams. This shirt is impossibly rare and also in high demand because of its association with Zico. I've looked on eBay regularly for it, as well as the rest of the web, and while other 80s soccer shirts do show up, I can say with a fair degree of certainty than an authentic RETAIL version of this shirt has probably never appeared online in the last 7-8 years, never mind a game-worn. Now one claiming to be a game-worn Zico pops up on eBay: http://www.ebay.it/i...b#ht_813wt_1348 It so happens that I have this shirt; the real thing. My grandfather bought it when he went back to Italy to visit family that year and gave it to me for my birthday some years ago. Since I realized the significance of it I've treated it like gold. Now, this shirt looks quite similar to the real thing, but the first and very obvious reason I'm skeptical is that this shirt is perfectly white, the stitching is all still pristine, there are no pulls or bobbles and the Udinese badge is still perfectly smooth. Seriously, there's no way a polyester wool shirt like that stays perfect for 30 years, and there are no signs of match wear at all, which again is impossible for a shirt that would have been worn for at least a few matches in a row, if not for the whole season (along with one short sleeve shirt- the shirt-trading thing between players hadn't started yet). Secondly, there appears to be some sort of a backing, or at least a different stitch pattern, behind the AGFACOLOR sponsor. Not the case on my original. The 'udinese calcio' lettering also looks far too perfect for a shirt of that age, and instead of connecting letter-to-letter as they do on my shirt, the stitches connect to the black strip below. Also, the yellow part appears to be stitched above the rest of the badge, which is again not the case on my shirt. What one DOES see a lot on eBay are very accurate (and readily available) recent reproductions of this shirt- all of which were made with Zico's no. 10 on the back- deliberately mis-represented as originals. What seals it for me is that this shirt started at only 15 euros- an actual Zico 1982-83 game-worn shirt would be worth thousands. It's not the first repro claiming to be game-worn I've seen either, and of course it's always no. 10 Zico, never Causio or Virdis for example, who were also great and popular players. This same seller also claims to have Marco Van Basten's Milan shirt from the 1990 European Champions' Cup final on sale, a completely ludicrous claim, which is currently getting only at about 120 euros with 2 days left; if THAT was what he claimed it to be it would be worth an absolutely astronomical amount. Now some naive tool is going to go around telling everyone he has Zico's Udinese shirt, but I suppose if someone can't tell the difference between a brand new shirt and a 30 year-old one... If it looks too good to be true then there's a 99% chance it is.
  4. I was 4, I don't remember it, which is a drag considering the Blue Jays' fortunes for, well, the last 18 years.
  5. Interesting topic! East: Toronto Winnipeg Philadelphia NY Islanders NY Rangers Washington Pittsburgh New Jersey West: Detroit Edmonton Calgary Vancouver St. Louis Los Angeles Colorado San Jose
  6. Oh, well, that's a bummer. And yep, it was the year when Gretzky took the second period and ripped it a new you-know-what. Have you ever actually come across one? A replica, if they exist, would also do.
  7. Also looking for a 1982-83 All Star Game jersey made by Kappa. Is that an impossible dream or are these things actually available?
  8. Um... I don't think the idea is to post finished listings that WERE steals.
  9. I don't really have a problem with them, but I find the Bruins deathly boring almost all the time. For the last few years it's also been very painful watching the Leafs, although that's improved so far this year. As for the teams I particularly like to watch, Detroit definitely tops the list for me. I also like watching Washington, Calgary and Pittsburgh.
  10. cuore_azzurro

    Ebay 2.0

    The Rangers letters on the front look way too small, that gave it away.
  11. Oh, no. not going there. Oh, and despite having lived there for most of my life, I also wouldn't wear a Brampton Battalion sweater. The average Bramptonian doesn't know hockey from his or her nostril hairs, or at least the ones who go to OHL games there don't. Having said that, the best crowd I've experienced so far was at a Toronto St. Micheal's Majors playoff game at St. Mike's Arena in '04 or '05, moving that team is another reason I can't like Eugene Melnyk.
  12. Ottawa Senators, and to a lesser degree, any of the teams I feel shouldn't exist, which I won't name right now because I don't want to start a flame war. I would never buy those jerseys either, except maybe with the intent to publicly deface them.
  13. Oh goody, more borrowing from basketball and football. Nothing is sacred anymore and this is why I find it extremely hard to follow the modern NHL.
  14. cuore_azzurro

    Ebay 2.0

    I can wear a 38... am I alone? 1976 Caps jersey, sorry Brilliant, but if the price doesn't go to something crazy, I have to go against you for that one. There's a pretty narrow range of jerseys I want, and that's near the top, sooo yeah. A ban is a small price to pay. As for small sizes, I saw an Yvan Cournoyer 1979 gamer at the HHOF that looked tiny, I couldn't have fit into it, never mind with shoulder and elbow pads underneath.
  15. WOW. They only used the 4-star style for 2 seasons. Awesome jersey!
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