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  1. khabbi

    EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    Got my 2017 ASG back today, took 9 weeks. So sexy though.
  2. khabbi

    EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    So you guys send a ton of jerseys to EPS when they have a sale? Why would they have a sale when they take 2 months to do a single jersey? Seems like they are pretty backed up and don't need to offer a sale? I sent a jersey in late october and didn't get it until January. I sent a jersey about 2 months ago (7 weeks) and I don't have an invoice yet. Frustrating now that the regular season is over. What wait times are you guys getting?
  3. khabbi

    Carey Price Gamers

    Thanks for the input guys, appreciate it!
  4. khabbi

    Carey Price Gamers

    Just curious how much, generally speaking, Carey Price Habs gamers are worth? What about a Game worn ASG Price? I was asked tonight by a friend how knows I'm a collector... And of course, I know nothing about Price gamers. Anyone willing to help me out? I can never tell on guys like this, good Goalie, but has been a loved/hated goalie in Montreal, has never won a cup, etc., so hard to "price" for me.
  5. Still hoping to find a Canadian made 2017-2018 Tampa Bay Lightning jersey.. I've had a few leads, but all of them ended up fizzling out.
  6. Had a great time at the ASG game this weekend, what a cool experience having it in your hometown! That being said, I did not buy 1 ASG this weekend.. even my wife was surprised but she understood why- Such a Cheap product for the money, $270 with tax for any of them with a name. The cheap Dye-Sub iron on shoulder patches and numbers just were repulsive to me. They did sell a ton of them, however, an ran out of some sizes for some colors and couldn't keep the kid jerseys in stock (those were only $80 plus $60 for letters/numbers at least). Here's a few pics:
  7. Well yes and no- I own a Gameworn from last years ASG, and the numbers are much higher quality than the cheap ones you see on the repros- it's a whole other level of detail and quality, the real ones look fantastic These repros look they were printed on a much cheaper quality machine (for mass production) while the NHL on-ice are top-notch as you would expect. On top of that, the Dye-sub patches on the shoulders are horrendous. I can honestly say that unless I can get a canadian authentic, I'm out this year.
  8. Attended the Tampa Bay Lightning game last night and they had the ASG jerseys in stock (well, at least the Stammer). They are absolutely crap! With the "authentics" you get dye-sub shoulder patches, numbers, and letters. I asked if they are doing a nicer level of jersey, and they are not. Ugh. With the lightning jerseys they make up at the arena, they take the "authentic" jerseys and press layered numbers and letters onto the jerseys, and you get the real ASG patch or "25th anniv" patch on the front if you opt for it.. which makes them much nicer then the dye-sub crap you get from NHL.com or other retailers. It's really tough to put one of these on and feel good about it when all you wear is authentics. I'm still going to buy a Vasy, with my STM discount it comes to $162.50 and I gotta have at least one. I'd love to have an authentic, but I would anticipate some pretty high bidding on the GW ones that will most likely be put up for auction.
  9. The sad thing is they really have an oppurtunity to do something cool with these, and instead they just seem to want them to be ugly for some reason. If you poll 1000 NHL fans, 999 would say they don't like them. So who the hell do they have making these and who the hell is reviewing the designs? I think my favorite comment I've seen so far is that you could use these to direct traffic or as an Air Traffic assistant.
  10. Worse than I ever expected. Ugh. And the ASG is in my hometown and I have tickets and will be around all of these. I'm not saying I'm going to buy one, but I'll probably cave this year being that it's at home.
  11. Wow, not impressed with the leaked version. Let's hope the other 3 have more appeal! Of course, if they don't, it will just save me money.
  12. We should be getting close, VERY close to seeing the 2018 All-Star Jersey's released! Hopefully they will be creative but not ridiculous. Post any new info here!
  13. khabbi


    I saw this ROY go through GWJA.org, and I thought it was kind of cheap for what it is. Am I missing something here? 97-98 Patrick Roy Gamer, $1,461 plus 19% buyers fee. ($1738) LINK: http://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/1997_98_Patrick_Roy_Colorado_Avalanche_Game_Worn_Jersey_All_Star_Season-13115-277.html
  14. That appears to be it for home jersey's. Good catch. Dissapointed that the lightning did away with the tie strings.
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