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  1. Wow, they sent a free chopped off foot with each of those jerseys. Cool!
  2. I keep them - and when I go to the games for that team - I still wear the jersey sometimes. Obviously, I like Jagr. I wear his Flyers jersey sometimes when I go to a Flyers game. And, I live in TX. I am not really a Stars fan - but their stadium is the closest to me. I usually go to a game where I like the opposing team But, if not - there was finally a Dallas Star on the team I liked enough to buy a jersey for - Jagr. So, I sometimes where that jersey to the Stars games this season. Doesn't bother me.
  3. I consider one of the blank flyers jerseys, but I don't care for that particular older jersey.
  4. No, not game used. Both the Jagr jerseys I have sign are just premier jerseys - I managed to get him to sign one in Philly. And, a 2nd one when he was in Dallas. Very lucky to get that one signed - they cutr the line off at the first 150 people. There were many hundreds of people pretty upset at that
  5. I just wasted some more time - went ahead and redid all my other hanging jerseys with the sleeves showing on them, like the Read is set up. I think they look better now
  6. I thought so, but wasn't 100% sure. Slightly different screen name between both sites - but close enough...
  7. There is a guy on the HF Boards site with several gamers framed..Now I see why he has his framed jerseys done the way he does them. The gamers are thicker and heavier than the cheaper, commercial ones. And, the sleeves are sewn in a way that doesn't really allow you to lay them completely flat without creasing... The premier (replica) jerseys are easier to manipulate. I tried to hang it with the sleeves behind the jersey - like my other ones. Doesn't look right. After 20 minutes+ of different things, this is what I have to go with... (the reflections on the glass are from the flash)
  8. That is cool. Giroux and Lecavalier went for the most. The rest were VERY low. Had I known they were going to go for that low, I may have tried for another one.
  9. - Well, I am a big Jagr fan. I have met him 2 times.Have two jerseys and a photo signed by him... So, Sorry
  10. No, this was the 37th year they have done this. The year that Jagr was there... Good god, the lines and number of people there were huge...
  11. UPS truck came by a little while ago. Got my Flyers WIve's Carnival worn Matt Read jersey (signed by him too) - This is my first purchase from MeiGray. I have been to the Flyers Carnival for the past 3 years now. Afterwards, I have tried to get one of the jerseys in the auctions. I tried to get a Talbot jersey my first year. A Grossmann jersey last year... Got out bid at the very end both times (sucks to lose itin the last few minutes). I think the olympics and the lack of advertising on tv (during the flyers games - which were not on due to the olympics) made the prices for all the jerseys much, much less this year (than what they normally go for) Pretty cool!
  12. Yea, if you do it that way, I can see you wanting it in the box situated in that position. I am out of room for the bigger frames in my home office, with 4 up on the wall. Now, if I get anymore signed jerseys, I've gotta use the small shadowboxes. And even then, I have room for MAYBE 2 more, if I push things. The problem with the smaller boxes is that if anything is sewn off center on the jersey, it takes some work to make it look right in that smaller space. 1 In a few years if I keep at it and new players come and go on my favorite team - I guess I'll just have to rotate some of them in and out of the larger frames. My wife won't let me exceed the one room with my stuff
  13. I won an auction for an autographed Matt Read jersey that was worn by Read at the Flyers Wives Carnival (thru Meigray). Anyway - I needed to free up a large frame, so I put my signed Mason jersey into a shadowbox. The "3" wasn't sewn straight in the number "35" - It wasn't that noticeable hanging in the larger frame. But in the shadowbox, it was VERY noticeable. It took some creativity to stretch the jersey in certain places to get it to appear straight.
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