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  1. The whole jersey feels very heavy. There are actually2 black marks on the jersey that made me think it may be game used. I'm just not really familiar with tackla jerseys. Do you happen to know what it would be worth?
  2. Today I found a Scott niedermayer team Canada jersey at my local flea market. The jersey is made by reebok with a tackla logo on the bottom hem. It is made of a mesh material. The logos and stripes are sublimated on and the numbers are screen printed (very high quality). It's is also autographed. I couldn't find anything similar to it online but it was only $20 so I bought it. I want to post a picture but I don't know how to from my phone. If anybody could help me out that'd be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Matt 9

    The Want List

    Anybody have a replica Cincinnati mighty ducks jersey? Not looking for anything expensive. Size large preferably.
  4. Matt 9

    The Want List

    I just bought a Ray Ferraro authentic 1992 all star jersey on EBay. I only bought it because it was really cheap. Does anybody have any interest in this jersey? There appears to be some minor staining in the sleeves.
  5. Matt 9

    The Want List

    Anybody have an islanders fisherman front crest patch they would be willing to sell?!
  6. Matt 9

    90s Tampa Bay Lightning 3rd jersey letters and numbers

    So Lecavalier wore the electric font with the all star patch correct? I have been thinking about getting my storm jersey customized. How much does eps charge?
  7. Matt 9

    The Want List

    I'm thinking about buying a Burger King jersey for $375. Is this too much? What do you guys think?
  8. Matt 9

    The Want List

    No problem. There is actually a Wild Wing that ends later today.
  9. Matt 9

    The Want List

    There is one on ebay for 180 if you want to pay that much.
  10. Matt 9

    The Want List

    Anyone have a tampa bay lightning seasickness jersey kit?
  11. Matt 9

    Jofa 366

    I just bought a Jofa 366 helmet on ebay for 30 dollars. I know these are pretty rare and expensive. Does anyone know how much I would be able to resellit for?
  12. Matt 9

    The Want List

    Can anybody sell me a Burger King jersey or know where I can find one off of ebay?
  13. Matt 9

    The Want List

    Does anyone have an ovechkin ccm rookie replica jersey that they would be willing to sell or trade?
  14. Matt 9

    My Jersey Collection

    Don't really care haha. It looks fine to me. Whether the customization is off or not these are nearly impossible to find. I love this jersey.