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  1. I personally have a very long and good business relationship with the Baron and he’s sold me nameplate material before so if he has any I know he’d do it for me. I can see if he doesn’t do it for one-time buyers though. I’ll have to ask him if he has any.
  2. Thank you, gentlemen. Anyone know if JB carries airknit material off the top of their head? I’ll have to find some black for the Pens on my own but CC should have everything for the Bruins. I’m just waiting on them to call me because they have to order all the materials. Apparently they haven’t done anything but adidas since at least the start of the new year.
  3. I made some calls to Custom Crafted and Pro Knitwear today because I want to send out a couple jerseys. One will be a rookie David Pastrnak Bruins Home 2.0 and the other a Phil Kessel Penguins Home 2.0 from his first season in Pittsburgh. The seasons should be 2014-2015 for Pastrnak and 2015-2016 for Kessel. I assume both customizers will have the specs on hand but any specifics I should ask for? Also, regarding the Kessel, Pro Knitwear said they don’t have the correct nameplate material and the guy I talked to didn’t remember what it was. Anyone know what it was for those Pens jerseys with the Vegas gold? If it’s EDGE material I’m hoping JB has some. Both being the on-ice customizers I trust I don’t need to worry about them coming out accurately too much but still wanted to check with you guys on specifics because I’ve not sent anything to either customizer before.
  4. Perfect, thanks! That looks more like the right place.
  5. Anyone have any experience with Elite Sportswear? The link in the OP seems to be broken for me; it doesn’t direct me to their site. I Googled them and there are a few that pop up so I’m not sure which is the one to go by. It seems like they’re located in Reading, PA unless I have the wrong one. This one advertises Gymnastics leotards and other sports-wear. Am I at the right place? From what the OP says, they’ve been the Oilers’ customizer for years. I have a Reebok home 2.0 all ready to send out that I really want to have made into a McDavid rookie so hopefully they are the place that did that season’s. If so, I’ll give them a call about getting it done.
  6. Me too, it doesn’t look like there’s any stitching on the outside. It seems like the Preds must have changed their customization at some point in time for the homes.
  7. Got my Subban jersey back from EPS today after about two months, just in time for the season to start! Overall I think they did a good job but I have one inquiry. I was under the impression that the Preds home lettering and numbers were sublimated with white stitching on only the outside layer. They did the white stitching on both the back and sleeve numbers but there’s no stitching at all on the lettering. Is this an error on their part? Looking on Predators Archives, it says the jersey letters were stitched as well as the numbers for the current home style, although that post looks like it was from at least a few years ago. It also says the roads were entirely sublimated. I don’t think he’s updated much since around 2015 so could it be they changed their homes to full sublimation around 2016? I did request it to be done to 2016-17 on-ice specs, as it is customized as that was the first season Subban played for Nashville. I found a photo of a Neal gamer from that season and to me it looks like the letters of that one match my Subban in that there isn’t any stitching and it’s just fully sublimated: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/james-neal-nashville-predators-2016-1928381501 I couldn’t find a clearer photo of the lettering but even though it’s Neal it was probably the same for Subban. Doesn’t it look like that’s fully sublimated? Just wondering if they did what I asked for or if I’ll have to get it fixed. If this fully sublimated lettering is correct, everything else looks fantastic and it really came out great!
  8. Thank you to the both of you. I spoke with someone at Stitches and it was white airknit. Again, I’ve never had a problem with sending cash to them. I usually type out instructions and fold the paper up with the cash inside when I send something out. Or you can always go money order if you feel better about that.
  9. Cash or money order only. Call them first to see what your total charge will be and you can include payment with the jersey. I’ve sent them cash before and have had no problems. They do a great job and turnaround time right now is about a week!
  10. Thanks for the input on the Preds jersey everyone. Good call that it wasn’t EDGE material. I ended up sending the jersey in this week and asked EPS to customize it to on-ice specs so I’m confident they’ll get it right without any more specifying on my end. Pretty safe since they did the on-ice ones. I also just sent my Stars Away to Blake’s last week and they said it’d only take a week to do, so my Klingberg should be close to done! Now that it’s summer I’m sending a few more in, including my Isles Stadium Series. Anyone know what the name plate material was on those? Was it EDGE? I searched for a few pictures and can’t quite make it out. In case you’re wondering, I’m doing a Tavares. I called Stitches today and they said they have everything needed. Maybe I don’t even need to specify and they’ll do it on their own since they did the on-ice ones? Just wanting to make sure before sending it in what the name plate was.
  11. Has anyone gotten a Predators 2.0 done by EPS recently? I’m going to send my Home 2.0 in to get customized as Subban (I know, he just got traded...but I like the player and for a long time couldn’t decide between him or Forsberg) and was wondering if anything specific other than 2016-2017 season on-ice specs should be asked for. I imagine they still have all the correct fonts. EDGE material nameplate was used on these as well, right? I’m also going to ask for that. I hope they still have them. Anything anyone else can think of? EPS is usually pretty good about not needing much information if you send them a team’s stuff they customized.
  12. Thanks! As always, you have the answer! I’ll give them a call tomorrow and see what their turnaround looks like. I’m optimistic it’ll be reasonably short.
  13. So they were the official customizer for all of 2007-2008? Do you know anything about materials needed for the 1.0s for that season? Was the nameplate matching 1.0 material?
  14. Does anyone know anything about Cutting Edge Sports and the Panthers? First post says they did the Panthers roughly between 1997 and 2016. I’m looking to get a 2005-2006 Nieuwendyk Panthers done up but am wondering if CES was the customizer for that season.
  15. Never thought of that. Maybe I’ll give it a try. It’d be cheaper than a lint shaver and probably just as good. Thanks! “Honey, can I borrow your razor? I need to...umm...clean a jersey.”
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