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  1. oiler99

    eBay version 4.0

    I had no idea that the Philadelphia Flyers moved to Winnipeg. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Team-Issued-Wayne-Simmonds-Winnipeg-Jets-Reebok-2-0-Away-Jersey-52-/122231445031?hash=item1c758fd627:g:mhMAAOSwB09YL05L
  2. oiler99

    My Jersey Collection

    Thanks guys. I've been away from collecting for a while but now I'm getting back into the hobby.
  3. oiler99

    Nameplates Needed

    I sent a message to Cutting Edge for the kit.
  4. oiler99

    Nameplates Needed

    Looking for a Crosby nameplate to a 2011-13 Pens third jersey (the one in the middle). I can get the numbers from Truman, just need a nameplate.
  5. oiler99


    Team issued Taylor Hall rookie jersey for $85. http://www.ebay.com/itm/AUTHENTIC-Edmonton-Oilers-Taylor-Hall-Road-White-Reebok-Edge-Jersey-58-NWT-/201238315690?hash=item2edabd02aa:g:J7cAAOSwg3FUh1p8
  6. oiler99

    It arrived today v.

    Took a break from collecting for a while, but I'm back now. My latest addition is Wayne Gretzky's 1996 World Cup White jersey.
  7. oiler99

    It arrived today v.

    I took it to a seamstress in my home town. Apparently she wasnt that good with sowing single letters to a jersey. I'd be happy to get it re-customized with somebody who can do it right.
  8. oiler99

    It arrived today v.

    2011-12 Nicklas Lidstrom Final Season Home. I'm still looking for the memorial patch to add to the jersey.
  9. oiler99

    Bands you have seen live

    Going to see Lynyrd Skynyrd next Tuesday in Helsinki. Can't really wait!
  10. oiler99

    Bands you have seen live

    Wow, what a treat it was to hear Reckless played live in its entirety. The album is a bona fide 80's classic. Bryan Adams has a lot of great 90's songs as well, like 18 til I Die and When You're Gone. One of the best nights ever.
  11. oiler99

    Bands you have seen live

    Speaking of Canadian rockers. going to see Bryan Adams live next Monday in Helsinki. Going to be a great trip back to my high school days.
  12. oiler99

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    I'm looking for a BM.RS.SL patch for a Red Wings home jersey. If anybody has a spare, let me know.
  13. oiler99

    It arrived today v.

    Thanks. I really love the look of those mid 90's Coyotes jerseys. I have a white one on the way, going to pick it up from the post office tomorrow.
  14. oiler99

    It arrived today v.

    1996-1998 Teppo Numminen Road
  15. oiler99

    Bands you have seen live

    Saw Elvis Presley's 70's backing band this Thursday. What a show! James Burton and Glen D. Hardin were in top form. There was a meet and greet after the show, I had the chance to meet both of these great legends. Memorable night all the way.