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  1. conroyfan22

    New Arrivals v6.0

    I can't tell if this is sarcastic or geniune...
  2. conroyfan22

    New Arrivals v6.0

    It was indeed my first time meeting him. Being that I'm on the east coast and he's spent most of his career out west, I've never really had the chance. So meeting him in one of my favorite local restaraunts was pretty incredible. When he signed it, he asked if I just wanted him to sign "cc22", because "If you want to sell it, a personalized autograph decreases the value..." As you can see from the picture, he personalized it...this jersey is never leaving my collection! My collection is nowhere near as impressive as most of the regulars on this board...but we all have to start somewhere, I suppose.
  3. conroyfan22

    New Arrivals v6.0

    This isn't technically a new arrival, but it's an addition to an old arrival, haha. Craig Conroy is in town this weekend, and his #7 jersey will be retired by Clarkson at tomorrow's game. I got a call from his aunt, who happens to be a very good friend of my mom, saying they were all at a local restaraunt. She invited me to come down, and bring my jersey, he would sign it. Craig was incredibly down to earth, and --no surprise to anyone who's seen his interviews-- very chatty! We talked for probably 10 minutes, and he signed my jersey. Awesome experience! A big thanks to Brilliant for the awesome work he did putting the sweater together-- Craig even commented on how impressive the work was!
  4. This Conroy Blues jersey has been on ebay for as long as I can remember. I've considered buying it numerous times but haven't due to a lack of money. Also, the stitching looks really poorly done. Can anyone confirm if it is a legitimate jersey with poor customization, or is it a fake? I'm not too worried about the autograph-- I want an autographed Conroy jersey, but I know his aunt, so I can pretty much get an autograph any time I want... :-) http://www.ebay.com/itm/ST-LOUIS-BLUES-22-Craig-Conroy-Signed-Stitched-Jersey-M-CCM-Free-Shipping-/140577070866?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item20bb0bdf12
  5. I'm from New York, way up north near the border (2 hours from Ottawa), but I really don't see too many jerseys. I've seen a few Sabres jerseys, I saw a Leafs jersey yesterday. In 2004, Flames jerseys were everywhere because Craig Conroy grew up here and bandwagon fans crawled out of the woodwork to support him and the Flames. I have also seen a lot of fair-weather fans at my university, mostly Rangers jerseys and hats.
  6. conroyfan22

    Would Never Wear?

    I would never wear a Canucks jersey. The ONLY reason I would wear a Canucks jersey is if Craig Conroy came out of retirement and somehow ended up with that hell-forsaken team. Other than that, I'm open to any jersey.
  7. I know for a fact Clarkson sells jerseys at the end of the season most years. This past season, they sold off their senior's jerseys for $150 each, with nameplates removed, unfortunately. I picked up a Bryan Rufenach (Red Wings prospect) jersey for $150, the #89 is still there, but no nameplate. They also occasionally auction off jerseys, such as the Pink in the Rink and other special games. Not sure what Brown does, though. (ps; Around the Bowl, down the Hole: Go Brown Go! :-P Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  8. Yep, same chain. They've got one in Syracuse, NY (the original, I think), Rochester, and Harlem. I've yet to go to the NYC one, but the other two are to DIE for. I've driven to 'Cuse (a 3hr drive) numerous times for no other reason than Dinosaur...LOL On topic, that Nords jersey is awesome...it's really grown on me recently. The fleur de lis on the bottom are sexy!
  9. Not only did I have a garbage plate, but we also walked to Dinosaur BBQ (all of 1 block from the Blue Cross Arena) and had some pulled pork and wings. I'd forgotten how much I miss Dinosaur! :-P
  10. A couple of friends and I drove to Rochester to see the Amerks play the Rampage (this was a couple of weekends ago) and I'm finally getting around to uploading pictures. We chose the Americans mostly because of their goalie, David Leggio-- he played NCAA hockey for Clarkson, and was a huge part of their team. It was also my friends birthday, and he really wanted to get something signed by Leggio for his birthday present. He made a sign that said "Let's Go Amerks!" on one half, and Clarkson's "CU" logo with "Let's Go Tech!" on the other half. We had seats on the glass by the hash-marks, and when Leggio was in our end, my friend banged on the glass during a stoppage-- Leggio looked over, and even through his mask you could see the look on his face. He also gave a fist pump with his glove. After the game, we waited by the tunnel in an attempt to meet him. Not only did we meet him, but he signed all our jerseys (there were 6 of us), signed my Clarkson hat (my friend took it off my head and gave it to Leggio, I didn't ask for it signed.) When Leggio saw the "CU" on the front, his jaw dropped and his exact quote was "Holy s***! You guys came here from Clarkson? No f***ing way!!" He talked with us for about 5 minutes, then excused himself "so I can go get chewed out by the coach" (it was a 4-1 loss, but not his fault. 3 cross-crease one-timers with no defense...). He told us to hang around for a bit, and about 5 minutes later he came back out, with his stick. He signed the stick and gave it to my friend, and then continued to shoot the breeze with us for another 10 minutes. All in all, it was an amazing experience...well worth the 6 hour drive through a whiteout! TL;DR-- I got an Americans jersey signed by David Leggio. Unfortunately, he signed my jersey on the mesh in silver sharpie...the autograph didn't show up well to begin with, and has since worn almost completely off.
  11. There's gotta be a Saurest out there somewhere...heck, Satan played hockey at one point... :-P
  12. I hear ya. I keep finding awesome jerseys for decent prices, but really have to hold myself back from buying them.

  13. If you EVER decide to sell or trade this jersey, PLEASE let me know! I loved watching Clitsome play for Clarkson, he was such a fun player to watch! That, and hearing the student section (which I had friends in at the time) chant "C-L-I-T-CL#T-SOOOOOME!" was awesome I plan on getting a Ben Sexton jersey when he graduates...his chant is "Give me an S! S! Give me an E! E! Give me an S! S! Give me a Ton! Ton! What's the spell? Sexton! Ton of s#x! Ton of s#x!
  14. That Crunch jersey is awesome. I may be a bit partial, since they're essentially my home-town AHL team (3hrs away from me)...but I friggin love their pre-edge jerseys and their edge jerseys. Some of the few edge jerseys I actually like. In other news, this just arrived today, customization courtesy of Brilliant! I'm thoroughly disappointed with the work he did...he didn't even transmute the jersey into pure gold or give me season tickets to The 'Dome! JK, JK. I'm impressed by the work he did, he even sewed the crest and shoulder patches without me even requesting it! Love the jersey, I'd definitely send future jerseys his way. My hope is to get Conroy to sign it next time he's in town, during the off-season...I'm sure the Flames will get an extra 6 weeks of vacation this year, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue
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