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  1. The Want List

    Not a jersey but I'm looking for one of these hats. The prices on eBay are ridiculous.
  2. It is good or not?

    Has there been a fake spotted before with loop stitched crest and shoulder patches?
  3. Official Stadium Series thread

    More info here. And they have murdered a classic logo.
  4. Official Stadium Series thread

    Here are the Hawks jerseys. Looks like the logo isn't loop stitched.

    Same seller listed a size 50 jersey for the same price.
  6. Error viewing attachements

    Every time I try to view an attachment on the forum (like in this post: ) I get an error saying "You do not have permission to view this attachment." with the error code #10171. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I need to adjust?
  7. It is good or not?

    Nameplate material definitely caught my eye. I didn't notice the shoulder numbers until you mentioned them but they definitely look a bit off too. Same seller has a blank one which might be the better option given the total of (admittedly) minor errors.
  8. It is good or not?

    I know the jersey is good, but is the customization correct? And I know the price is absolutely ridiculous but what would be a reasonable price?
  9. The Want List

    I'm looking to fill a hole in my collection and I've told myself this will be the last one I buy for a while but i'm looking for a Chicago Blackhawks, white, Edge 2.0 with the vector logo (I'll take a 1.0 too I guess), size 58-60, blank or Toews.
  10. It is good or not?

    I'm a few days late to this , but replica's didn't have shield on the neck. And the tags seem to match my replica (a close-up would be better for a more accurate comparison) which was bought at the Blackhawks store.
  11. It is good or not?

    Thanks for the responses. I'm familiar with the differences between authentic and replica jerseys of more recent vintages, but what are the differences between the two for these mid 90s jerseys aside from not having a fight strap?
  12. It is good or not?

    I know it is a replica, but is this legit? Does Locker Room Sports really have that much stock on a nearly 20 year old jersey or are these reproductions?