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  1. Both done up by Arena Wear. The Zucc is a 52 and McD is a 54. $250 shipped each.
  2. NYR130

    NYR130's For Sale Thread

    New Price
  3. NYR130

    NYR130's For Sale Thread

    Someone affiliated with either Nike or IIHF (don't remember) was able to get their hands on it then I won it in an auction on eBay. He had another one (navy blue) that was team issued for the women's team USA team so I was able to snag that one too. Ended up selling that to someone on here. But yeah that one and the one I am selling are the only two authentics I have ever seen that aren't game used.
  4. Team issued USA Sochi 2014 jersey size 60. Done up my Mike (Brilliant!) to become a McDonagh. Also have it on eBay. $500 shipped. Or best offer. $375 Shipped, because money. Lowest I'm going. I lied. $315 shipped. SOMEONE BUY
  5. NYR130

    Brad Hunt wearing vector logo?

    Didn't notice on Duclair but Kreids had a vector.
  6. NYR130

    Blues Debut New Jerseys

    Not bad but definitely liked those prototypes a lot better.
  7. NYR130

    It arrived today v.

    Thanks guys! Nope just a retail authentic from the Baron. Sleeves are normal size maybe it's the angled striped that make them look bigger or something.
  8. NYR130

    It arrived today v.

    Stadium Series Hank done up for me by Mike
  9. NYR130

    It arrived today v.

    Wow! Unreal international gamers. Mighty Ducks Teemu Ultrafil done up by Mike.
  10. NYR130

    It arrived today v.

    Stadium Series 2.0 from the Baron. Becoming a Hank most likely.
  11. NYR130

    It arrived today v.

    Got it from Jersey Baron.
  12. NYR130

    It arrived today v.

    Rangers Stanley Cup 2.0's Zucc Marty And Avs blank 2.0 becoming a Sakic
  13. NYR130

    2013-14 NY Rangers playoff sets

    I guess professional teams like Washington are too good for the postseason.
  14. Refs blew it. That game should not have gotten past the 3rd period. They completely missed the interference call to make it 4-3, along with some other calls. This is BS. Hate when the refs decide the outcome of the game.