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  1. The actual on-ice jersey will have the felt numbering with the internal stitching per the guy who designed them on Twitter. Which totally sucks as I found out after I ordered one from the Sabres (non-returnable as it's a custom jersey). It's just a really poor job by the Sabres selling something where the customization isn't even close to on-ice specs. I feel it's really quite misleading.
  2. I know the lettering changed between Set 1 and Set 2 last year, you could tell that the C & A changed, and the apostrophe in O'Reilly's name changed too. I didn't know if that was down to changing customizers or just font tweaks. Interesting to know it looks like it was a customizer change. Anyway, I just paid through the Arse and ordered one from the Sabres store which had what I needed ready to ship.
  3. Has anyone ordered a customized Sabres jersey from IceJerseys? How is it, is it accurate? Lomg story is that I ordered an authentic customized directly from Action Spot Sports 3 weeks ago. They just tell me they can't get authentics. So now I can either order from IceJerseys and hope it arrives by Christmas or kind of be out of luck. Any advice on Ice Jerseys Sabres customization? Thanks!
  4. I have an Indo Edge with neck laces and the lace is way too long compared to a Canadian made Edge 1.0 or 2.0, which I'm guessing is a common issue. Does anyone know of a source to get a lace nearer the length of the one found in the Canadian made jerseys?
  5. Cool, thanks for the reply. Stupid autocorrect messed up the thread title though.
  6. Just wondering if there are any Buffalo natives here? Do you know if they stock Canadian Edge 2.0s or Indo Edges in the store?
  7. You can take the jerseys to Monkey Sports in Santa Ana or Irvine as they send them to their warehouse for the customization to be done. Be warned though, if you didn't buy the jersey through them, they will charge $100.
  8. I had a black Lydman done by them just before the season started and they charged me $59.95. I went in late last week with this white jersey (for my wife, she wants Getzlaf) and my jaw hit the floor when the guy rang up $100 on the register, I said that's just too much and left. They said it's $59.95 for jerseys bought from them and $100 for jerseys brought in. So what do I ask for? Is it a white twill base layer with the black and gold layers on top?
  9. I'm looking to get a white Ducks jersey customized at EPS as when I took my jersey to Monkey Sports they wanted $100 for the customization which is just too steep a price in my opinion. Just to clarify, what do I need to ask for, in terms of kiss-cut/reverse kiss-cut etc in order to get it accurate? Thanks!
  10. What is the consensus on where to get the most accurate Sabres kit? I know NYBear do/did the on-ice product however they don't seem to want to deal with a individual as opposed to a company account. Stahls kits seem to be off (the chest/sleeve numbers aren't the correct ratio as they're elongated like the back numbers). Does anyone else have any suggestions/examples of accurate kits?! It's such a simple font but seems so hard to get correct.
  11. Has anyone bought an authentic from NHL.com recently? I was wondering whether they had received an Edge 1.0 or an Indo-Edge? On the jersey description it says you could receive either but I was wondering if there was a trend at all?
  12. Looking for current style (home, away or alt) Sabres jerseys in size 54 or 56.
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