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  1. hausera

    replica, semi-pro, authentic differences

    Game warden? Dictation error it should obviously say game worn. And while I am at it, the word should've been scam not scan
  2. hausera

    replica, semi-pro, authentic differences

    So you still don't believe me however? Had you asked I could've told you that I spent most of my collecting days on gameworn.net with over 1K posts under the name Psychoboy1. As far as my stooping so low to scan my way into this forum in order to sell a couple of jerseys? I sold my game warden collection at a Classics auction in which it was featured in. Is that enough for you? Because I can keep going on and on if you want. Or we can just get back to collecting and enjoy this hobby because life is too short and this is a good place
  3. hausera

    replica, semi-pro, authentic differences

    I can see the rules here pretty complicated. I should've read the more carefully. So I signed onto this forum in 2012. And I've posted before in between that time. You're telling me that I'm supposed to reintroduce myself? Where does it say that because I looked around and I don't see anybody reintroducing themselves? I can see that you have some pretty complicated rules. Not the forum's rules but yours. And you must be some sleuth to come up with a foolproof theory that if a person responds to older threads then they are just trying to sell their jerseys. I will not deny you your opinion. I respect that you have a point of view. And if that was your concern then I would encourage you to say something. But do it like a man. You have no right to talk to me or anybody like that. This place does not belong to you. Do you think it does?
  4. hausera

    replica, semi-pro, authentic differences

    I hope this wasn't your major accomplishment for the day. I had wanted to get more involved here and I had wanted to offer some jerseys up to trade. Not crap, but nice shirts. Nothing special, but stuff with a $400 value. I don't think that getting a post count up in order to sell is ethical or respectful to a collector forum. I think it's kind of sad just how unnecessarily childish your behavior is. I am sure that you won't understand this, but I know that others who read this will. I see someone who is claiming to protect the integrity and community interests to keep this forum a collector's forum where people can be friendly and do their hobby, being the very person that those rules, which are appropriate, are designed to keep out. I don't think you're being any better a community member than someone who would pretend they are one. I have no idea what you think a hobby is or what this forum really is for. I should tell you that the forum is not a tool that you can use to cope with your personal insecurities. It's selfish, kind of like someone who slinks their way in so in order to sell their inventory.
  5. hausera

    replica, semi-pro, authentic differences

    What do you mean? Because I'm having some trouble deciphering what it was about the question that got you so bunched up? Nevertheless, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and explain myself in more depth. I don't know much about authentic's and replicas and fakes. I know a lot about game used jerseys. I collected them for 30 years. I got interested in picking up some non-gamers as I had sold the collection and wanted to get back in and have a little fun. I have a Ray Borque vintage ccm old style jersey thats from the vintage replica series but it has a fight strap, is a size 52, and I think the material is a little heavier. I never see anything like that on a dealer site online. I see them pop up on eBay and don't know anything about them. I bought a Chinese fake once before and it doesn't look like those puffy numbers are used on the one I'm referring to. I don't like replica jerseys so because the so to speak authentic vintage style is well priced They offer a good option. I am looking right now at the mike bossy on eBay that is this similar to the bourque and so before I buy it I thought that it would be a good idea to ask the people hear about their opinions on that line of shirt. So I ask that you please forgive me. I'm new to this hobby and cant ask a question intelligently yet. Anyone thoughts and opinions would be valued thank you
  6. hausera

    From score to horror- Teams' best and worst jerseys

    these make me ill
  7. hausera

    Wendel Clark Hawks Pro Player...

  8. I notice that a pro player replica xl feels considerably smaller than a ccm replica xl
  9. hausera

    McFarlane Figurines

    I wish they would do enforcers. But there aren't any left so that ship has sailed
  10. hausera

    replica, semi-pro, authentic differences

    What's the story on the vintage authentic throwback jerseys? With those cursory fight straps?
  11. Have you ever tried one on? They give me the creeps and the length seems almost feminine
  12. Common fake is rubbing a puck to create a streak or whacking it with a black taped stick blade.
  13. I started off with gamers back in '84. Those little ads in SCD
  14. hausera

    How to spot a fake jersey!

    Are the retro vintage series authentic (sorta fight straps and number sizes) often faked?