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  1. Kreider isn't at fault at all, if anything he was the one who was faulted. I'm a Habs fan, yes - but I'm a hockey fan first. I've just been getting grief from a section of Rangers fans saying that EVERY Habs fan is a cry baby who is totally biased. We did well against the Bruins, and even I must give Price creedence for his performance. But we've been totally blown away by the 'Gers.
  2. I don't know what your price range is, d00de - but Tony Deluca is the man for masks. Here are his Drydens. The Vintage Goalie Mask Discussion Page has a lot of fantastic examples of his work.
  3. Hills, your post looks familiar... ModSquadHockey member too? Love the 2010-12, and yeah, that monkey is the stuff of nightmares. Reminds me of this movie:
  4. Most welcome! Too good a snag not to share on here.
  5. Well, shhh--! That is one fantastic haul, chow_hound! Especially digging the Cooper HH3000... Those things were built to LAST (hence why Bauer still manufacture them today under the 4500 name).
  6. Any luck with that '84-85 Leafs TMLFan/Slim? Noticed it's gone.
  7. OTTAWANS! Leafs 1984-85 authentic road for $25 on Kijiji (minus crest).
  8. Khimik Voskresensk (Voskresensk Chemists) is the team, pre-2005. Nowadays (since 2008), they are known as 'Atlant Moscow Oblast' and play in the KHL. Here's the white version: Some more info under 'Overview' here.
  9. 52 North Stars last road - a 42, a 44 & a 46 Rangers home up in that 'ish too.
  10. People are capable of changing the currency y'know, it's in pounds because I'm in the UK.
  11. For the smaller 'Hawks fan, 1990-96 46 Home.
  12. Totally with you on that. As WrathofAchilles said, it smells like victory. Even more so if you've only been able to afford replicas then you get a sweet deal on an authentic, regardless of if it's used or not.
  13. Sz. 48 Ultrafil Kings' Home added up top!
  14. You sir, have just won the internets. I want that to be my p0rn name.
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