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  1. Perfectly smooth purchase from 'thebiggoalie' on a Wolfpack jersey I've been looking at for far too long. Thanks, Tom.
  2. A running production change. I would suspect the later version resulted in some sewing labor savings, so the industrial engineer at the plant got the change approved by the manufacturer, and then it was implemented.
  3. Two-ply shoulder yokes. On one the stripe was attached to the outer ply prior to joining to the inner ply. On the other the stripe was sewn on after the two layers had been joined, and you can see the chainstitch showing.
  4. Everyone loves a grey Wolfpack jersey (and a blue Whale, too). Very nice, Tom.
  5. Yeah, just hanging out in the open on a rack like that. Amazing!
  6. Guess I'll need to get that Andy Bathgate jersey.
  7. That Talbot Whale.....nice catch....glad you were able to land that one! Your persistence paid off, finally being able to reel that one in. Congratulations!
  8. Sure. It's 2014. You should expect instant gratification.
  9. Great looking Phantoms jerseys. I've bought some myself to gift to my niece's husband; big Flyers fan, but what can I do? He's really enjoyed wearing them as an alternative to wearing the parent club's shirts. He was at MSG last night for the game, but I suspect he kept quiet and went in street clothes.
  10. http://auction.nhl.com/iSynApp/showPage.action?sid=1100803&pageName=profilePage&pgmode1=usahockey&pgmode3=timeleft_asc&navid=auctions-nav-usahockey=L
  11. Whale: Kreider Wolfpack: Hollweg
  12. Really like the look of that eggplant Ducks jersey. I'm not a fan of the team, but that great looking jersey prompted me to get a 2002-03 gamer for myself.
  13. Back in the day….mid 1960s…. The Rangers played nearly every Saturday on the road. Games televised to the New York area over WPIX; Winn Elliott and Bob Wolfe with the call. There were still plenty of B&W television sets out there. When they played in Boston, there wasn’t enough contrast between the Bruins gold jersey and the Rangers white to be picked up, so the Rangers would wear their home blue jerseys for those games.
  14. At least buy a roll of white. Too much to have in inventory to cover all the other colors.
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