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  1. Materials change over the years. Types of fight straps change. If you want 70s vintage, it takes looking for specifics that match those years so what you put in a frame is at least close to what you want it to look like. The color of the v-neck differs on Habs jerseys over the years ... if it is a laceup or not differs ... use of name on the back or not. Otherwise, just get an Edge or 6100 and call it a day.
  2. Because people dressed differently then. Look at video from the early years through about the 1960s ... suits, ties, dresses to sporting events. Those days were over by the late 70s and early 80s but it wasn't the anything goes of today.
  3. BPerkins

    2014 winter classic

  4. It can be argued that "an accurately customized 1.0 of a player who only wore 2.0" is not accurate. It comes down to what inaccuracies you are willing to tolerate.
  5. The fight strap attachment, the tagging, the lacing over the NHL shield ....
  6. http://gbcinternetenforcement.net/13-7181 My favorite comment about topnhljerseyscheap
  7. Same thing ... a gamer cut up into pieces then inserted into another object. Some of the jerseys in those wallets were gamers from Meigray.
  8. If you want a jersey to be accurate to what a particular player wore in a specific year, the details matter. Oilers and 2.0 don't go together until this season (maybe last). Most Preds have worn 2.0s for years, except certain players like Erat and O'Brien ... so it matters even as the league migrated from vectors to wordmarks. Even that is not 100% ... a few players wore vectors after the league transferred to the wordmark. The bigger question is are you trying to have accurate jerseys or jerseys that you think are more comfortable?
  9. You should have kicked him in the groin hard enough that he couldn't score against the Preds ... after he signed of course.
  10. shop nhl.com is using Fanatics in Louisville, KY for a lot of their customization. 40-60 hour weeks, no experience necessary for seasonal hires. Explains a lot of the quality control issues.
  11. BPerkins

    eBay version 3.0

    http://www.ahlstore.com/clearance/reebok-connecticut-whale-premier-away-jersey-3.html Apparently his research didn't take him to the AHL store clearance section.
  12. BPerkins

    eBay version 3.0

    So it's a size Reebok doesn't make with an upside down crest .... that doesn't make it a fake, does it?
  13. woodland MARPAT. As much as I like that teams do things to support the military and veterans' causes, I'm not really a fan of the camo jerseys .... not even the one the wife bid over $700 to win that hangs in my closet.
  14. BPerkins

    eBay version 3.0

    When the COA only covers that the jersey is "signed in person" and there is no sig then the buyer deserves the shame that goes with the fake "gamer".
  15. BPerkins

    eBay version 3.0

    The COA on the bogus Vinny states the autograph was done in his presence, it doesn't say a thing about the validity of the jersey itself.
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