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  1. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I do my footy guernseys chronologically. Home -> Clash (Road) -> Alternate -> Any one offs in the order they occurred per year. Same for the other sports I have multiples of too. I only have 3 hockey jerseys though, so that's pretty easy. I'm working on it though.
  2. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Rangers 2.0 3rd jersey - Purchased from Jersey Baron, customized by Arena Wear and then shipped all the way down to Oz.
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    I'm trying to do the same thing (Rangers 2012 ECF road jersey against your mob). Missed Boyle on a Facebook group for a steal last year. Fedotenko is on eBay at the moment but didn't love the guy. Looking for a bargain but wanting something very specific don't always work well together. Nice work.
  4. The Want List

    Finally added this to my signature and figured a post here would be worth it too: Currently searching for: Rangers EDGE jerseys in size 46 (MiC) Rangers 2012 Winter Classic retail (5100) in size S Rangers 2011-12 ECF Game Worn ROAD Jersey
  5. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Wallet permitting, I'll be a repeat customer too.
  6. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    For anyone playing along at home - I ordered my jersey from Jersey Baron and had it shipped to Arena Wear, so hopefully I'll have something cool to add to the Arrived thread in the next couple of months. Can't speak highly enough of the Baron. Great communication and worked with me dealing with his normal customizers to see if they could do what I'm after (close, but not quite) and then sent the jersey where I needed it to go.
  7. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Yeah, they did. There's authentic, and then there's just plain wrong/fake. On the fanatics "third-rate" replica, at least the NY patch and lettering style was consistent with the Rangers text with respect to materials and stitching.
  8. The Patch Thread 2.0

    That's not a legit patch though. Fanatics and Adidas had different NY patches from each other - but neither are like this. If you're desperate though, it might suffice.
  9. It arrived today v. 8.0

    We had the same thing down here in oz with our footy umpires being sponsored by OPSM (Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers).
  10. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Buuut ... It'd probably look like a Reebok 46 (template differences aside of course).
  11. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    That might work for a standard crest as you'd cover whatever marks were left behind. Not sure it would work with the Rangers lettering.
  12. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I get that I'm probably more stressed about this than I should be. It's a bit different with the Rangers where the "crest" actually takes up more vertical space. I'm just used to the letters starting at a certain point on my chest and ending down near my belt across a range of different makers on the smaller sizes - and that's how I like it.
  13. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Done. Thanks.
  14. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Still the smaller font lettering though? I can't imagine that would be easy to strip. In any case, mind sharing a couple pics? Makes me madder than it should that they've done this. Only consolation is it looks like the 46 MiC WCOH jerseys have the same sized crest as the larger sizes. Now I'm even more vested in the hope they eventually release retail versions of the actual on ice authentics (because obviously no chance to pick up a TI that small).
  15. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Thanks. I'll call next week if I don't hear anything by then.
  16. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Yeah. It's been two weeks since my first Arena Wear email and a few days since my second one. In the meantime, I've had back and forth with JB a few times, an under 24 hour response from Sports Lettering Company twice, and an under 24 hour response from Keener (related to a different project, but you get the idea). That's probably on the better side of what you can expect, but the lack of Arena Wear response isn't filling me with desire to pay an extra 10% for the privilege of using the team customizer, particularly on a simple font like the alternate jersey. Just my 2.57 Aussie cents.
  17. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    I'd like to ... However Arena Wear are yet to respond to me about whether they'll even ship to me, or what that will cost. The difference as it stands is about $20 on the customization plus whatever their shipping is to me is minus $20 (JB's rate), plus whatever (if anything) JB charges to ship to Arena Wear. If you saw the abomination I've lived with for the last 6 years, you'd know I can accept less than perfect ... Especially when the trade off is good customer service, not just $$ savings.
  18. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    As a 46-er, it makes me irrationally mad that they put kids crests on a 46. There's room. Use it.
  19. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Nah, not too late. Still deciding on whether to go Home or 3rd (and if I go 3rd, the lettering for those is pretty standard so JB/Sports Lettering could probably just do the lot and save a ton of hassle). I'm not fussy enough to want exact specifications, as I'm a 46, so it never looks "on ice" anyway because of how squished together things get. Buuuuut .... having the right font and materials is certainly something I'd like to chase.
  20. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Desharnais wore a 52 preseason and went up to 54 (for the Winter Classic at least). I read on a different forum that Zuccarello did the same thing but that was more due to a shortage/lack of supply of 54s - that's only hearsay though.
  21. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Thanks for the advice guys. Now to put a plan together and work out how much it's all gonna cost. At least the AUD is rebounding a bit.
  22. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    Will they do that? Both JB to Arena Wear and then Arena Wear all the way here? Is it a weird thing to ask Jersey Baron to do? I'd be concerned about instructions getting lost/confused and I'm also wanting it double patched (shoulder 90th and NHL 100th). I'm a 46 so nothing will look "on-ice" cos the back gets jam packed, and so while it might be a bit blasphemous around these parts - close enough is probably good enough. I only started asking about the nameplate because my only other "authentic" is a 1.0 that had been stripped and re-customized prior to me getting it and the nameplate is none of the materials on the jersey or airknit and is a completely different blue :/ Jersey Baron (or his customizer) uses edge namplates, so that's at least a start. Cheers.
  23. Edge Name Bars

    Thanks a lot. I did see that tag, but still couldn't work it out. Appreciate it.
  24. Dealing with Jersey Baron

    That would be my preferred route, except that I'm in Australia, so in order to not cost a fortune I'm kind of stuck purchasing already customized (new or second hand) - and being a 46 my options are pretty limited.
  25. Edge Name Bars

    Hopefully not too off topic .... But when someone refers to an "edge" name bar, what material is edge? I'm obviously a newbie (long time obsesser, first time buyer) and I've tried digging through old posts but all the photos are gone - thanks Photobucket. I have a Rangers 1.0. Which, if any, if the materials on that are edge? Shoulders, front, or back? Should a 1.0 have an edge name bar? What about a 2.0? Thanks.