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  1. Five years ago, I made an account on this website because I had a lot of jersey questions. I couldn't tell a China jersey from a real jersey. But with the help of users on this website, I learned a lot. And when I wanted to buy a real jersey (not a premier) I was linked to some pretty awesome, legitimate, jerseys on ebay. I bought two Blackhawks jerseys (one home and one away) and I get so many compliments! People are always asking me where I got my jersey, and complimenting the embroidery. It's pretty awesome. They were actually advertised on ebay as Reebok edge 2.0s but when I got it checked out by William the jersey guy at the United Center, he told me it was a 1.0 But it was real nonetheless. Idk I guess I just wanted to say thank you -if anyone from 2012 is still around, thank you. This is my first time logging in since then haha.
  2. But I agree, they should try to find a way to have at least one home and one away game with each team. The season would probably go into July but I can dream lol.
  3. Sorry about that, I'm always worried about my topics being relevant enough for other forums, and I figured this was like the free for all place haha.
  4. Haha I won't judge you if you do! I probably laughed way too hard at the video.
  5. I'm kind of upset the Blackhawks have no home games with the Habs or Caps. Those are the two teams I wanted to see most at the United Center. But if I get tickets to any game I guess I can't complain. And I feel like they're playing Columbus an unnecessary amount of times. I didn't get a good look at the whole thing though. Are you happy with your teams schedule?
  6. I really think Chicago has the best looking jerseys. But I might be biased. The only jersey I really don't like, well it's not even the whole jersey, but I hate the name font the Flames use.
  7. I didn't even realize we were talking about two different things haha. My family has Mediacom and they are so terrible in this area I wouldn't even consider getting any extra packages from them -NHL or not. But I was referring to the online one. If anyone has it for ps3 please let me know how it is!
  8. If I get it at least I'll be able to watch the Habs lose in hi def.
  9. Well s***. That's kinda lame. I feel like between baseball, football, and hockey, Chicago needs another sports station. Schedule conflict doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it definitely sucks since the Hawks are always the ones gettin the boot. But it makes sense for game center to be for out of area games.
  10. How often do the blackouts occur? I live about 2 hours away from Chicago, I hope it wouldn't be an ongoing problem. But thanks for the replies! I'm glad to hear it is worth it. Definitely something I'm considering in the fall.
  11. I was wondering if anyone had this and if it is worth the money. I noticed it's available on PS3 and I figured it would be nice (and easier) to watch the games on there for the occasions when CSN decides to bump the Blackhawks for the Bears. And I could watch other teams without the hassle of finding a reliable link on the web. (I've streamed a few Habs games before, the picture quality was that of a bootleg movie filmed by shaking hands.) But I think it's like $200 a year which in the long run wouldn't be bad, but it's not a top financial priority for me right now. I haven't read much into it but I wanted to get your opinions. Thanks in advanced!
  12. I don't think anyone parties harder than Kane. Publicly at least. He needs to live with Stan Bowman again. Maybe then he will remember that he's not in a fraternity.
  13. Don't try to go too fast too soon. You will fall. Tie your skates tight. I used to ice skate when I was younger and I recently started again in the past few years. But we don't have a rink around here so I have to wait until the canal freezes over during winter, so I don't get much practice. I would suggest using a hockey stick or shovel to keep your balance at first, but if you're at a rink they'll most likely have railings. It's very fun! I hope you enjoy it
  14. Don't be sorry. Everyone has their own opinion and I do see your point of view. But I would look forward to watching him.
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