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  1. Hello all, I'm offering this one for sale. Asking price 250usd plus shipping. What I've understood that should be a good price. I'd rather make a deal directly with other collectors' than list it on ebay. But if there's no takers, that where this one will end up. 80s white CCM Maska jersey. Complete with fight strap. Maska tag on neck has 48 written on it with ballpoint pen. Found this locally here in Finland. Original owner said he bought it in 80s while visiting US. Doesn't remember ever wearing or washing it. Few very light stains from being stored. Nothing that won't come off in wash. Other than that, it's like new. Crisp clear color, no pilling, no holes, no flaws. Amazing condition for 30 year old jersey.
  2. Found this one here locally. Original owner had bough it in 80s on vacation to USA. Doesn't remember wearing it ever. And based on condition of logos etc. I don't think it has ever been washed. Probably from mid 80s I think. Maska tag on neck has 48 written on it with ballpoint pen. Not planning to keep this as my focus is on game worn jerseys.
  3. wait what... From local Craigslist. http://www.tori.fi/pohjois-savo/MIGHTY_DUCKS_KARIYA_fanipaita_17592031.htm?ca=16&w=3
  4. Yea, thanks I did find Draper jersey on bay. I've also found few pics of Brodeur in Worldstars jersey and customization and details look 100% match. I've been trying to find if there's exceptions and in some games they might have used shirts without sponsor patches. But right now it seems clear that at these weren't at least widely sold to public.
  5. So I received Marty Brodeur Worldstars jersey I was talking about late last week. It is in fact size 58 goalie cut. Still haven't been able to find much about these shirts. There was one pro jersey sold in NHL auctions last summer. It was customized as Brodeur, but wasn't goalie cut and didn't have captain C (even though description said it is similar that Marty would have worn). Description also said that shirts were never available for public. Anyways, here's better pics of the shirt. Still: if someone has any info about these, it is highly appreciated.
  6. I made a purchase from local "craigslist". Sorry for the poor pictures, I haven't received actual jersey yet. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any feedback on it. It really doesn't fit my collection but made a purchase because it was too interesting and odd to pass. So what we have is authentic Reebok jersey, size 58. I'm thinking it's a goalie cut, but not 100% before I receive the shirt. Team is Worldstars, the team bunch of NHL players toured in Europe during NHL lockout 04-05 season and played exhibition games. Based on info I found they played like 7 games late 2004. I tried to find information regarding these shirts, but didn't really find much. Were pro shirts even sold to public? Compared to pictures I found Brodeur from these games name and numbers seem to be exact match. It even has the captain C that you rarely see on goalie shirts Any input and info would be appreciated.
  7. Not sure if any one here is intrested, but here's what I I have available: two vintage Jofa 235 51 model helmets available for trade. Better known as "Gretzky model". Both helmets are all original. With original straps, screws, padding etc. still intact. First one is blue (Oilers color). Has the original JOFA decals (bit worn). Helmet is worn, but in good condition. Not broken or anything missing. Some minor surface scrathes. Second one is white (can be customized to Rangers, Kings, Oilers, Team Canada...). Original JOFA decals on sides. Helmet is almost like new. Only flaw is small red discoloration on chin strap. These tend to reach good prices on ebay, but rather than selling them I'd like to get something nice in trade. I'm looking for nice authentic Gretzky jersey. Also might be interested of Selänne, Kurri or Tikkanen shirts... Basically open to any interesting trade offers. If you have any question or need additional pictures, please feel free to contact me directly: ilkka_tynkkynen[ät]saunalahti.fi
  8. Yea that's too bad. Unfortunately I think all of the gw all star jerseys from this era are signed as it was custom for players to autograph them right after the game.
  9. Got few new ones as part of the bigger lot. These three really don't fit to my collection, so they'll end up on for trade/sale list. 00-01 Springfield Falcons AHL game issued jersey #20 VAANANEN. SP, size 56. 1999 NHL All-Star game worn jersey. World Team #27 NUMMINEN. Signed. CCM size 56. 09-10 Florida Panthers blue home jersey. 2009 NHL Premier Helsinki. #24 McCabe Game worn/issued. Reebok/CCM size 58
  10. I have been able to photomatch fair share of Jokerit game worns in my collection. I still feel like one in above the others. It's because of the historical value of the jersey and due to the fact that photo material from Finnish Elite league from that era is very very limited. From 72-73 season. Game worn Jokerit home jersey #19, worn by goalie Jorma Valtonen. Jokerit won franchise's first championchip during that season and jersey is photo matched to picture of post game celebration. Another cool match that I want to show. Although it's not jersey and item is no longer in my posession. Wayne Gretzky game used Team Canada stick from 1982 WC games held in Helsinki Finland. Used in game against Germany. Story of the stick is cool too. Young boy received it from Wayne after the game and got it signed. After that it was burried in basement closet for almost 30 years before I aquired it in 2011. Even more amazing is that his basement had been broken into several times over the years. But never any of the burglers gave second look to old sprayed out hockey stick. Eventhough it most certainly was most valuable item in there
  11. ilkka

    New Arrivals v6.0

    I try to focus my collecting on game worn Jokerit jerseys, but every "once in a while" I find my self wondering on side tracks. During my slip ups I have build little Kari Lehtonen collection. Here's two new additions: Dallas Stars home jersey. Reebok size 54. Second one: 09-10 Atlanta Trashers white game issued. From MeiGray program. Reebok size 58 goalie cut And I know this is for new arrivals, but I still want to take time to show other Lehtonen jerseys currently in my collection: 2002 game worn Team Finland jersey. U20 WCJ. Nike, 58G 00-01 Jokerit A-Juniors (U20 junior team) game worn home jersey. Name plate removed. GEP size XL Chicago Wolves. CCM Goaliecut
  12. What it comes to game worn equipments, I think most shout after are used goalie mask. Certainly not that common but there are good amount floting around in hobby and if you check ie Classicauctions they do get auctioned off regurlarry. I think modern day (90s/2000) NHL masks start from 1000 usd and usually end up being in price range of 1500-3500. Vintage stuff is of course different thing. In example Grant Fuhr's Oilers mask from 80s was recently sold for 20000. I feel that maybe goalie equipment in general is more widely collected than skaters' stuff. Blocker+glove combos can fets some pretty decent prices as well as worn pads. As long as I've been part of the game worn hobby, sticks seem to hold their popularity. Those are videly collected. Like in jersey, price range is huge. While you can pick up some used NHL wood from 90s for 20-30 bucks some of the modern sticks go for insanely high prices. Like some examples mentioned in this topic. It always keeps suprising me how high prices people are ready to pay on modern day sticks. I mean players use ton of them. Not that hard to come by. Of course retail value is much higher on composites but still... Sweetest stick I have ever owned was 1982 Wayne Gretzky stick used in World Championship tournament held in Helsinki. It was signed and photomatched. It would have been cool thing to keep, but it was bit too pricy item for my collection.
  13. ilkka

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Nice to see your Salmat shirt finally arrived. Although it looks pretty lonely without the blue version
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SIDNEY-CROSBY-2008-WINTER-CLASSIC-NHL-HOCKEY-JERSEY-REEBOK-AUTHENTIC-54-/111115824683?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item19df04ee2b#ht_159wt_1141 It's great that guy especially wants to point out in item description that "There are many "knock-offs" and imported replica jerseys to be found in the market today".
  15. ilkka

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Bringing something unsuaual to the table. Might not be the prettiest of them all, but at least rare and interesting one. Team is now defunct Finnish club called Kirkkonummen Salamat. Season is 02-03. Most interesting aspect how ever is the player who wore the shirt. Gordie How of women's hockey, Haley Wickenheiser. She spend two seasons in Finland playing few dozen games in mens' league.
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