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  1. I see some really awesome jerseys have been posted lately! Since Reebok-era, I'm now only missing 3 styles of Oilers jerseys: - 2008-era AWAY - Reebok Edge 2.0 Retro-style AWAY - Reebok Edge 2.0 ORANGE But I also have both versions of the jersey style (air-knit) the Oilers wore in the 06 playoffs! Not a very big deal I guess, but I did get this last week from JerseyBaron:
  2. Is it alright if I ask how much all of this could be worth? A friend of a family friend is in need of cash and wants me to sell this stuff for him. I take it that it's not worth much, eh? Except MAYBE the McDavid card? In any event, what would be a fair price to sell these individually for on eBay? Thx. And yes, unfortunately the jerseys are just replicas, but new with tags, I believe. Hallsy is autographed, Yak-attack is not.
  3. No one has any idea how much my 2002-03 Set #3 Horcoff could be worth? I could be wrong, but I'm inclined to believe it would be worth A LOT since it's old, was used in playoffs, and most Horcoff jerseys on Meigray are selling between US $400-$600. Thanks, and sorry if it seems like I'm nagging for answers!
  4. Got this today. How much do you suppose it's actually worth? I got it for $265 USD. It has a lot of game damage and is from the 2003 playoffs. I've tried photo or video-matching it. Not any luck. Could use help there lol.
  5. How does a CCM-style Reebok 6100 jersey, 58G comapre to a regular 58? And still looking for the Canucks 2.0 Sedin jersey ;-)
  6. Exactly. Hmmm. Thanks guys. But any more options?
  7. I have a friend looking for a team-issued Canucks 2.0 Henrik Sedin (Home). Size 56. A jersey that can be stripped is acceptable. Any ideas? Thx.
  8. Wanted to show my starting collection as I had two jerseys arrive from being crested at EliteSportswear just yesterday. The Nurse is probably my most impressive jersey since it's an official TI he would have worn. But I wonder how much the McDavid would go for on Ebay? Thanks for L@@KING!
  9. Does anyone know what kind of job Elite Sportswear will do on a Bruins 2.0 white? My friend and I sent in some jerseys for cresting. I've just been informed by Elite Sportswear that they cannot do 100% NHL standard customization on Bruins jerseys. They say it will come close though. Would you advise us to proceed? Or is there some place better to go to?
  10. Wow! Didn't know that. I wonder if I should just leave it blank then.
  11. Thanks. Who would you recommend I put on it then? Would Smyth work?
  12. I'm thinking about Pisani on this 2.0? But did he ever wear that as a 2.0? Was originally thinking about Gagner, but who knows how long he'll be around for.... and he hasn't done much for the Oilers. Thanks! 🙂
  13. I think the 60 is a bit of a bigger fit, and is definitely a bit longer. But I'm a big guy, losing weight, but 280 lbs right now. For some reason I prefer the fit of the TI, especially the feel of it on my body. And I'm not just saying that because it's TI. I forgot to say that the TI absolutely feels way more durable, like you could do more in it. I just can't believe I now have an actual TI Darnell Nurse. Was pricey for me... $350 USD + Shipping, I'll never spend more than that on a jersey as long as the Canadian dollar stands where it is. Mine is set #1, 2018-19. I guess Nurse was injured at the beginning of last season? I wasn't paying attention at that point. And... LOL... last night this lady who I know mouthed me off and said I shouldn't turn the white TI that I stripped into a McDavid. She thinks I'll try selling it to pass it off as McDavid's actual TI jersey. Why would I do that when I've worn it? Sure it could get a big return even so, but I've removed the game worn tags from it!
  14. Thought this could be helpful. Sorry I don't take the best pics. These pics do not do justice in showing the difference between the jerseys. And a lot of the difference is in the FEEL of the jersey, not in the look.
  15. Thanks everyone for all the advice that was given to me! I stripped the white Oilers team issued. You can view pics of how it turned out here:
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