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  1. StayFrosty

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Wanted to show my starting collection as I had two jerseys arrive from being crested at EliteSportswear just yesterday. The Nurse is probably my most impressive jersey since it's an official TI he would have worn. But I wonder how much the McDavid would go for on Ebay? Thanks for L@@KING!
  2. StayFrosty

    It is good or not?

    Does anyone know what kind of job Elite Sportswear will do on a Bruins 2.0 white? My friend and I sent in some jerseys for cresting. I've just been informed by Elite Sportswear that they cannot do 100% NHL standard customization on Bruins jerseys. They say it will come close though. Would you advise us to proceed? Or is there some place better to go to?
  3. StayFrosty

    Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    Wow! Didn't know that. I wonder if I should just leave it blank then.
  4. StayFrosty

    Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    Thanks. Who would you recommend I put on it then? Would Smyth work?
  5. StayFrosty

    Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    I'm thinking about Pisani on this 2.0? But did he ever wear that as a 2.0? Was originally thinking about Gagner, but who knows how long he'll be around for.... and he hasn't done much for the Oilers. Thanks! 🙂
  6. StayFrosty

    Pics! Oilers Adidas Home: Indo Vs. Team Issued Comparison

    I think the 60 is a bit of a bigger fit, and is definitely a bit longer. But I'm a big guy, losing weight, but 280 lbs right now. For some reason I prefer the fit of the TI, especially the feel of it on my body. And I'm not just saying that because it's TI. I forgot to say that the TI absolutely feels way more durable, like you could do more in it. I just can't believe I now have an actual TI Darnell Nurse. Was pricey for me... $350 USD + Shipping, I'll never spend more than that on a jersey as long as the Canadian dollar stands where it is. Mine is set #1, 2018-19. I guess Nurse was injured at the beginning of last season? I wasn't paying attention at that point. And... LOL... last night this lady who I know mouthed me off and said I shouldn't turn the white TI that I stripped into a McDavid. She thinks I'll try selling it to pass it off as McDavid's actual TI jersey. Why would I do that when I've worn it? Sure it could get a big return even so, but I've removed the game worn tags from it!
  7. Thought this could be helpful. Sorry I don't take the best pics. These pics do not do justice in showing the difference between the jerseys. And a lot of the difference is in the FEEL of the jersey, not in the look.
  8. StayFrosty

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Thanks everyone for all the advice that was given to me! I stripped the white Oilers team issued. You can view pics of how it turned out here:
  9. StayFrosty

    How To STRIP A JERSEY 101

    Thought I'd show off the strip I did on an Oilers Adidas team issued. As I was advised, it worked flawlessly! I'm so happy. And thanks for all the advice that was given to me regarding my jerseys. You cannot see from my pics, but a tiny bit of residue and folds are left from where the numbers were. I'm going to get this crested as McDavid at Elite Sportswear, and in the past they've ALWAYS removed such issues before cresting. But I have to say, this strip actually looks cleaner than any strip I've done before with Reebok jerseys. Here are pics of the jersey BEFORE the strip: Now, the seam ripper I had broke when I slipped on my bed. So I had to use something else. I took the risk. I'm not sure I'd recommend anyone else do what I did, but it did work with no issue. I'm not even sure what this tool is called: Is what I ended up doing, getting the job done very quickly, was looping the tool through a bunch of threads at once, and then ripping them all at once. It took so much strength that I had to sort of poke the tool onto something hard and use the hard surface as leverage to rip the seams. This method got the job done quite quickly. Hope I'm making some sense in explaining this!
  10. StayFrosty

    "Hockey Music" ?

    What constitutes "Hockey Music"? I like lots of the music at the games and etc. I've been listening to the complete collection of the video game music from NHL 02 - NHL 19. I like most of it. Can anyone recommend similar music? Sometimes I need something a little lighter than Black and Thrash metal...
  11. StayFrosty

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    What was the fight strap stitching like on the MIC team stock with retail tags? Double? or Single? Any way, I just ordered a Darnell Nurse Adidas Orange TI jersey. When I get it, I'll post pics. But... $530 CAD shipped :-( Will probably owe customs fees, too. I'm gonna get my white one crested with McDavid in a couple weeks. Also, I will sell my McDavid Indo some time this season, when hopefully it will sell for more than it would now.
  12. StayFrosty

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Not sure, are a lot of you guys willing to collect Adidas Indo jerseys since the MIC jersey is so hard to come by? Obviously, the Fanatics jersey is out. Total garbage from what I've heard. And the Reebok 2.0's were/are good, but I don't like the collar on them compared to Adidas, and I want what I collect from here on in to be current and modern. For Oilers, my team, I also really like their current orange jerseys, more than any Reebok home jerseys they've had.
  13. StayFrosty

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Yep I'll strip myself. I've done like 3 or 4 in the past. Also I'll get it crested by Elite Sportswear. They always seem to remove any extra residue for you and also iron out any creases.
  14. StayFrosty

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Cool, thanks for your support. I just was being sort of lazy, and thought no one would be interested until I get the jersey crested with a good, relevant player! This has so far cost me $320 CAD from the time of purchase, to when it got to me (customs fees).
  15. StayFrosty

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    If anyone wants to see pics of the Oilers team-issued Adidas jersey I just got, let me know. If not, I will be posting pics once I strip it and get Draisaitl on it. I still like the Indo version I got, but this is higher quality for sure. Indo feels more like a Reebok 1.0 to me. Eventually I will collect teams other than Oilers. But as I say, I don't mind Indo. I would only collect TI though if it wasn't for the fact they can be hard to find for other teams.