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  1. "I don't need that jersey --- or that jersey's too expensive. But, if I sold my x-jersey for $125 and my y-jersey for $150, and if I could sell my z-jersey for $100 then it would be basically like an even trade". Purchase justified (jerseyfied), and jersey x, y, and z never get listed anywhere.
  2. I can't believe this thread has gone on this long without an Avs fan coming on and ripping into the aprons. The piping on the Avs' Edge jerseys is absolutely horrible. I love the avs and I love jerseys, but I swore I would never buy or wear any incarnation of the stupid apron looking Edge jerseys - and it's allowed me to build a nice little collection of vintage Avs jerseys - 'cause I mean NEVER. I'm so glad they finally went to a new alternate jersey - something I would actually wear. Now they just have to make some noise in the playoffs once in a while to justify dropping the coin on an authentic alternate.
  3. Try here for comparison photos: http://www.eddiesjerseyroom.com Eddie's a pretty nice guy, too. May be able to help with dimensions.
  4. ROR looks good, Jay. Hope he stays too, but if I had to bet on it, I'd say we'll have him for about a season and a half or so.
  5. Do it anyway. As long as the patch is a good repro it'll still look great. Unique piece that you know no one else will have & perfect jersey for the passing of the torch from Forsberg to Landeskog. If I even remotely liked the Edge jerseys, I'd have already done one. Hell, if teams still wore white at home and the jersey was a white I'd probably already have one done.
  6. Nice McGinn, Enzo. The rips in that thing are crazy. Well done.
  7. Duchene looks great! Easy photomatch, too. Nice pickup.
  8. Thanks Gary, they really are beautiful. I think the Avs back in the playoffs this year re-ignited my love of the Starters. Now if I could only find a ProPlayer in a 48!
  9. Thanks guys. It is a starter mesh plate. I scored a pretty trashed jersey a while back for like $40 & using it for plates. Here's what I know of the Avs jersey history & construction - mostly from http://www.eddiesjerseyroom.com/ and personal conversations with folks at Denver Athletic and the Avs trainer (who was at DA one day when I was there picking up a jersey) * '95/96 First generation number font, some asymmetrical letters- 3 layer stacked - probably lettered by Starter (This is just my personal assumption. Anyone with info to the contrary - I'd love to hear what you know) * '96/97 First generation font, no more asymmetrical letters, slight changes to other letters as well - Some form of kiss cut number construction, no longer 3 layer stack - Still probably lettered by Starter......Until around the playoffs, when gamers appear with one number 1st gen. font and the other 2nd gen. font (mostly #1s in 2nd gen) on the same jersey. Then for the playoff jersey set the numbers all changed to 2nd gen. font- presumably still kiss cut - and possibly due to lettering contract being taken over by someone else (again, anyone with more info, please......) * '97/98 Full 2nd generation number font - still kiss cut - not sure who lettered the jerseys. From a conversation I had with Nate at Denver Athletic they never kiss cut until the Edge jerseys and he couldn't remember when they took over the contract for the Avs, so if '97/98 gamers are kiss cut it makes sense to assume that DA didn't do these jerseys * '98/99 2nd gen font - All 3 layer stack and presumably due to the change in construction this must have been when DA took over. * '99/00 ProPlayer jerseys, same construction as previous year * '00/01 CCM/Koho jerseys, same construction * Nate at DA says they didn't start kiss cutting numbers until Edge jerseys started, but I've heard elsewhere that they started doing it when Reebok took over. So, there you go. That's what I know (or think I know).
  10. Yup, you're right. Maybe that's why IIHFJC said they weren't available. I've never seen authentics with the laces - only replicas. What I have must be what Mike said - holdovers from '02. I plan to put laces into the collar of mine. I didn't think of that when I originally responded. Apologies.....
  11. 2006 Nike authentics are available. I have 2 of the blue Sweden versions. Fight straps, double elbows & shoulders, numeric sizing and all. They pop up on Ebay. Just search "Sweden Jersey". IIHFJC is right though, 2010 Swift jerseys by Nike weren't available at retail.
  12. No doubt! Awesome pickup. Surprised Jiggy didn't want to keep that one for himself - last NHL game and all. Love the gamers with historical significance. Well done.
  13. Let's hope not. Especially if O'Reilly bitches it up again - like it seems he's started. Looks like Stastny wiped up some spilled grape juice with his sleeve there, too. Great jersey!
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