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  1. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    Somehow completely missed that Ghost Bear jersey from the picture you sent me! What an awesome jersey!
  2. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    Been a while since I posted here but here are a couple new pickups. Big shoutout to flyersfan376 for helping a fellow Flyers fan stuck in the wrong half of the state. Sean Couturier Flyers 2.0 Alternate Matt Read Phantoms 2.0 Alternate
  3. Girouxsalem

    Girouxsalem's Sale Thread

    Long overdue bump
  4. Girouxsalem

    eBay version 4.0

    Lol http://m.ebay.com/itm/SIDNEY-CROSBY-87-PENGUINS-CANADA-DYED-RED-AUTHENTIC-REEBOK-HOCKEY-JERSEY-sz-54-/400959653062?_trkparms=aid%253D222007%2526algo%253DSIC.MBE%2526ao%253D1%2526asc%253D20150519202348%2526meid%253Dc16ab81bdef74f978140ca94c2261583%2526pid%253D100408%2526rk%253D1%2526rkt%253D20%2526sd%253D331612056589&_trksid=p2056116.c100408.m2460
  5. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    That G's a beaut
  6. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    Thinking about Matt Read with the number 10 but still not a definitive choice.
  7. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    Adirondack Phantoms alternate jersey
  8. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    That Carkner is schwanky.
  9. Girouxsalem

    Free agency 2015

    greenlife52 to Detroit
  10. Girouxsalem

    NHL Team Customizers

    Let us know
  11. Girouxsalem

    NHL Team Customizers

    Much appreciated, my man
  12. Girouxsalem

    NHL Team Customizers

    Anyone have any experience with Elite Sports Wear? Thinking about sending an Oilers jersey in
  13. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    Awesome pickups in the last few pages gents!
  14. Girouxsalem

    It arrived today v.

    Those Sens Heritage jerseys are beauts. They should really take them and their current alts and make them the primary home and away jersey.
  15. Girouxsalem

    Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    Got a spare Flyers Alternate 2.0. Thoughts on players? I was thinking Raffl, Couturier, or Mason.