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  1. xahlgoalie's jerseys for sale

    More Patches $15-$25 each
  2. xahlgoalie's jerseys for sale

    Old Wilkes-Barre number kits. Will sell individually. Best Offer
  3. xahlgoalie's jerseys for sale

    Teammates for kids patches are all gone. ABC only 4 left.
  4. xahlgoalie's jerseys for sale

    For some reason it won't let me send you a message. Send your email to xahlgoalie@me.com
  5. Help is appreciated.......

    The wings is 54 but arms and cuff could be goalie cut. Not sure The canes has the CCM logo to left of NHL logo on bottom hem.
  6. Help is appreciated.......

    Who's better than you?
  7. Help is appreciated.......

    Thanks LAK
  8. Help is appreciated.......

    Also found this.... looking into it now before I post for sale.
  9. Help is appreciated.......

    Just found this one... Has what look to be puck marks but I cant tell and there is is glue where the nameplate was. Its numbered 35 on back and sleeves. Any ideas????
  10. xahlgoalie's jerseys for sale

    Had JSA authenticate this. 200 or bo
  11. Help is appreciated.......

  12. The feedback thread

    Your welcome. Anytime.
  13. The feedback thread

    That was my point cowboys. I sold it for less to be a good guy. Next time I'll know better.
  14. The feedback thread

    lol. Thanks for the support Mnwild
  15. The feedback thread

    I wasn't sure what thread to post this so I'll just post here. Since I have joined IJ I have been in contact with a lot of great guys (mostly) and have done some kind of deal with I think just about everyone. I have sold everything for less than I am asking on eBay as a courtesy for the help on some of my items and for members. I have even agreed to some trades that are not so good for me just to get someone something they want. But I gotta tell ya. When I sell something for less than its worth just to be a nice guy and then see it on eBay for almost double what I sold it for, it doesn't sit well. By no means am I trying to be an a--hole about it but that's just not right. Don't ask me for a deal to resell my stuff to make money. Sorry but I had to get that out there. . Thanks