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  1. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    I am trying to search by that group but, cannot find it on fb. I swear I was a part of it too. Can someone please message me the name of one of the Admins for that group and I will reach out to them directly on fb?
  2. *Dumb Question Alert* Re: Facebook Groups

    Is the Non Game Worn Hockey Jersey Collectors fb group still active? Either I’ve been blocked or I’m looking up the wrong name.

    So the contact who handles the Rangers game-worn jerseys is running a special on their current stock. 1 jersey 10% off 2 jerseys 20% off 3 jerseys 30% off 4 jerseys 40% off 5 jerseys 50% off Wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in combining orders to try and get 50% off on jerseys. I can post the list of jerseys if anyone is interested. So far, I’ve got one other person interested so we still need to find 3 more jersey orders. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks
  4. Zeshy's Jersey Sale

    ttt Added a Hartford Whalers Authentic and some Rangers authentic starter jerseys. Will do discount for multiple jerseys.
  5. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    - That means if I send mine next week I probably should not expect them back until late October/ early November-ish. What is Keener's usual turnaround?
  6. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    Have you noticed any significant discrepancies/ issues with the customization from EPS compared to Rangers game-worn jerseys and/or customized by Arena Wear? I know Arena Wear is the official customizer but, want to get a sense of how far off EPS is. Will try reaching out to Arenawear to see if they are taking customer orders again.
  7. EPS Spring Sale 2018?

    Not sure where else to post but, what's the latest on EPS turnaround time? I thought I read somewhere that they had put collectors jerseys on hold for awhile. Or was that Arenawear who had temporarily stopped taking customer orders? I have some Rangers jerseys (TBTC, 2018 Winter Classic, early 2000's CCM/ Kohos) I want to get done before the start of the season.
  8. Jerseys for temp/replacement alternate captains

    Yes, this is a collecting goal of mine. Going to add an A to Blur Lundqvist Edge (he wore it when they played in Sweden in an exhibition game), did a Nedved with an A from when he infrequently wore it with the Rangers, -!: thinking of doing a Fleury with a C (he was captain for the first preseason game against Detroit after 9/11) and Kovalev also wore a C in one preseason too. Hard part is finding game photos to document these rarities.
  9. The Want List

    Does anyone have a blue authentic New York Rangers "Vintage" jersey from the 2003-2004 season? Would prefer a size 48 Blank but, will take any player/ size combination. C'mon guys - Someone must have one laying around. I think I've only seen one authentic available in the last couple years. http://www.nhluniforms.com/2003-04/Rangers.html
  10. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    That's basically my collecting philosophy. Only problem I run into is trying to limit it to 2 jerseys per player and also trying to represent each jersey style (or tweak given the Rangers have been pretty consistent with their uniform).
  11. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    Yah I may end up passing. It’s for a Rangers Dunham 30 Jersey which I wanted to convert to Lundqvist. Trying to find a picture of him in the old CCM style from maybe his draft year or a photo op. That’s all it would take for me to not consider it a foul.
  12. Help on WHO TO PUT ON THIS!

    This is a two parter. Since the CCMs from before the lockout and the Reebok 6100s were the same cut and design except for the CCM/ Reebok logos on the back, would it be a foul if the player didn’t wear that neck logo? Second question, Would I better off removing the CCM logo and then adding a Reebok patch? Or just add the patch over the existing brand patch? thanks
  13. The Want List

    New York Rangers authentic "Vintage" Blue jersey from 2003-2004 season. http://www.nhluniforms.com/2003-04/Rangers.html Prefer 48 and blank but, will take any size/player.
  14. eBay version 4.0

    Agreed. I don't understand how people can be so stubborn. I feel like there's a clear line between pricing something on the high-side of the market vs. completely overpricing something at an amount that garners little to no interest. At some point, wouldn't you consider the concept of the time-value of money? Like I would rather get x% of my asking price now rather than wait YEARS to get asking. Moreso if asking price is unreasonable you likely won't sell it at that price anyway. rant over.
  15. The Current Situation of the Secondary Market

    Agreed. I feel like the market is just very erratic. I can list some jerseys for months with nothing and then suddenly it goes for full price or reasonably close to full ask. I think people are just being more targeted in their collections. The only thing that consistently sells well is pre-reebok Edge era authentics, specifically 90's CCM ultrafil, or customized jerseys. I remember a few years ago when I started collecting I would consider a customized authentic for $200 a good deal. Now I feel like the market for most customized authentics is ~$100. Thankfully I have been able to clear out most of the jerseys I wasn't wearing or don't fit my collection anymore from my closet. I still have probably 4 or 5 more to move but, that's down from about 12-15. I think Reebok's mass production of Edge jerseys has definitely cut the scarcity and appeal of modern authentics.