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  1. I don't know official measurements but, I bought a Canada flag to replicate the jerseys worn at the '98 All-Star skills and my patch is 3x5.
  2. Typically I think they run for around $100-$130 blank and around $200+ customized but, it varies. The White Liberty go for much more.
  3. That's not promising in regards to Keener. Ended up having to travel a bunch and never got my jerseys sent out sooooo.... Anyone know if Arenawear is able to do any/ all of the below? I am shooting them an email but, I know they typically are not super responsive and figured I would ask the shirtheads. Can they do any/all of the below? Is it better to go through NHL store or directly through them? Is turnaround still typically 1-2 weeks? Rangers TBTC Authentic - Customize as Messier 11 with nameplate and Captains; C Rangers Vintage White Authentic - Customize as Jagr 68 with Alternate Captain's A - Did they use a namemplate? Rangers Blank Koho Blue Authentic - Replace RANGERS on front crest with NEW YORK (as per the 9/11 game) and customize as Leetch 2 with Alternate Captain's A Rangers Blue Starter Authentic - Sew down Kovalev 27 kit with Captain's C Rangers Blank Koho to be done as a Fleury 14 with Captain's C
  4. really sweet Verbeek jersey. I think he was only with the Rangers for a couple years but, he was definitely a gamer. original #ballofhate
  5. Zeshy25

    Protoype Jerseys

    Sounds like prototypes have less value than most people would think and there's a split amongst customizing vs keeping blank. Not sure if I'll keep it, sell it, or customize. I mean I think it's neat but, at the same time it looks exactly the same as the other Rangers jerseys of the era. If anything would customize as Leetch or Richter as there term spanned any time these would have been considered. An idea I've thought of would be to personally customize it. I wouldn't feel as bad since these were never worn on ice but, I also don't want to ruin such a unique jersey. The collector in me will probably win out
  6. Zeshy25

    Protoype Jerseys

    Saw a Rangers prototype jersey recently that was made by Nike. Prior to league consolidating all jerseys under Pro-Player in 1999-2000 season, teams had their choice of manufacturer: CCM, Nike, Starter. My guess would be this was a prototype to show the jersey design if Rangers went with Nike. Given the collar style I am guessing this is from between 1996-1999. Interested to hear thoughts on how prototype jerseys are viewed in the hobby. Is there interest in them? Are they simply viewed as novelty items? Since they were never worn in any games, what would people recommend for customizing - someone from that era or anything goes? I think I had seen some All-Star prototypes and maybe a Lightning jersey. Anyone know of any others?
  7. Been going back and forth with Keener for a few months to get some jerseys customized. Due to my laziness haven't shipped them out yet. Before sending them asked Keener if there was any truth to them shutting down customization orders and/or should customers expect longer than usual wait times? His response was to get them there as soon as we can and that turnaround time should be the same. Planning to (finally) ship out my order tomorrow Rangers TBTC Authentic - Customize as Messier 11 with Captains; C Rangers Vintage White Authentic - Customize as Jagr 68 with Alternate's A Rangers Blank Koho Blue Authentic - Replace RANGERS on front with New York and customize as Leetch 2 w/A Rangers Blue Starter - Sew down Kovalev 27 kit with Captain's C (as worn in a pre-season game) 94-97 Eastern All-Star - Stitch on crest and customize as Messier 11 and maybe one more Rangers Blank Koho to be done as a Fleury 14 with Captain's C (as worn in a pre-season game)
  8. Zeshy25

    It is good or not?

    Not sure where else to post but, this seemed to be the most relevant spot. I have searched far and wide for a 2003-2004 Rangers Vintage authentic blue jersey to complete my Rangers authentics collection. with no luck. As an alternative I am considering the Mitchell and Ness jerseys that replicate the style used in 70's. From my research, the biggest difference between M&N and the 2003-2004 versions are the crest. Trim thickness may be slightly off but, not significantly. http://www.nhluniforms.com/Rangers/Rangers18.html - 70's version http://www.nhluniforms.com/2003-04/Rangers.html - 2003-2004 version So basically wanted to get thoughts on a Frankenstein jersey using the M&N jersey, replacing the crest with the modern-style used on the 2003-2004 jerseys, and then customizing with someone from the 2003-2004 roster - Messier, Lindros, Jagr, Nedved, Kovalev, etc? It would be an "authentic copy" of a reproduction of the actual jersey that was the source of inspiration for the Vintage-jerseys set (i think). Too crazy or just crazy enough to work?
  9. bump. End of (Rangers) season sale. Make offers on anything you are interested in.
  10. I wanna say your correct that it used to be 20% off. I think that the 20+ jersey discount is available any time and I’ve seen people package up a big number to get the discount (reddit). Will be sending a batch of jerseys to get done after long last - TBTC Rangers, Vintage Rangers White and Blue, 2000 ASG North America goalie, 94 ASG East, Koho Rangers blue
  11. Zeshy25

    Grail stories

    Fair enough. I guess betwen reddit and fb i see it everywhere so I've just accepted it. Sounds like a job for the jersey dictionary author -a term for that ridiculously hard to find jersey for your collection. If not grail, then what was the one rare jersey you needed/wanted for your collection that you either just couldn't find for the life of you or are still searching for?
  12. Zeshy25

    Grail stories

    What's your grail story? What jersey, how long have you been searching? Were you successful and if so, where did you find it? Curious to know how long ppl have searched and what truly rare jerseys are people after. I have been searching for the 2003-2004 New York Rangers authentic vintage blue jersey since I started collecting like 3-4 years ago and have only seen one retail version ever even sold or offered. No one even has a lead on the stupid jersey. There was a GW Mironov jersey on ebay for awhile but, didn't want to strip such a rare gw and it ended up being sold eventually.
  13. Zeshy25

    Top 5 jerseys

    Really impressive jerseys and nice choices overall. Question was meant to be from entire universe of jerseys not just your collection but, I would guess that most people would probably seek out their favorites. My list: 1996 USA World Cup of Hockey Jerseys. Love the screen-printing technique with the stars and the colors mirror the Rangers. That plus the nostalgia from those games puts it in my top 5. Colorado Avalanche Burgundy Starter-Era jerseys - Such a unique color combination and extra points for mountain design on the bottom 1981-94 Edmonton Oilers Nike White Jerseys - A classic jersey worn by the best player ever in his prime Current Blues Third - Nails the retro-modern aesthetic Rangers Home Whites - I know they don't play white at home anymore but, for some reason always preferred these with their traditional striping along the shoulders and hem to the Blue jersey. HM: Rangers 2012 Winter Classic, 2018 Winter Classic, and TBTCs
  14. Zeshy25

    Top 5 jerseys

    Bored and procrastinating at work plus the board's seemed a little bit quiet lately so I figured this might spark a discussion. What are everyone's top 5 favorite jerseys? Will leave it open-ended so it could be as general as your favorite designs/ style or as specific as Messier's '94 Stanley Cup winning jersey. Will have to think about mine. Interested in hearing others opinions.
  15. Any idea if EPS will be running a spring special this year? I feel like its usually announced by now. I *think* they didn't run it last year because they were super busy. Have a bunch of jerseys I am waiting to get done and since the boys in blue aren't making the playoffs I am perfectly fine with sending them out now so they are ready for start of next season.
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