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    What year is this from? (ERC Ingolstadt)

    An under shirt would make sense if the thing wasn't so heavy. I can wear it outside at 3am in February with just a t-shirt on underneath and not be cold. And if it's a work out shirt, well it would suck to be working out in it. It's still cool regardless, given the price I paid for it and that I almost in the middle of nowhere.
  2. A couple of years ago I was in a thrift store looking for various hockey things for my nephews room. His mom (my sister) wanted me to find jerseys, bobbleheads, posters etc. for the room. While I was looking in the sports shirts section I came across an ERC Ingolstadt Panthers jersey. I thought it was cool because the only ones I see here are for Men's league teams, NHL teams, or Team Canada. So I got it for myself because I knew I was never gonna see this jersey again, and it was only $3 (the other ones I got for their room were between $15 and $25, so it was practically a robbery). When I got it home, I actually checked it out. The front of the left shoulder has a zipper that does up, and it was pretty heavy. Heavier than an NHL one. I didn't see a tag that told me what it was made out of, but it feels like polyester. I am gonna assume it's made by Jako, due to the patch on the front, left arm, and silk screened tag at the back. However, I have never heard of this company. So my questions are: What year is this from? Who or what is this company? Is this an authentic, a replica, a mock-up, a practice style jersey, or what? I've attempted to do my own research, and have found absolutely nothing. Any info is greatly appreciated. Here is the jersey: