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  1. What's disappointing is that they haven't made any replicas available of the throwbacks. And apparently these throwbacks are to be adopted as their permanent thirds next season, meaning we'll see them used more often. As much as I like the throwbacks, I think it would be a poor choice switching to them as a permanent set for one simple reason: bringing back those yellow jerseys that made 'em look like a bunch of bananas out there.
  2. Thanks again for the helpful info. Seems that they'll accept responsibility for the error and reimburse me for any shipping costs.
  3. Just to follow up on this issue, I've contacted customer support at icejerseys and they let me know that I bear responsibility for shipping costs. And this is when their website explicitly states that they do custom stitching just as they are worn on authentic uniforms. I also had contacted the store requesting individual lettering as opposed to a namebar but they seem to have forgotten. Shouldn't the store assume responsibility for messing up a customer's request? Perhaps I should call in and request to speak with an individual as opposed to exchanging emails back and forth. Anyone who has dealt with experience who can chime in with their experience in dealing with returns/exchanges with icejerseys?
  4. It's stitched on there, least that is what they say, but knowing their quality of service, I trust them. But I shall follow your advice and ask them to be sure. Hopefully it is a request that they have fulfilled in the past without any problems.
  5. Thanks for the response LAK74. I purchased a white road jersey, just as the one you provided the link to on meigray. I suspected that the nameplate worn by King was from when he was called up, and the notes on the jersey provided on the link support this. Is it going to look odd if I have the nameplate removed from the jersey and have individual lettering done on it? I've never had it done before so I'm wondering if it alters the appearance or if there is any visible wear/tear from having a nameplate removed.
  6. Long time lurker, first time poster with a question for jersey aficionados concerning lettering on an Reebok Premier jersey. Being a long time Kings fan, I purchased a Kopitar jersey from icejerseys.com and just recently received my jersey. Everything is fine about it, except for the lettering on the jersey being placed on a nameplate (or name bar as they call it on their FAQ). Being a stickler for authenticity (and with authentics being outrageously priced and hard to find right now), I asked if it was possible to have my jersey redone as it should be, after all, their website states the following: As you can see from these images, the Kings do not use nameplates and use individual lettering: So, I write back to their customer service and was notified that: Now this concerns me a bit. I am not sure if I should bother sending back the jersey to have individual lettering done to it or just retain it with the nameplate. As I stated earlier, my pet peeve for having jerseys look as close to the real thing as possible makes me want to send it back, but if the stitching is going to come off from individual lettering on a Reebok Premier jersey, is it worth it? I'm hoping some of you can speak from experience and help guide me in the right direction. EDIT: I'm such a dummy. Meant to say Reebok Premier since it's a replica. It's not an Edge jersey. Tried editing the title but I guess that option isn't enabled.
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