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  1. The seller of that one is using a FB account whose name is "Hockey Jersey" in Czech.
  2. Got this one in a week or so ago: Dainius Zubrus 2007-08 red set 3 / playoff game worn jersey. Moderate wear but a little light for Zubrus compared to other gamers I've seen of his. I have been wanting a Zubrus gamer since I sold my previous one a couple years back. Jumped on this since it's a #16 instead of 8. He wore this number with the Devils for just that season and switched the following season due to Holik re-signing with the team.
  3. 3) someone was hit with that a few months ago in a caps game worn group. A couple months after it was sold the buyer got buyers remorse and initiated the INAD claim and won. Not only that but he sent it back in packaging that was poor to say the least. Lest we also forget the infamous Vegas "ceased LOA folder" saga of 2018 as well.
  4. Asking people to make their own judgement call seems to be too big of an ask these days.
  5. Oh FFS now you are making me go back on my last post. I offered G&S as well on my initial post with a 4% fee on top. I guess I'm automatically a scammer because I gave more than one option for payment and I had a little trouble adding pictures (which again I said was on me). Yeah adding % on G&S is technically against PayPal rules, but that didn't deter you from asking for it on your Brind'Amour sale post on Facebook. Not sure why you are throwing that out there.
  6. Edit: edited due to me not really giving a $&@*. I already explained the picture part was on me in an earlier post. Regardless I don't care anymore that I'm banned there.
  7. Interesting topic in the FB group about why people's interest in the hobby seems to have waned recently.
  8. Problem is that it is extremely rare that the offers are within 3% of the asking price. Typically I am going to take a double digit percentage lower than my asking price plus that 3% for the fees.
  9. I recently had a jersey for sale for $900. A guy offered $600 because that's what a similar jersey of the same player it sold a year ago in one auction. I countered and showed him an auction where another similar jersey of the same player sold within the past year that sold for $1200. I told him he should have bought that $600 one. I fully understand as buyers we all want to save money as much as possible. However, my patience is not large enough to constantly play the price is right with a hobby that is meant to be enjoyed. If it's at a price that I am comfortable paying then I buy it.
  10. As a buyer I have, but that's rare. It depends on how badly I want the jersey. However as a seller it's quite often that when I get into these situations that the buyer gives me either a sob story or how they deserve that extra 10% off due to them wanting it really badly. If it's literally that important to them then $50 shouldn't be what stops them, but alas it miraculously does.
  11. I've had instances as a seller where we are only $50 on a jersey that's is $500+. Often times I have the buyer say "you are not going to do a deal over $50?" My response? "Yes, are you?"
  12. Oh there are and the biggest one is "item not described." That's such a vague term that it could be used for any reasons including slightly creased LOA folder as we saw a year or so ago. There pretty much is no in between with PayPal and eBay.
  13. I'm pretty flexible with my pricing. However the part that scares the crap out of me is if I sell via GS and complete the transaction for $1K. Three months later the buyer has buyers remorse and then tells PayPal that they want a refund due to "item not describe." We all know that PayPal will not ask for a shred of proof and they will automatically side with the buyer so now PayPal will literally take the money out of my account and will not refund me the GS fees (per a recent update to their TOS). What if I spent that money elsewhere already? $1K out of my bank account is something I will definitely feel. I know FF the risk shifts to the buyer, but that's why there are trusted sellers lists and the like.
  14. I sold a jersey on there last week. Via PayPal F&F as well! The guy literally messaged me yesterday morning thanking me for the smooth transaction and for the jersey. Yeah that forum is 90% replicas and it's mostly HS and college kids in there. The one thing that place has though is eyeballs, and lots of them.
  15. I agree. I think it should be up to the buyer and seller how they want to do the deal. I get there is shadiness all around, but that's what you get with dealing with people in general. I think having a forum or the platform decide one method and that's it to be silly. I actually don't mind the fees part of GS. I can work around those by charging a little extra. The part I hate about GS is that it puts 100% of the ball in the buyers court. That's what also sucks about PayPal in general; with FF the ball is 100% in the sellers court while GS the ball is 100% in the other court. There is no in between. I am more comfortable with FF as I know I am not a scammer and the buyer can't hit me with buyers remorse.
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