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  1. So with everything going on and working from home for the past two weeks (and for at least two more coming up), I have been focusing more on the FB groups more than I normally do. I’m in dozens of jersey groups and frankly I don’t keep good track on a lot of them. Tonight I found out that I’m a member of a jersey group that not only tolerates fakes/knockoffs, but encourages them. Go figure lol.
  2. Very nice Niedermayer!
  3. Thanks! I know some stuff, but I don't claim to be the most or experienced knowledgeable Devils collector out there. However, I know to some that title is extremely important to them so by all means they can lay claim to that title. I just like collecting jerseys.
  4. IIRC, due to the NHL lockout, the Devils wore a bit of a mix of Ultrafils and Air-knits in the 95 finals. However, if my memory serves me right, most Devils wore ultrafil through the first set of the 95-96 season and then switched over to Air-Knit. Edit: Looking at pictures from the 95 finals it looks like a majority were indeed wearing Air-Knits. However, some ultrafils from 94-95 were recycled to the set 1's in 95-96 season.
  5. Nah. I know some guys in the hobby like to do that but since the team removed the A before they gave it to Meigray I want to keep it in the same condition.
  6. Not yet, but possible.
  7. Thanks! gotta slow down now a little bit lol
  8. Got this in: Nico Hischier 2018-19 red set 3. Worn by Nico for 5 games last season and scored 2 assists while wearing this jersey. The jersey has evidence of the alternate captain’s A being removed and photo evidence supports this. Some decent wear especially on the left arm. Really happy to have this!
  9. Just got this one in: Nikita Gusev 19-20 red set 1 game worn jersey. This jersey was worn by Gusev in his first ever NHL game against Winnipeg. He also scored his first NHL goal and NHL point in this jersey. Really happy to have this from a player who has been a bright spot in an otherwise tough year.
  10. It’s a website devoted to a player. It’s a game worn jersey that he said is in his collection, but the pictures he is using are ones I took. I am not sure if this is the guy I sold it to or if he sold it to this owner.
  11. So a couple weeks back I noticed a website was using a couple of pictures of a jersey I took. I sold the jersey approx 18 or so months ago but now I see the pics I took on this site. Anyone else get this? This has happened to me a handful of times before. This is also not an auction or sale site, it’s literally a “fan site.”
  12. Devilsguy

    eBay version 4.0

    Didn’t pay for his storage unit? i think I found a picture of the current owner of those jerseys
  13. Got this in the other day: Andy Greene 2006-07 red set 2. This was the jersey Andy wore in his first NHL game as well as when he scored his first NHL point (assist on Langenbrunner goal). Love this jersey and while it was time to move on I definitely miss him as he was one of my favorite Devils.
  14. Thanks everyone! I provided the Daneyko, Sykora, Nemchinov, Lemieux, Madden and Holik jerseys to the display
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