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  1. Bump for new jersey(SOLD) Lindros commemorative number 325 of 350. Size 56 $450/BO Jerseys above still available. Feel free to PM offers!!
  2. At 1st ... meh... then the black grew on me. I'm just waiting for anything different to be done to the crest. I know they are married to it and consider it taboo but I'm not saying get rid of it... I'm saying alter it. Make it smaller. Add the word Philadelphia around it or something.. anything.. just please something different. I'm not saying write "Broad street Bullies" across the front the like the Phantoms did for the last game at the spectrum. But something..anything,, Now give me 3 of these stadium series please.
  3. or this and as far as Jordans I prefer this "colorway"
  4. Man.. after such a great jersey creation that was the 2nd winter classic which became the new alt 3rd. this is an extreme letdown. Sure I'll get 1 but with all the concept alt jerseys out there that are really cool this is just plain. 50 yrs in Philly. I understand the loyalty to the crest but come on, make it smaller and work the liberty bell or a capital P or a smaller version of the crest in there. They add the gold based on 50 yrs, add something "philly related too". I'm not asking for a "guido jumpsuit" mentioned above or an IROC-Z but come on.. be creative. Just my take. maybe this or this
  5. MeccaDon123

    Phantoms jersey

    Man this makes me wonder what players and or teams know about the jerseys that players sign. Thinking about that "sporting goods store" in a "local" mall I've posted about that sells 100% fakes with flyers, Phillies, Eagles and Sixers signatures.. This s*** here makes me wonder if teams/players get a cut. These players get signings scheduled and get paid to do it. A fan can have their own jerseys signed and this "store" has between 10-20 fakes signed, authenticated thru a top authenticator(JSA) and they sell the jerseys for $250 bucks in a local mall. Someone has to know, the player, a team rep, an NHL rep. Are they complicit? I've heard the argument for "fakes"(people who can't afford real jerseys can only afford fakes etc) but this is different. A $5 jersey, with a $10 sig, LOA for $20 and then sold for $250 to fans that are diehard enough to patronize. This stuff is expected from a back alley hustler, but from a big sporting good store, in a mall, where players come to meet the fans and agree to sign fakes for the store owner so he can rip fans offs? Now we have team run ebay stores trying to hustle their own fans... WTF????
  6. ^^^^do this^^^^^ Sold a $300 pair of sneakers, kid told ebay I sent him an old pair of junk. They decided in his favor. Took almost 2 months and 2 appeals to finally get reimbursed. Cover yourself just in case.
  7. Johnny he responded to my 1st email..but then emailed me directly letting me know he had them. I think he may have added email addys to a list. in any case he has always taken a few days to email back.
  8. Thats what I was going to do, if he ends up winning the art ross it would be cool to have his 1st all star jersey from the year he won the scoring title(if he does). I use to buy 58's when it was a jersey I just had to have, but I'd want to wear this one so for the money maybe I'll just go with an alt 3rd that fits.
  9. Some of you know how I was introduced to "fakes" vs. authentics, and what happened to me will always be my issue with the topic. If a person wants to own a fake on purpose, ok whatever. If a person (like me) walks into a huge sports memorabilia store in the local mall and buys his 1st signed jersey for $250 bucks THAT TURNS OUT TO BE A $20 CHINESE KNOCKOFF with a legit JSA certified sig on it that is the main issue as far as I'm concerned. Owning an entire freaking store full of fakes and passing them off as real to unknowing people, I thought was against the law. On top of selling fakes you host signings at your store where star players and alumni show up for signings...where if you don't bring your own item to be signed, THEY ARE SIGNING A PILE FULL OF FAKES. The "collector" mentioned above will always try to find a way to justify what he's doing so he can feel good about it. I think a lot of what he's saying re: fake vs auth. translates over from the "replica sneaker market". That is a huge business right now, bigger than all sports jerseys combined. And unlike jerseys, the REAL sneakers are made in sweatshops and the fakes are made by a small group of people who work in better conditions than the folks that make the auth. sneakers. And there are people who seek the "replicas" out, and a lot of sellers who actually sell replicas as replicas vs. passing them off as fakes. If you don't have the money and you feel good about your fakes, more power to ya. But when you start trying to pass your fakes off as "equal to, or just as good as the OG's", that becomes the problem. The minute you do that you're helping the fake market gain traction, but not nearly as much as a store owner in the mall passing an entire store full of fakes...who also uses the exact same pathetic argument: "Real jerseys cost too much and everyday people can't afford them in todays economy" (his exact words to me). Well mr. store full of fakes your argument immediately collapses on itself when you sell a $20 knock-off for $250 bucks ya clown.
  10. FYI...email from jerseyBaron today re:2015 east all star jersey sales@jerseybaron.com Today at 3:28 PM Tome Hi Jesse, We can most likely get you now a size 58 white team issued jersey. Would you be interested? My response was I need a 54 or 56, 58 is just too big. So i'm not sure if he is contacting people in the order they 1st contacted him or what but I would think this means he can get them now(at least certain sizes anyway). on edit: his response back was they only have TI 58's right now.
  11. count me in for ordering .. a black and white
  12. You're safe my friend. I assume you paid with paypal? either way thru ebay or paypal you are safe as are all buyers...even the scammers. I just sold a $250 pair of Nike Foamposite basketball sneaks to a kid who took them out of the box upon receipt and said I sent him an old pair of vans skateboard shoes. Despite my 100% seller rating and over 150 feedback(he had 8 with an account that had been dormant for about 8 months). Paypal found on his behalf. Luckily I was able to track down his FB account(and his brothers who just so happens to be a semi-pro skateboarder) with plenty of pics of him skateboarding(1 pic of him possibly wearing the vans I was sent back) paypal is considering my appeal. As the buyer you could send him back a white t-shirt and keep the jersey and paypal would find for you. It does take a couple weeks. If the seller doesn't comply file a dispute quickly.
  13. thanks for the info Charlie...no worries my friend I'm not the favor asking type, but I appreciate ya taking the time to reply.
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