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  1. For what it's worth - my 2019 B's Winter Classic also says 18K-051-7387-N/A IMG_9036
  2. So it might be more accurate to post this in the college thread but was able to add this sweater to my collection recently. A 2000-2002 BC Eagles road jersey worn by Ben Eaves. This jersey was worn in the National Championship season in 2000-2001 and then recycled for the 2001-2002 season. It has evidence of pretty heavy game use and team repairs (including removal of the 2001 Frozen Four patch - from my research it looks like BC wore their white jersey for the semi-finals and championship games). I'll just say, I miss the days of sweaters like this. This was the first year for this style of jerseys for the Eagles, which had massive rear numbers (BC reduced the size going forward, and when they switched from Nike to Reebok).
  3. It's also sublimated felt. I had 2 of the B's yellow sweaters, the first was done by EPS (Bucyk, two layers stitched) because I was dealing with an issue with the owner, and found the EPS customization wasn't exact enough comparing it to what I could find on the game used jerseys, though I'd note their name plate material looks spot on, though the color is a bit off in direct light. The second one I wound up going back to have done at Custom Crafted (Bergeron, sublimated one layer of felt) - and while the customization is spot on (for obvious reasons), the nameplate material is something completely different. The color matches the jersey better, but it's 100% different material than anything else on the sweater. EPS - back number EPS - Nameplate and lettering EPS - Captain's 'C' EPS - Arm number, nameplate, lettering and back number Custom Crafted - Arm number and back number Custom Crafted - Nameplate and lettering (you can also see the original white of the felt showing through the stitching) Custom Crafted - Alternate Captain's 'A' (you can see the same white felt material at the top of the 'A')
  4. Yeah - the name plate letters are only supposed to be 2 color (also check out this Mei Grey game worn Backes with the 'A') - and a quick search of every other jersey they have available going back to the first generation 1.0s are all 2 color for the lettering - Would be interesting to learn more about that gamer LAK, when was it used?
  5. You are still correct LAK - the 3-layer stitch went away sometime before the Edge's came around, and since the Edge 1.0s. I can confirm the numbers and the nameplate are all sublimated with stitching to 'break-up' the layers. Savard Away Edge 1.0 prepped to game standards from Custom Crafted - numbers are 3 color sublimated on one layer with gold stitching and white stitching, nameplate is two color, with gold and black stitching. Team Issued Chara Winter Classic style jersey - two color sublimated with gold and brown stitching.
  6. LAK is right. Single layer, sublimated color with stitching between the "layers". Custom Crafted said it was done to save weight., but it's disappointing compared to the old triple layer numbers they had.
  7. I just have to say I always thought the Stars logo embroidered on the hem opposite the CCM/NHL Shield was one of the most underrated, and coolest features of an NHL jersey back in the CCM days.
  8. Zack845

    Well I'll Be f*****

    Sure - I suppose someone could think a first team all-American who won two olympic medals (gold and silver), three silver IIHF medals, the women's version of the Hobey Baker, and an NCAA championship might not be enough to qualify as a hockey commentator.... but sure - Kenny Albert, Mike Emrick, Chris Cuthbert and John Forslund probably have way more on-ice experience playing hockey, so they are way more qualified.
  9. Zack845

    It is good or not?

    Thanks Biscuit in the Basket and OR68. Can you help me identify what would be different about a legit one from these? I used to be able to tell based on the lettering (the bubble look vs. actual twill), but haven't focused much on Rangers jerseys in the past for my collecting.
  10. Zack845

    It is good or not?

    I’m assuming this is one of the fake Gretzky’s that was done up around 1999, but would like some of you with some more experience to confirm for me. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Starter-99-Gretzky-Authentic-Rangers-blue-size-56/372616194236?hash=item56c1a7e8bc:g:514AAOSw7HhceiHB Assuming that isn’t legit - Did Starter ever make a blue sweater with the lace up collar and double starter/nhl shield for retail sale?
  11. Good point Mfitz - Probably safer to refer to it as "team issued" or "team stock" regardless of how the team is referring to them - but I don't think "retail authentic" is accurate (if I recall correctly back in the Edge days there were both "retail authentic" and "team stock" which were both Made in Canada, right?). Either way, this beaut isn't going anywhere from my collection, and certainly dig the appreciation you guys have for it regardless. Never heard of 'bench worn' though, I would have thought 'game worn, backup only' or 'prepared for game use' would be just as accurate. Thanks for sharing that knowledge!
  12. Good question MFitz - the B's Pro Shop was advertising it as a 'Game Issue' jersey and the certificate of authenticity (see below) lists it the same way. I was told the sweaters were prepared to each player's spec for use (they mentioned they only had 2 Chara sweaters available and each was a size 60, the Bergeon I looked at was a size 58, etc.) - the B's only wore this style twice after Jan 1 - on Jan 14 against the Habs and March 27th against the Rangers - so I'd have to assume they had a few extra on hand that weren't going to to see actual game use in the last 5 games of the regular season. I'd take that explanation with a grain of salt since there's no MeiGray tag stitched inside. But I guess regardless at a minimum, like Blurryhaze suggested, it could be called a 'team issue' instead of 'game issue' since Made in Canada (and size 58, not sure about 60s) sweaters aren't available for retail sale in any form?
  13. Thanks! I'm quite stoked to be have been able to get a MIC from this years Winter Classic, and to have it be an actual player spec game issue, all the more so! Still so disappointing that Adidas isn't making these available through normal channels.
  14. It's been a few years since I last posted, but hadn't had an itch to scratch on the collecting front... until the B's unveiled their sweater for the 2019 Winter Classic. There was just something about B, the stripes and the colors that I just dug. And I know how traditional the 'Spoked B' has become - but if the B's had (or wanted) to make a change - well I'd be all in favor of them going to this design full time. I amassed a decent (i.e. 5) collection of team issued Bruins sweaters, mostly through Jersey Barron - two of the mustard yellows from 2010 at Fenway (one turned into a Bergeron and the other a Bucyk), a black sweater from the Gillette Stadium drubbing by the Canadiens that remains customized, and a white Edge 1.0 made up as a Savard. So I first reached out to the Baron and was told 'Nope, not going to get any of the MIC/team issued stock this year', and immediately tried to ask friends who were agents if any of their players or the equipment manager could get their hands on an extra team issued stock, and had a similar 'sorry, no can do'. Remembering how quickly the 'Authentics' had sold out for the last two B's Winter Classics, I placed an order with the team's pro shop as soon as pre-orders opened, and got a Chara jersey a few weeks before the game. Quality as everyone has noticed, is 'meh' especially compared to the old air knits, and after I got the jersey, I noticed the numbers were one level sublimated (much like the current B's do their regular jerseys) but the C didn't have any stitching around the 'inner' layer, the back number inner layer was fake. and the name was heat pressed. All in all - not really impressed. Fast forward to last week and I was invited to the B's/Rangers game for a client event and unexpectedly the Bruins were wearing the 'Winter Classic' style jersey w/o the patch like most of the teams do these days to get some more mileage out of the design. One of my colleagues wanted to pick up a hat on our way out of the game, so we popped into the pro shop after the game and I figured I'd see if they had any of the 'Authentics' where the customizing was a bit more realistic. I stumbled upon something much better. Turns out the Bruins decided to do a short run of autographed 'game issue' sweaters spec'ed for each player. The price wasn't ridiculous considering what team issued stock usually runs if you can find it plus the cost of customization from a team source and then throw an autograph to boot (understanding many of the folks here view that as a negative) and to top it all off - my colleague had a TD bank card - so I scored about 10% off the price. TL/DR - Bought an "Authentic" Winter Classic and then lucked into a game issued sweater. Comparing the two is night and day - and I figured I could share a few photos of the differences. If anyone wants any other close up's just give a shout. Front of the Game Issue: Back of Game Issue: Captain's C on Game Issue: Captain's C on "Authentic": Back Numbers on Game Issue: Back Numbers on "Authentic": Name Plates - "Authentic" on Left and Game Issue on Right: Name Plate on Game Issue: Name Plate on "Authentic" Inside Collar on Game Issue: Inside Collar on "Authentic": Neckline compared: Under arm material - "Authentic" in back left, Game Issue in front right: Collar on Game Issue: Collar on "Authentic"
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