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  1. Bump. Willing to take $75 shipped for either authentic. $130 takes the brand new Subban Preds replica. Updated all posts to reflect change.
  2. MPF24

    It is good or not?

    http://m.ebay.com/itm/P-K-Subban-Reebok-Premier-Nashville-Predators-Home-Jersey-/222175382131?nav=SEARCH Seems legit as best I can tell. He uses stock photos so it's hard to be sure unless one of you has dealt with him before. I don't love buying replicas but I won't get a ton of occasions to wear this and $132 shipped for a Subban Preds jersey seems like a good deal. Guy has 100% feedback and enough history to seem genuine. How is about this one: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Nashville-Predators-Reebok-Premier-Away-Jersey-Medium-/122046484898?nav=SEARCH $44 ain't bad either and I can send it out to make sure it gets quality customization
  3. Where did you guys find authentic oly jerseys and how is the sizing on those comparable to an EDGE? Would love to upgrade to an authentic McDonagh.
  4. Trying to see if the pictures at the end aren't showing up because of a limit in pictures allowed per post. Otherwise I don't know why they won't show. Links seem to work though.
  5. Hey gents. Been a long time since I've posted. That's largely because I joined the USAF, shipped to basic training and spent my first year of service abroad. I'm finally back in the US now and as I get myself ready to move to my next base I've decided to part with some sweaters. I've got an EDGE 1.0 road Ovechkin size 46. It's in very good shape, only worn to a few games. Was on display for a while in my apartment (smoke free). I have no idea what a 1.0 would go for at this point. I'm not sure if the old style is sought after or not. I personally prefer it. I'd like to get $75 if possible. Also going to offer my PK Subban EDGE 1.0 road white authentic size 46. It's in great shape (most of my jerseys I display in the hallway of my house alongside a framed print of the player in action wearing it, so they don't get worn much). I'll have pictures up in about a week, as soon as I get back to the states. I replaced it with a Preds Subban. Looking $75 for this one. I also have a Subban team Canada 100th anniversary World Cup jersey. My wife had it made with good intentions, but Subban never wore that jersey. I'm thinking about having it stripped and done as Seguin, but if anyone is interested in it with the Subban customization, I'll put pictures of that up as well. I'm negotiable on everything, within reason. No idea what prices are really like for these kinds of jerseys. If anyone is interested I also have a medium replica (vector era) Zetterberg home (no "C" or "A") and a Vermette Blue Jackets replica home with the cheapo nhl.com pressed on vinyl lettering. I'll take pictures if there's any interest in those. Those I'd sell for just about anything. They're just fodder in the closet, which is why I have no pics.
  6. I'm not uptight. I'm just not that friendly towards people I don't like.
  7. No knock on Zuccarello, but I doubt he'll make a difference. Not because he's not talented, or even because I think he's too small for the NHL, but because our system simply stifles any and all offensive creativity and teaches players, especially those who, like Zucc would most likely be, are on a short leash to play afraid of making a mistake, taking a risk or, heaven forbid, taking a penalty, for fear of landing on the bench for 20 minutes at a clip, in Torts' dog house. Zuccarello may slightly help our horrific PP, but he's not going to outright fix it, and I doubt he'll product a great amount playing 3rd line minutes in our dump, chase and grind gameplan.
  8. It looks like the normal sized lettering and fonts. It's probably fairly easy for this jersey because Girardi is not a particularly long name and it's a single digit number. I'm not sure how you think a 1.0 is "a step up from most" as if it's not good, but just passable. The only thing someone in the stands could be wearing, right now, that's better than a 1.0 is a brand, spanking new 2.0, which are still somewhat hard to come by for many teams, or a gamer. Or an old school authentic. It also has nothing to do with looking trim and stylish. It's really very rude and immature of you (or is it macho and insecure, I can never tell) to keep assuming things about me. Comfort and how a jersey feels when you wear it is not an acceptable criteria for you, eh? The thing I dislike the most is the extra material under my arm because of the extra wide armpit/shoulder cut. I find it less comfortable than my 1.0s which I tried on side by side with my new jersey. The fit of the torso is the correct fit for me, but the sleeves are also shorter on the 2.0 for some reason, which is not a big deal, but contributes to the fit being less than ideal. You also keep making the insulting assumption that it's more important to me to be stylish than to be wearing what the players wear, but did I not spend so much on my 1.0s for the very reason of wearing what the players wear? I didn't ask for the jerseys to change, nor realize how much they had changed; I didn't realize I'm a lesser fan for having the one simple opinion that I liked the way one era of on-ice jersey fit better than another. Either way; I'm done. I believe I have your blessing to look for a 1.0 and, should I find one, heck, it may even be a small step up from some of the garbage you see in the stands, right?
  9. I'm glad you were so amused. I wasn't. $375 to not get what you are expecting isn't funny. I don't think it was unreasonable to expect the 2.0 to be similar to the 1.0. I knew it would have it's differences. I knew the materials had changed, but I didn't know how. I knew the fit was a little different, but every time I asked, I was told the sleeves are a little shorter and the chest is a little roomier. I assumed that meant the dimensions were a little bit different but the overall cut was pretty much the same (as in, for example, 26" sleeve versus 27" sleeve and 34" chest versus 32" chest, but with the same overall shape). I don't think this is outlandish. I don't care that what I liked doesn't fit your definition of what a real jersey should fit like. I spent hundreds on my 1.0s as well and they were worn in the NHL for a time, so to me, they are ALSO "real hockey jerseys". If your opinion differs, that's fine, but it doesn't change or effect mine. I'm equally amused as you are with me by the fact that you think wearing a jersey that doesn't fit well because it's made to accommodate shoulder pads makes you a somehow superior fan to me, or that I'm somehow "fashion conscious" because I liked the way my other jerseys fit and was hoping for similar.
  10. Which is essentially exactly what I stated I would hope to do a couple of pages back. Now that you've thoroughly criticized my personal preference and explained why it somehow makes me inferior, I'm glad I have your permission to try and do just that. At the end of the day, does it really matter one fart what my reasoning is if I'm surprised by how different the 1.0 and 2.0 are and would rather try to find a buyer for the jersey I'm disappointed in and pursue a 1.0? I didn't think so. When I originally posted, it wasn't to start a debate. This is where I came to get advice about whether to go indo or splurge for the 2.0 in the first place and this is a place where I thought other collectors, agree or not, might empathize with the disappointment of not getting what you're expecting. Also, thought I would share my satisfaction with IJ's customization work, despite not loving the product itself.
  11. So did the 1.0, when the players wore it, and I bought it, not fit like a "real hockey jersey"? Or is your horse just really high off the ground so that it takes a lot of effort for you to come off it? What I'm saying is that I'm disappointed that the jersey CHANGED so much from the 1.0 (that was, you know, worn on the ice) to the 2.0. If I had KNOWN how much it had changed, then NO, I wouldn't have wanted what is CURRENTLY worn on the ice; I would have preferred to seek out a 1.0 and purchased what was PREVIOUSLY worn on the ice. Which apparently, was not a "real hockey jersey". Also, my criticism isn't the least bit ironic because I wasn't the one complaining about what Reebok offered.
  12. The indo was very light and cheap feeling. The 2.0 is clearly a better quality product. In my view, it's not worth more than double the price, but it is certainly a higher quality article. My issues really stem from expecting something similar to the 1.0, simply with a few changes, and getting something that, if I had to say "is it closer to matching the 1.0 or the Indo version of the Edge?" I would say more resembles the Indo.
  13. How about the fact that the on ice jersey fits extremely differently from the previous on ice jersey? That cost the same amount and was made by the same company? That's not allowed to be surprising? I'm sorry I'm such a dunce in your view.
  14. So the 1.0 and the jerseys Reebok made before the Edge weren't worn with shoulder pads? A looser jersey is fine. The 2.0 is still tight around the midsection, but in order to accommodate for shoulder pads the armpit/shoulder region has a lot of extra material, which, when you're not wearing shoulder pads, becomes kind of like wings. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say you kind of have a bag of jersey under your arms. Again, you're being extremely condescending and not telling me anything that I don't know; just being a smart alec. I understand everyone wanted the jerseys that are worn on the ice, but knowing that the retail 2.0s were going to be worn by fans and not NHL players, Reebok could have made everything identical to the on ice jersey in terms of materials and construction but made the single alteration of acknowledging that we wouldn't be wearing shoulder pads with it. Just for example. And again, the 1.0 was worn with shoulder pads. I loved the 1.0. Apparently I'm just not allowed to have an opinion without being told it's wrong by you. Is this because I'm a Rangers fan and you're, seemingly, a B's fan?
  15. Ok, so how many people who buy the 2.0s for $300 of their own money are in the NHL? I outright acknowledged the practicality behind the changes in my posts. It doesn't change the fact that the 2.0 is a retail product that they charge a ton of money for. The material change I could live with if the fit made sense, but considering nobody who buys a 2.0 is going to go through their hockey bag and break out their shoulder pads to put under their jersey on the way to the game, I'm entitled to say I don't care for the fit. I also don't really care for his justifying my opinions to somebody who just wants to be condescending, so I'll refrain from engaging you in this any further. My apologies for not having the same shaped body or opinion as you.
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