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  1. The way the games went down last night, the Yotes and Avs just might get it done. The Sharks are so predictable!
  2. Over the last few years I have definitely come to the opinion that if you are going to customize a jersey, for the few dollars difference between IJ and other sites, go here for the best job possible. Its worth the little bit extra (often times its less!).
  3. Those are good thoughts. I think Detroit has the experience to upset the Dogs this year. I think the most intriguing matchup of the first round in the West is Vancouver/LA. That one could go either way. In the East, I think all top 4 seeds advance. As much as I dread Boston playing my Sabs, I think Miller will be enough to get through. Right now I am thinking the EC winner will either be Caps or the Pens (each teams have their problems but I think they are the best of the EC) and in the West either the Hawks or the winner of the 3/6 series. I just can't pick the Sharks due to their flameouts of years past.
  4. Pretty awesome jerseys although I have to say the 2004-5 HK36 Skalica Home #33 Zigmund Palffy is definitely a fav.
  5. http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyweekprint.htm?date=04/14/2010 Really glad to see Vs. continuing to do the double dips.
  6. I have to admit, work, life, etc. has gotten in the way of really enjoying hockey like I have in years past. That will all hopefully change tomorrow night as I start to settle in to watch some hockey. Who you got in the East/West? Upsets, Cup Champs, Sharks flame outs?
  7. Great read and very well written!
  8. Wow, those are sharp. You could always contact GW directly and see if they sell replicas or game worn versions of them. Good luck!
  9. Great stories! Loving reading about the inside hijinks.
  10. The guy IS a beast. I think in one of those clips on him, he was saying that he worked out like that since he was in the league. So its old hat for him, which is even more amazing.
  11. I really liked the reports that casual fans who tuned in for the game really liked the hockey they saw. Of course, the NHL publicizes itself like a hole in the ground. I can't wait for the end of Gary's tenure.
  12. I don't know if any off hand but that is a good idea. Perhaps the members here or Uni Watch should do one.
  13. Despite the typical lack of big names by the Sabres, I like their upgrades. I think this Deadline day was the worst yet. No big names and then they traded the young named guys for each other! At least TSN didn't fall into the ESPN hyperbole trap that this was the best ever.
  14. Well I am a moron. 3-0 US through 10 minutes of the first period. US/CA final??? EDIT: 4-0
  15. I was very lucky to have a "hockey weekend" last weekend. I took in an Elmira Jackals game (always loved their primary logo) and then did the outdoor game in Syracuse between the Crunch and B-Sens. The Jackals game I went to, they were wearing alt jerseys and I forgot my camera! The Reading ones were appropriately terrible with vertical prison stripes (it was good guys vs. bad guys with the refs in pinstripe suits). I couldn't figure out the Jackals though. They were trying for blue prison guard shirts but there was no real form to it. Check out a pic.
  16. I hear ya and it wasn't. Whooo did Russia look bad. Meanwhile, my darkhorse pick Finland keeps rolling. If Kipper keeps playing like he has, they will be a tough out.
  17. The last 5 minutes of the game were incredible. The US might just have the horses to hang in for the medal rounds. Canada had another slow start which they can't afford any more. I hope they get past Germany so we can get the epic Russia/Canada showdown.
  18. So far, so good, looks good CW!
  19. Truly sad for this Upstate guy. I thought for some reason it might be the end when the Devils went to Lowell and the Hurricanes took over the affiliate. They were THE best selling hockey jersey for awhile.
  20. That Backes goal was sick! US is a good team compared to several others but not elite. I think Canada/Russia showed what they are all about. I believe the Swedes go today as well. Regarding the Canadians, I was almost losing my mind during the first period. Here in the States, they DID NOT SWITCH OVER to the game when it started, then they started showing it on MSNBC after the US womens' game despite the 13-0 blow out and THEN switched it over to CNBC but played commercials until about 2 minutes to go in the period. I really want to move to Canada just so I can get consistent hockey coverage.
  21. I like collecting official pucks from the teams I follow. I don't really seek out autographs on them but I think at some point I want to start collecting them more hardcore. I look back at the pucks I had from the mid 80s with the orange decals and the old school logos and definitely want more of them. "Vintage" pucks, ha!
  22. Perhaps you are right but I would be willing to contribute more money for a sharper looking jerseys.
  23. I completely agree with the charity angle. The Ronald McDonald House in Albany does a lot of great things and offers a lot of support. It still doesn't make the jersey any better to look at. Maybe they would get even more money if the jerseys looked better
  24. I would say these look terrible but I am putting that lightly. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_dadd..._medium=twitter
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