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  1. IIHFjerseycollector

    Photo Sources - Late 1990s

    90th anniversary patch would be in all 1998 mens tournaments. you likely wont find any photos. My guess is you want to put this on that antropov kazakhstan that was just on ebay. If you need a 90th patch , i might have a couple left
  2. IIHFjerseycollector

    IIHF World Juniors Jerseys

    Only for the Mens group do ALL teams use actual swift material. This wasnt always the case and I never really could pinpoint when this started but ive seen it before. I think the U18 teams is the same situation. This could also be a case where Nike for whatever reason couldnt get the swift jerseys ready in time so they went with the traditional cut.
  3. IIHFjerseycollector

    Questions about Briza jersey with logos

    yup. looks like a petr briza sparta praha fan jersey. worth about 40-80 usd tops
  4. IIHFjerseycollector

    IIHF World Championship jerseys?

    if you mean official authentic or even replica nope. Nike sucks
  5. IIHFjerseycollector

    New to collecting... Sweden Lundqvist jersey question.

    lutch is not considered to be authentic, because sweden wears Nike. if you want a goalie cut authentic. join IIHF jerseys on facebook if your on there, we have quite a few members in europe and north america who would probably sell.
  6. IIHFjerseycollector

    It is good or not?

    is just a replica. not a size 60. the seller just doesnt understand what the GD in sizing is so in their head its a 60...
  7. IIHFjerseycollector

    Need help with a Team Russia jersey

    96 world championships https://youtu.be/_dvAnnGe3cI?t=49s
  8. IIHFjerseycollector

    Early 2000's Belarus Nike Sweater

    I think they wore that style from 98-01 and it changed in 02 for the 02 olympics
  9. IIHFjerseycollector

    Early 2000's Belarus Nike Sweater

    yeah, 98 olympics
  10. IIHFjerseycollector

    Dallas Freeze or Fort Worth Fire Jerseys out there?

  11. IIHFjerseycollector

    Nike Announces 8-Year Partnership as Official Uniform Provider of the NBA

    If Nike wins the deal. Watch them only have authentics available for certain teams.. Remember theyve only made team Canada authentics available the past 2 olympics.
  12. IIHFjerseycollector

    Russia 2015 WC White

    Yes i actually have a 2014 IIHF worlds Italy Nike game worn. Material is indeed the swift, and different from the italy jersey in the auction. The italy jersey in the photos you posted is just a Tackla jersey, and youre right its not that material either.I have a 2015 Estonia game worn and although its similar, it doesnt look to be exactly the same. I havent had one of the newer Nike replicas in my hands yet so I cant compare that jersey IIHF sent me a message back and said the italy jersey is a size 52. So these jerseys are the WJC cut, different material than WJC and mens WC, can anyone tell if the name/numbers front logo are sewn? My gamer italy its not , its more of a heat pressed I T A L IA across the front. I guess these are one off or modified replicas . I shouldve taken a better look , thank you for correcting me!
  13. IIHFjerseycollector

    Russia 2015 WC White

    yes but the guy i was responding to wants an authentic. there are replicas all over ebay. those are easy. . its really hard to tell from the pics if theres a strap, but it looks as though everything is sewn on the jersey, and the material in the closeup photo looks to be the real deal. There were a few games this IIHF worlds where teams didnt even have fight straps on their jerseys. Usually when the IIHF does these HOF jerseys they are the real deal jerseys. Just seeing the Italy jersey in there , which jerseys werent offered for retail, makes me think these are all authentics for sale. I asked the IIHF what the sizing of the jerseys was, this will tell alot..
  14. IIHFjerseycollector

    Russia 2015 WC White

    there hasnt been authentic retail nike jerseys for any country other than Canada since 2008. youre only bet will be a game worn or game issued. or get one of these and strip it... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Robert-Reichel-official-signed-2015-IIHF-Hall-of-Fame-Induction-Czech-jersey-/261887303824?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_193&hash=item3cf9b32090 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dominik-Hasek-official-signed-2015-IIHF-Hall-of-Fame-Induction-Czech-jersey-/261887073254?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_193&hash=item3cf9af9be6